179+ Catchy Witch Captions That Will Make You Go Viral (Generator)

We’ve got you covered with a magical generator and a handy guide to help you brew up the Witch captions.

Whether you’re casting a bewitching selfie or conjuring up a spellbinding landscape, our generator will spark your creativity and conjure caption ideas that will leave your followers spellbound. So, grab your broomstick, and let’s dive into a world of mystical words and captivating captions!

Popular Emojis in Witch Captions

🔮Crystal Ball
🧙‍♀️Woman Mage
🌙Crescent Moon
🌕Full Moon
🖤Black Heart
🧪Test Tube
🧞‍♀️Woman Genie
🌚New Moon Face
🧛‍♀️Woman Vampire
🌌Milky Way
🧟‍♀️Woman Zombie
🧝‍♀️Woman Elf
🪄Magic Wand
🕸️Spider Web
🌑New Moon
🧚‍♀️Woman Fairy
🦉Crystal Ball

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Instagram Captions

Witch Captions for Instagram

Witch Captions for Instagram

Hocus pocus, bubbly boo; there’s one I love, and that’s you.

Potions and poison are both a witch’s specialties.

I am melting. So go ahead and brew me up again. #brew

Haven’t you ever seen a girl with her cat on a broom before?

Witchcraft teaches love for life in every form.

I think Witchland’s under some new management now.

I don’t talk much. Because I keep memorizing spells. #spells

Even Sabrina and her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, love hanging out with us.

A witch knows that she is the most terrifying. That’s why she lives in the darkest part of the forest.

You are the nicest witch I have ever seen. That’s why I love you so much.

You had the power all along. You just had to believe in it. #power

Do you seriously want to know whether I am a good witch or a bad witch?

Normal is truly so boring and overrated.

There was no supervision, and the moon was full. How can you blame me, then?

Do you think I am bewitched to be a witch? But my name isn’t Samantha. #bewitched

When witches go riding, and it’s Halloween, remember to say trick or treat wherever you are seen.

Witches don’t believe in anything supernatural. To them, everything is natural.

I am the neighborhood witch.

Funny Witch Captions

A witch isn’t bad unless she chooses the wrong path. #witch

However cute or lovable we may be, there is always a little witch in all of us.

If you don’t believe it, then there are no witches.

You say the word witch like it is something really bad.

When the churchyard yawns, the witches get ready to have some skeleton time. #churchyard

Say the witch word to gain entry.

Of course, I drive a stick. I have a license for it.

You can’t leave so soon. My party’s only beginning.

Witch, please. This is how witches ride their brooms. #brooms

The most magical moment was when I called myself a witch.

I’m only trying to defy gravity. That’s why I am riding my broom.

I am a witch. So I am wicked in many ways.

When you see something melting in this house, know that the witch of old is angry for some reason.

That’s the garden of magic into which every child enters but never returns till they are complete adults.

I don’t curse anyone. I only bless all the others around them.

Fiona has all of you under her spell. Fight it now, or live the sins that she will make you commit.

This is the bubble witch saga that you had wished for. #saga

There simply isn’t anything to apologize for when you are made to live a witch’s life.

Just brew it fresh. Then drink it all up.

Of course, we witches love the BOOs.

When witches get to do good, you know something’s really wrong. #wrong

My strangest brew is the blood orange margarita.

It is the wicked witch’s night of horrors. Enjoy to death.

Apple cider is what every witch uses.

Whenever the cauldron’s a-bubble, there’s bound to be trouble.

This Oogie Boogie is the best shot to have on Halloween night.

You just need to want something badly. Then go and have it. That’s all the magic there is to it.

That’s our famous scream martini. Everyone screams for it.

You have to enjoy yourself any witch way you can.

This drink is all hocus pocus purple.

Any wish you make will come true for sure.

Witch Captions

Witch Captions

I just can’t stop now. I have to be a witch and famous.

Drink up this concoction of mine, and you will also be able to fly. #drink

You know it’s true – everything I brew, I brew for you.

Come over, and let’s have a bite.

I witch to be good. But my spells are so crude.

I’m feeling bloody fine.

Witch face are you talking about? This is my original resting witch face.

Staying calm and trying to fly this stick.

Here’s witching you a happy Halloween, everyone!

