7 Reasons Why Choose Red Color in your Logo

It is a fact that the color of your logo might appear to be like a small detail, but every single decision does matter in business. Colors are obviously pretty and much more than that; they are actually powerful and will be capable of inspiring your clients to act and to feel in certain ways. As a matter of fact, you will come across an entire field of psychology which is dedicated to comprehending what is meant by color.

Have you ever thought why the logo of Wendy is red? Does the logo color of Target have anything to do why it is so simple to spend cash there? It is definitely not coincidental.


What concealed meanings might be conveyed by your red logo?

It is imperative to take into consideration all its meanings while selecting a color for your logo, and how they will be able to translate to your clients and impact the brand message of yours.

It is known to everybody that red happens to be the color of passion. However, it is also imperative for you to focus on delicate distinctions in meaning. For instance, red also represents love. This discrepancy is extremely significant. Red helps to exhibit a more masculine vitality and therefore, the aggressiveness of passion does make sense. Its female counterpart happens to be perhaps pink which is a lighter shade of red. Pink suggests feminine energy and it is traditionally a superior color to use for expressing love.

Below, we have mentioned some other typical associations with the red color:

  • Urgency or quickness
  • Energy or excitement
  • Power or confidence

Besides showcasing these emotions, red is likewise able to grab attention, and for this reason, it sometimes indicates danger. On top of this, this shade can also increase blood pressure, make an individual breathe faster and also stimulate one’s appetite.


Red through the big brands’eyes

Red is quite popular in the media industry, the foodservice industry, and also in retail outlets, particularly “superstores” which market a wide range of products at present. There is a specific reason why every single industry makes use of red as the ideal color for representing their company.


Red makes you feel like eating!

Taking into consideration that red helps to capture attention, increase hunger, and also represent quickness, this shade is ideal for the fast-food industry out there. In fact, several of the reputed fast food eateries on the planet have been mostly red logos:

Wendy’s, KFC, and Arby’s are aware of how to make you feel hungry. And in case you feel hungry, they comprehend that you will want to consume your food instantly. They also comprehend the fact that you might not be searching for any leisurely meal. Rather, you might simply like to eat and run, and do everything in a hurry in this hectic world.

Therefore, the bright red shade in the logo of these reputed eateries helps to catch your attention and they will also promise to satisfy your urge for food quite quickly.


Red motivates you to shop!

In fact, fast food is not the sole industry that uses the power of red to their advantage. Businesses like Kmart and Target also make use of red since it helps to trigger a sense of impulse and speed which is a fantastic thing for today’s retail industry.

While getting into either of these outlets, clients hope to quickly find whatever they want and also other things which they did not know they actually wanted.


Red forces you to watch!

You will also come across media companies which have an affinity for the red color. The associations with authority and speed help to make red the ideal color to inspire faith. Therefore, it is not surprising that a business like CNN has got a predominantly red-colored logo.

You will also come across other types of media companies that make use of red for establishing authority. YouTube happens to be the prominent video-sharing website at present. The red icon of this website helps to attract attention and you will like to hit “play”.

Moreover, it will also come across Netflix which happens to be one of the prominent media-streaming services out there. The vibrant red “N” pops out instantly against the black television screen. This helps to capture your attention.

All these above-mentioned companies have been able to become famous in their own right. However, the usage of red color has helped to reinforce their reputation, and the viewers are of the notion that everything they watch will be entertaining or informative or even both.


Make use of red meticulously

Although the red color can do lots of good for your business, it has also got some negative connotations. Consider carefully whether is associations do compliment your company properly. Below, we have provided some example mismatches:

  • Apart from the Red Cross, the color red does not work properly in logos which are related to the healthcare industry. Red implies danger and is also related to blood as well as the loss of life. For example, in case you happen to be a pediatrician, a red logo will not perhaps too much to remove the anxieties of the child patients.
  • “Seeing red” indicates anger, and also being “in the red” indicates debt. Depending on this, the financial services and banks ought to make use of red rather sparingly.
  • Red indicates urgency, and therefore, the beauty industry must likewise avoid using red. For instance, none would like their manicurist or barber rushing on them.
  • The same can be said for hotels and resorts. We associate the color red with speed. Individuals staying in hotels are mainly on vacation. You’d like them to feel relaxed out there so that they like to extend their stay. Therefore, red will not be the ideal color for hotels to use in their logos.
  • Likewise, the educational services should also not use red. Try to think of your past while the letter “Fail” was marked in the color red once you did not succeed in your examination. For this reason, one should steer clear of red in case he is running any tutorial service. You’d also like your students to feel rather comfy and not rush through their work.
  • Another industry that should not use the color red will be the feminine clothing store. Red can be said to be a masculine color and therefore, it will not be the ideal color to use in the logo of a feminine clothing store. It is as easy as that.

Your target will be to attract customers. And therefore, it will be imperative to take into consideration the target audience while selecting a shade for your logo. In fact, half the battle is won once the right customers come to your establishment. It is your logo which will be responsible for attracting them, and therefore ensure that its color helps to attract individuals and not repel them.


Should you use red for your logo?

The subsequent question is that how to understand whether one should design a red logo for his business or not. Try to consider these questions so as to make the right decision:

  • Is your business a law firm which commands authority?
  • Is your business a fast food restaurant and your job is to satisfy the urge of hungry individuals quickly?
  • Do you “market” love and passion? (For example, a dating blog or service)
  • Does your company evoke a sense of speed? (For example, a car dealership)

In case you are still not sanguine what you should do, jot down the messages that you’d like your company to convey. Refer to all these notes while performing your color research for the logo of your company. Try to think whether any keyword that you wrote down matches with the meanings of any specific color.

In case you’d like to convey sophistication, elegance, or mystery, your ideal color should be black for your logo. However, it will be better to go for blue if you want to convey professionalism, loyalty, and trust.

On the other hand, orange will be the appropriate color for your logo in case you want to convey a happy, playful, and vibrant feeling. And obviously, if you’d like to convey our urgency, authority, and passion then red will be your appropriate color to use.


Summing Up

Meaning is very important; however, you would not like to ignore your individual preferences completely either. Your logo should be lasting for years, and therefore, ensure that you like it.

However, always bear in mind to take into consideration your target audience irrespective of whatever you do. Ultimately they will be the ones who will be keeping you in your business and not your logo.


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