187+ Catchy Witchcraft Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is here, and what are you up to? Halloween is a festival where people wear costumes to ward ghosts off. Citizens can dress up as witches or bake cakes in the shape of witchy items like a stick or a pumpkin and eventually pull a prank on other citizens. Here are a few ‘witchcraft’ captions that shall be helpful for your social media posts! Select your favorite, and do not forget to tag us!  

Halloween Witchcraft Captions for Instagram 

Calling all witches and bitches this Halloween to scare ghosts away! #scarethemaway 

Witches! This is the time of the year for you to shine and practice! #shineandpractice 

Better be a good witch. Don’t scare people away. #betterbe 

Which kind of witch are you gonna be this year? #awickedone

Got me this witchy hat! #witchyhat 

I am the wicked witch of the west! #wickedwitchofthewest 

We are the three wicked witches, all dressed up on Halloween!#threewickedwitches 

We ain’t the weird sisters; we are the witch sisters! #witchaintweird 

Did you put on a spell on me? Because I am constantly attracted to you today. #punchline 

Do not cast a spell on me! Or maybe you can and then see it turn real! #rightbackatyou 

Trick or treats? Witches shall always choose tricks! #tricksalways 

What are the different kinds of tricks that you know? #staresinadvertently 

Taught my little nephew a few witchy tricks for Halloween! #witchytricks 

Nobody’s a basic witch. #basicwitch 

What are you upto, mama witch? #mamawitch 

When we bitch all year, we get to dress up as bad witches! #badwitches

Can I drink a beer if I wear a witchy costume? #whyshouldntyou 

My little kid asked me if her mom was a real witch! #haha 

We dressed up as little witches from the west! #witchesfromthewest 

Do you know any magic? #ofcourseido 

Double trouble with my witchy costume. #doubletrouble 

Witches are never up to any good. Specially on Halloween. #specifically 

What is it that you are brewing on your pot, witch? #brewingbeer 

Do you have any witchy items that can be used as props? #haveallofthem 

My props have gone missing. I thought I was the witch. #ithought 

Solemnly casted a spell that shall make everyone’s Halloween special. #kindwitch

Kind witches do exist, then. #iamyettoseethem 

Dressed up as a witch only to scare my boyfriend away! #heisalwaysscared 

Be a good witch. #amentothat 

Who said witchcraft is a bad thing? #nobodydid

Trying to learn witchcraft to cast spells on those who do not abide by me! PS: Will they become true? #theywillbetrue 

Imagine a true witch walking among a crowd of dressed up witches! #surreal 

Are magic and witchcraft the same thing? #brainisbuffering 

It’s a full moon night; I better not spill jokes about witchcraft. #shhh 

My four-year-old daughter ran away to the streets after seeing us in witchy costumes! #somebodygetaholdofher 

Baked a pumpkin-shaped cake. Get your beers brewing! #bakedandbrewed 

With a broom and a lantern, I think I can rock the Halloween look! #whataboutthecostume 

I like how people are automatically scared after seeing somebody in a witchy costume. #upgraded

You might wear something witchy, but do not cast bad spells! #donot

In this year of mishaps and wrongdoings, please be an awesome witch! #oxymoron  

If I am supposed to be a witch, I shall cure the world of all negativities! #cureitall 

I wish to be a powerful witch, and may my wishes come true. #powerful 

If you leave me, I shall be reborn as a witch only for you. #rebirth 

Witches are magical beings, but all magicians are not witches. #explainationnotmeeded 

‘Tis Halloween! You better not be a witch! #realwitch 

The sky, moon, and stars have a gala time on Halloween! #theyenjoyourlittleoccasion 

Do you think the ghosts laugh at us on Halloween? #iwould 

In India, we use real witches to scare people off. #reality 

Don’t angry me, or otherwise, I shall put you to boil. #boilhard 

Do you have any witchy props? Because I feel like a bitch. #always 

Nothing shall be boiled this year. Let’s lessen pollution. #youshouldntbeallowedtospeak 

I only want to be a witch to fly! #flyhigh 

What a weird dream, where I was reborn as a witch to haunt you. #dreamcometrue 

Born wicked but not a witch. #bornwicked 

Dressed up as a witch, and none of the colony kids would come and talk to me. #costumegonewrong 

Wore a witchy costume, and dogs won’t stop barking at me. #theylovemeotherwise 

My little party of witches has taken a wrong turn. #wrongturn 

Life is anyway scary. You do not have to dress up like one! #shit 

Going so soon? I thought witches don’t sleep. #partyallnight 

Was Harry Potter a witch? He still is! #shutup 

Funny Halloween Witchcraft Captions  

Tried to scare the churchyard visitors, but instead, we ran away as fast as we could. #eventually 

Can you make ships fly, and the world goes flat? #ofcourseman 

Can you bring back people from the dead? #yesplease 

I was at a loss for words when a little child said that she wanted to be a witch too. #wishagoodthing 

This Halloween, I wish to be a good thing. #wish

As a witch, I wish for everyone’s dream to come true! #amen 

Has the spell begun? Because I feel a pull towards you. #gravitationalpull

Baked all witchy items possible! Why won’t anyone eat them! #gotcha 

Hash brownies in the shape of witchy stuff. We are all getting baked! #hasbrownies 

For witches, will it be supernatural? Or just natural? #foodforthought 

Real witches watching the entire drama be like. #realwitches 

Being normal is overrated. Better be bewitched. #bewitched 

I think we all are witches in some way or another. And even if we are not, we all have magic inside of us! #whatdoyouhave

Double trouble because all witches aren’t any good. #whichoneisbad 

Figuring out the bad ones from the crowd, and you think I should count myself in? #ishould 

Do I have to think about everything thoroughly if I am to be a witch? Need to think that through too. #processing 

Is the weight of the entire world too heavy to maintain? #tooheavyto

I want everything to be turned into money, whatever I touch! #turntomoney 

Behold! The witch is here! #behold 

I always carry my dog around for Halloween. He is the only one I trust on the day! #trustissues 

Besides, dogs feel like real witches. #isit 

Where are your witchy decorations? #atethemall 

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