Stop witching about everything you witch. #witch

All the BOOs have made me all spooky and dying to live.

We are blood sisters. That’s why we brew the best potions together.

A witch’s brew is always for two.

This witch is bat to the bone.

What’s up, witch? Why the clouds of gloom all above you?

I just crave to be witch you, my dearest.

Nothing much. Just a basic witch.

If it’s a miracle you want, no prince can help you. Only a witch can.

It’s time you witches bowed down to your master the count.

Do you know that a witch lives near us? Guess who.

Could you please tell me witch way to the tricks and treats, please?

If witches are all about being magical, then I believe all women are witches.

You are mine forever, ever since I spelled you unto me.

Please help me decide witch black outfit to wear tonight.

Spiders and cobwebs, a rat, and a cat. Call the witches wherever they’re at.

Short Witch Captions

  • Spellbound and fabulous.
  • Casting spells and taking names.
  • Witchy vibes and mystical delights.
  • Witchcraft and wizardry at its finest.
  • Embrace the magic within.
  • Conjuring up some serious enchantment.
  • Sorcery in progress.
  • Mixing potions and stirring up trouble.
  • In a world full of muggles, be a witch.
  • Embracing my inner witch and feeling bewitching.
  • Caution: Witch at work.
  • Channeling my inner enchantress.
  • Witchy wonders and mystical nights.
  • Making magic happen, one spell at a time.
  • Living life on the broomstick’s edge.
  • Captivating hearts with my witchy ways.
  • Witchcraft is my superpower.
  • Unleashing my inner sorceress.
  • Embracing the dark side with style.
  • Brewing up a little bit of magic and mischief.

Witchcraft Captions for Instagram 

Calling all witches and bitches this Halloween to scare ghosts away!

Witches! This is the time of the year for you to shine and practice!

Better be a good witch. Don’t scare people away.

Which kind of witch are you gonna be this year?

Got me this witchy hat!

I am the wicked witch of the west!

We are the three wicked witches, all dressed up on Halloween!

We ain’t the weird sisters; we are the witch sisters!

Did you put on a spell on me? Because I am constantly attracted to you today.

Do not cast a spell on me! Or maybe you can and then see it turn real!

Trick or treats? Witches shall always choose tricks!

What are the different kinds of tricks that you know?

Taught my little nephew a few witchy tricks for Halloween!

Nobody’s a basic witch.

What are you up to, mama witch?

When we bitch all year, we get to dress up as bad witches!

Can I drink a beer if I wear a witchy costume?

My little kid asked me if her mom was a real witch!

We dressed up as little witches from the west!

Do you know any magic?

Double trouble with my witchy costume.

Witches are never up to any good. Specially on Halloween.

What is it that you are brewing on your pot, witch?

Do you have any witchy items that can be used as props?

My props have gone missing. I thought I was the witch.

Solemnly casted a spell that shall make everyone’s Halloween special.

Kind witches do exist, then.

Dressed up as a witch only to scare my boyfriend away!

Be a good witch.

Who said witchcraft is a bad thing?

Trying to learn witchcraft to cast spells on those who do not abide by me! PS: Will they become true?

Imagine a true witch walking among a crowd of dressed up witches!

Are magic and witchcraft the same thing?

It’s a full moon night; I better not spill jokes about witchcraft.

My four-year-old daughter ran away to the streets after seeing us in witchy costumes!

Baked a pumpkin-shaped cake. Get your beers brewing!

With a broom and a lantern, I think I can rock the Halloween look!

I like how people are automatically scared after seeing somebody in a witchy costume.

Witchcraft Captions

You might wear something witchy, but do not cast bad spells!

In this year of mishaps and wrongdoings, please be an awesome witch!

If I am supposed to be a witch, I shall cure the world of all negativities!

I wish to be a powerful witch, and may my wishes come true.

If you leave me, I shall be reborn as a witch only for you.

Witches are magical beings, but all magicians are not witches.

‘Tis Halloween! You better not be a witch!

The sky, moon, and stars have a gala time on Halloween!

Do you think the ghosts laugh at us on Halloween?

In India, we use real witches to scare people off.

Don’t angry me, or otherwise, I shall put you to boil.

Do you have any witchy props? Because I feel like a bitch.

