51+ World Hypertension Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Hypertension is the most common disease for most people in the whole world. It seems harmless but it affects our heart very badly. We celebrate World Hypertension Day on May 17th each year to aware people about the risks of hypertension. At first it was being celebrated on 14th May but later from 2006 the date changed and became 17th May. 

List of World Hypertension Day Captions for Social Media

-It seems harmless while in reality it’s not – be aware of hypertension to live a healthy life. #awareness

-If you want to stay healthy you should stay away from hypertension and to stay away from hypertension you should avoid unhealthy foods. #unhealthy

-Keep your hypertension away – keep your heart healthy – be aware of hypertension. 

-People say that you are what you eat and that’s true – eat healthy and avoid hypertension.

-Check your blood pressure regularly – if it’s in the high side then focus on your diet – be healthy. #bp

-If you are worried about your heart health then you have to take care of your hypertension first – have a happy world hypertension day. #heart

-Your heart is innocent – don’t let high blood pressure play with it and ruin its health – be careful.

-If you want to live a healthy life remove hypertension from you dictionary, eat healthy and live healthy. 

-Hypertension doesn’t come because of age only – more often the reason is unhealthy lifestyle – avoid unhealthy foods, avoid hypertension. #unhealthy

-Don’t let hypertension take control of your life – have a happy world hypertension day. #control

-Heart is one of the most precious things – take care of it by taking care of your hypertension. 

-Cut the salt from your food you will cut the risk of hypertension – have a happy world hypertension day. 

-High blood pressure seems harmless but it can kill you easily – spread the awareness and stay healthy. #harm

-High blood pressure is dangerous for the health of your heart – keep heart healthy – keep hypertension away. #danger

-Quit smoking is the first step – after that choose juice over alcohol and keep hypertension away. 

-Live a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy and control your blood pressure to keep your heart healthy.

-Focus on your diet – eat healthy, check your blood pressure regularly – wishing you a happy world hypertension day. #health

-Health is wealth – eat healthy, stay away from high blood pressure – live a happy and healthy life. #wealth

-Don’t let stress ruin your health – it can be a cause of hypertension so be careful – wishing you good health on this world hypertension day. 

-Laugh loudly, release your stress, stay away from hypertension – have a good life. #life

-Don’t take hypertension lightly – it can be very dangerous, even it can be life threatening – spread awareness and live healthy. #threat

-If you want to be wealthy be healthy first – have a happy world hypertension day. #health

-Eat good, do some exercises and say good bye to hypertension – live healthy, live happily. 

-Spread the information about the risks of hypertensions and help people to live healthy on this world hypertension day. 

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