179+ Catchy Witch Captions For All Social Media

Almost every culture in the world mentions something that is commonly referred to as a witch. While most witches are nasty, some seem to be cute, to be true.

Witches are the feminine of wizards, but the term has often been regarded as a negative connotation in the modern world. Here are some captions to aid your witch-centric posts for Halloween.

Witch Captions for Instagram

Hocus pocus, bubbly boo; there’s one I love, and that’s you. #hocuspocus

Potions and poison are both a witch’s specialties.

I am melting. So go ahead and brew me up again. #brew

Haven’t you ever seen a girl with her cat on a broom before?

Witchcraft teaches love for life in every form.

I think Witchland’s under some new management now.

I don’t talk much. Because I keep memorizing spells. #spells

Even Sabrina and her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, love hanging out with us.

A witch knows that she is the most terrifying. That’s why she lives in the darkest part of the forest.

You are the nicest witch I have ever seen. That’s why I love you so much.

You had the power all along. You just had to believe in it. #power

Do you seriously want to know whether I am a good witch or a bad witch?

Normal is truly so boring and overrated.

There was no supervision, and the moon was full. How can you blame me, then?

Do you think I am bewitched to be a witch? But my name isn’t Samantha. #bewitched

When witches go riding, and it’s Halloween, remember to say trick or treat wherever you are seen.

Witches don’t believe in anything supernatural. To them, everything is natural.

I am the neighborhood witch.

A witch isn’t bad unless she chooses the wrong path. #witch

However cute or lovable we may be, there is always a little witch in all of us.

If you don’t believe it, then there are no witches.

You say the word witch like it is something really bad.

When the churchyard yawns, the witches get ready to have some skeleton time. #churchyard

Say the witch word to gain entry.

Of course, I drive a stick. I have a license for it.

You can’t leave so soon. My party’s only beginning.

Witch, please. This is how witches ride their brooms. #brooms

The most magical moment was when I called myself a witch.

I’m only trying to defy gravity. That’s why I am riding my broom.

I am a witch. So I am wicked in many ways.

When you see something melting in this house, know that the witch of old is angry for some reason. #melt

That’s the garden of magic into which every child enters but never returns till they are complete adults.

I don’t curse anyone. I only bless all the others around them.

Fiona has all of you under her spell. Fight it now, or live the sins that she will make you commit.

This is the bubble witch saga that you had wished for. #saga

There simply isn’t anything to apologize for when you are made to live a witch’s life.

Just brew it fresh. Then drink it all up.

Of course, we witches love the BOOs.

When witches get to do good, you know something’s really wrong. #wrong

My strangest brew is the blood orange margarita.

It is the wicked witch’s night of horrors. Enjoy to death.

Apple cider is what every witch uses.

Whenever the cauldron’s a-bubble, there’s bound to be trouble. #trouble

This Oogie Boogie is the best shot to have on Halloween night.

You just need to want something badly. Then go and have it. That’s all the magic there is to it.

That’s our famous scream martini. Everyone screams for it.

You have to enjoy yourself any witch way you can. #enjoy

This drink is all hocus pocus purple.

Any wish you make will come true for sure.

Witch Captions

I just can’t stop now. I have to be a witch and famous.

Drink up this concoction of mine, and you will also be able to fly. #drink

You know it’s true – everything I brew, I brew for you.

Come over, and let’s have a bite.

I witch to be good. But my spells are so crude.

I’m feeling bloody fine. #bloody

Witch face are you talking about? This is my original resting witch face.

Staying calm and trying to fly this stick.

Here’s witching you a happy Halloween, everyone!

Stop witching about everything you witch. #witch

All the BOOs have made me all spooky and dying to live.

We are blood sisters. That’s why we brew the best potions together.

A witch’s brew is always for two.

This witch is bat to the bone. #bone

What’s up, witch? Why the clouds of gloom all above you?

I just crave to be witch you, my dearest.

Nothing much. Just a basic witch.

If it’s a miracle you want, no prince can help you. Only a witch can. #miracle

It’s time you witches bowed down to your master the count.

Do you know that a witch lives near us? Guess who.

Could you please tell me witch way to the tricks and treats, please?

If witches are all about being magical, then I believe all women are witches. #magical

You are mine forever, ever since I spelled you unto me.

Please help me decide witch black outfit to wear tonight.

Spiders and cobwebs, a rat, and a cat. Call the witches wherever they’re at. #witches

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