Nothing shall be boiled this year. Let’s lessen pollution.

I only want to be a witch to fly!

What a weird dream, where I was reborn as a witch to haunt you.

Born wicked but not a witch.

Dressed up as a witch, and none of the colony kids would come and talk to me.

Wore a witchy costume, and dogs won’t stop barking at me.

My little party of witches has taken a wrong turn.

Life is anyway scary. You do not have to dress up like one!

Going so soon? I thought witches don’t sleep.

Was Harry Potter a witch? He still is!

Witch Captions for Halloween

Witch Captions for Halloween

“Double, double, toil, and trouble! It’s Halloween time, let the magic bubble!”

“Casting spells and brewing potions, Halloween brings magical emotions!”

“Witching you a hauntingly good time this Halloween!”

“Broomstick riding, cauldron bubbling, let the witching hour begin!”

“Witch way to the party? Follow the trail of candy!”

“I put a spell on you, and now it’s time to celebrate Halloween!”

“Ready to cast some serious spells this Halloween!”

“Flying through the night, a witch in full flight! Happy Halloween!”

“Wickedly good times await this Halloween!”

“Cackling with delight, it’s a witch’s Halloween night!”

“Beware, witches on the prowl! Happy Halloween, everyone!”

“No tricks, just witchy treats! Happy Halloween!”

“Witching you a spellbinding Halloween full of magic and mischief!”

“Hocus Pocus, it’s time to celebrate Halloween!”

“Hats, brooms, and black cats—classic witch style for Halloween!”

Scarlet Witch Captions

“Unleashing chaos with a touch of magic. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Reality-bending powers and a heart full of determination. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Harnessing the power within, I am Scarlet Witch!”

“A force to be reckoned with, I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Embracing my destiny, I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Mystical powers at my command. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Walking the line between chaos and control. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Unleashing my magic, altering reality. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Eyes that see beyond the ordinary. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Scarlet energy flowing through my veins. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Wielding the power of chaos, I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Stepping into the realm of enchantment. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Embracing my true self, embracing my power. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Creating my own destiny with every spell. I am Scarlet Witch!”

“Unlocking the mysteries of the universe. I am Scarlet Witch!”

Dark Witch Captions

“Embracing the shadows, I am the Dark Witch.”

“Casting spells from the depths of darkness.”

“Beware the whispers of the Dark Witch.”

“Dancing with shadows, harnessing forbidden magic.”

“In the realm of darkness, I reign as the Dark Witch.”

“Unleashing my wicked power as the Dark Witch.”

“Conjuring darkness, weaving spells of night.”

“I draw strength from the depths of darkness, for I am the Dark Witch.”

“My magic thrives in the night, as the Dark Witch.”

“Embodying the mysterious and powerful essence of the Dark Witch.”

“Tread carefully, for I am the mistress of dark enchantments.”

“A veil of darkness surrounds me as the Dark Witch.”

“Whispered incantations, wicked intentions, I am the Dark Witch.”

“Unleashing my inner darkness, embracing the power of the Dark Witch.”

“Through the shadows I rise, as the formidable Dark Witch.”

Clever Witch Captions

“Brewing up clever spells and mischief as a witch.”

“Casting clever enchantments that leave you spellbound.”

“Witchcraft with a twist of cleverness, that’s my style.”

“Mixing wit and magic, I’m a clever witch on the rise.”

“Conjuring clever tricks and treats as a mischievous witch.”

“Wickedly clever, brewing potions and casting spells.”

“Spinning clever webs of magic as a cunning witch.”

“Witchy wisdom and clever spells, a winning combination.”

“Cackling with cleverness, brewing up a magical storm.”

“Cleverness is my wand, and mischief is my game.”

“Witty witchcraft, casting spells with a clever twist.”

“Cunningly clever, weaving magic into every spell.”

“Charm and cleverness, the hallmarks of a witch.”

“Wielding a clever mind, I harness the power of witchcraft.”

“Enchanting with wit and cleverness, a witch like no other.”

Good Witch Captions

“Embrace the magic within and let your light shine like a witch.”

“Spells and potions are my daily devotion.”

“In a world full of Muggles, be a witch.”

“Witchy vibes and mystical delights.”

“I put the ‘hex’ in ‘hexcellent’.”

“Witchcraft is my art, and I am the masterpiece.”

“Brewing up some magic, one spell at a time.”

“Fly high, ride brooms, and cast spells in style.”

“Unleashing my inner enchantress.”

“Harnessing the power of the moon and stars as a witch.”

“Casting spells and breaking stereotypes.”

“Witchy wonders and spellbinding adventures.”

“Magic is my nature, witchcraft is my nurture.”

“Witchy and proud, dancing with the moon.”

“Embrace your witchy side and embrace the extraordinary.”

“In a world of ordinary, I choose to be magical.”

“Witches ride with the wind and dance with the flames.”

“Channeling my inner sorceress and bewitching the world.”

“Embracing my witchy intuition and casting spells of positivity.”

“Witchy by nature, wicked by choice.”

Witch Captions with Hashtags

Witch Captions with Hashtags

“Casting spells and making magic happen. #WitchyVibes”

“Embrace your inner witch and let the magic flow. #WitchLife”

“Channeling ancient powers and brewing enchantments. #WitchCraft”

“Witchy and proud. #WitchPower”

“Conjuring spells and stirring potions. #WitchLife”

“Embrace the darkness within and let your witchy side shine. #DarkMagic”

“Witching hour is here, let the spellcasting begin. #WitchingHour”

“Unleash your inner witch and let the world tremble. #WitchyWonders”

“Embracing my witchy nature, one spell at a time. #WitchyJourney”

“In a world full of muggles, be a witch. #WitchyWorld”

“Harnessing the power of nature and the elements. #NatureWitch”

“My cauldron is bubbling with magical possibilities. #CauldronMagic”

“Wandering through the mystical realms of witchcraft. #WitchyRealms”

“Embracing the shadows and dancing with the moonlight. #MoonWitch”

“Weaving spells and creating my own destiny. #SpellWeaver”

“Embracing the ancient wisdom and traditions of witchcraft. #WitchyWisdom”

“Embrace the witch within and let your intuition guide you. #WitchyIntuition”

“Manifesting my desires with the power of witchcraft. #WitchyManifestation”

“Enchanting the world, one spell at a time. #Enchantress”

“Embracing the wild and untamed spirit of the witch. #WildWitch”

Witch Captions with Emojis

Witch Captions with Emojis

“Spellbinding moments with my coven! 🔮✨”

“Embracing my inner witchiness! 🧙‍♀️🌙”

“Brewing up some magic tonight! 🔥🌟”

“Nature’s whispers guide my craft! 🌿🌸”

“Moonchild vibes forever! 🌛🌙”

“Channeling ancient powers! 🔮✨”

“Flying high on the broomstick of life! 🧹🪄”

“Manifesting dreams and casting spells! ✨🌟”

“In love with the darkness within me! 🌑🌙”

“Enchanting the world, one spell at a time! 🌿🌙”

“Unleashing my inner sorceress! 🔮✨”

“Illuminating the path with magic and light! 🕯️🔥”

“Embracing the mystic energy of the moon! 🌛✨”

“Nature’s beauty is my potion! 🌿🌸”

“Dancing with shadows, embracing the unknown! 👻🌙”

“Igniting the fire of my inner magic! 🔥🧙‍♀️”

“Weaving spells and cobwebs! 🕸️🕷️”

“Conjuring dreams into reality! ✨🌟”

“Moonlit nights and witchcraft delights! 🌛🔮”

“Embracing my inner witchy vibes! 🌿🔮”

One-Word Witch Captions

  • Enchanting
  • Spellbound
  • Mystical
  • Bewitched
  • Sorceress
  • Magic
  • Enigmatic
  • Witchy
  • Charmed
  • Enthralling
  • Potions
  • Enigmatic
  • Enchantress
  • Coven
  • Spellcaster
  • Whimsical
  • Mystic
  • Hexed
  • Enigmatic
  • Bewitching
  • Cauldron
  • Enchant
  • Incantation
  • Wizardry
  • Sorcery
  • Familiar
  • Conjure
  • Pagan
  • Crone
  • Charming
  • Ensnare
  • Broomstick
  • Enigma
  • Mystic
  • Runes
  • Divination
  • Enspell
  • Chant
  • Potion
  • Alchemy

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