6 Reasons Why Choose Green Color in your logo

A company’s logo color can matter a lot. As a matter of fact, your clients might be of the notion that the color of your logo is extremely important.

When you look at Spotify, a company providing music which can be listened by its customers on their computers and phones depicts how obsessive clients can become regarding a logo. Interestingly, Spotify has got a green logo ever since it started providing its product in the year 2008 to the public.

However, the company modified the green shade in the logo in the year 2015. This change was immediately noticed by its customers. Even the green shade used by you can impact the clients.


Important Facts

A particular headline in a popular newspaper blared whether individuals where able to Spotify the difference. That particular article detailed the change of Spotify from a yellow-green shade to a slightly brighter and lighter shade and also how this alteration was protested by numerous customers out there. According to one customer, this particular alteration was enough to make her consider ending her contract with Spotify. 

Similar articles were also posted by many other publications. A statement was issued by the company that the “old broccoli green” had been somewhat dull and the new green had much more pop. According to another article, this change was made by Spotify for rebranding and also appealing to millennials.

At present, the company is nevertheless making use of its brand-new green logo, and therefore, the alteration aberrantly paid off. Although this sudden change was not liked by the protesters, they can accept and also like the innovative green logo at present.

Probably, these protesters had been a minority at all times. However, it has been proved by both the scenarios that the color of any logo does really matter.

Although your business might not have so many clients like Spotify, a logo can definitely help to prosper your business. This particular article will help you to decide whether you will be able to use a green logo to your advantage.

Various companies with various objectives ought to consider some shades and not the others. Will it be sensible for you to have a green logo?


Green happens to be cool

Green happens to be a much different shade as compared to most of the other colors out there. Red, yellow, and orange are considered to be “warm” shades. Psychologically, the warm shades are more likely to trigger emotional behaviors as compared to the other colors. They are more likely to figure an enhanced heart rate physically. When combined together, they are more likely to make people more impulsive and active.

On the contrary, green happens to be a “cool” shade as per a recent article along with other colors like purple and blue. Psychologically, it is the cool colors that will make individuals less anxious and also calmer in the long run. Colors like green and blue happen to be “short-wavelength” shades which make the heart rate of individuals to slow down as per a recent study on the influence made by colors.

In case you are searching for a calming and peaceful environment then you might like to use blue and/or green. These are cool colors which are usually considered to be restful. There is actually some sort of scientific logic which is applied to this – since the color green is focused by the eye on the retina directly, it is believed that it causes less strain to the eye muscles.

Green is likewise a particular shade which individuals trust and which helps to make them more protected and safe. As a matter of fact, a study made in the year 2003 by Joe Hallock, an academic researcher, tried to correlate 9 qualities – fear, courage, speed, reliability, fun, frugality, quality, trust, and security – with various colors. Green was able to score the most in trust and security and worst in speed and fear.


Children prefer green

The most astonishing outcome regarding green based on the study of Hallock is perhaps how much more well-known it is amongst the young generation as compared to the old individuals.

It has been found by a recent study that approximately 30% of the individuals below 18 years of age assert that green happens to be that favorite shade only after blue. Moreover, green is also the second preferred shade after blue amongst the 20-24 and the 26-35 age groups. However, in the 35 -50 age group purple heads the list while green is seriously challenged by yellow for the third position.

Generally speaking, green happens to be the second preferred color for men and the thought preferred color for the women according to a particular article published in the Entrepreneur magazine. Green likewise receives not many least preferred color votes. In fact, all the favorite colors happen to be “cool” shades.

Green likewise helps to convey the following attributes as per experts that have started the significance of color:

  • Fertility
  • Harmony
  • Growth
  • Hope
  • Vitality
  • Health
  • Peace
  • Money
  • Nature

According to one particular article, a green logo helps to convey that your business is eco-friendly. This helps to explain why it is so much in demand with vegetarian an organic brands along with companies striving for ethical practices. Green will also be a sensible choice for the financial organizations because it helps to remind the clients of money.


Green logos

Knowing which businesses have got green logos and also how they have been helped by these logos might help you to decide whether you should go for a green logo for your company.

Below, we have provided a list of businesses having green logos at present:

  • Heineken
  • BP
  • Tropicana
  • Animal Planet
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Holiday Inn
  • Hess
  • John Deere

Bear in mind that companies which want to develop trust with their clients must make use of cool colors. Green thus qualify here, and therefore not think twice before using a green logo in case your business last to build a long-lasting financial relationship with the clients; however, you might also consider a blue logo.

You’ll come across literally dozens of green shades at present. It has been reported by an article of the Entrepreneur magazine that lighter greens happen to be calming while the deeper greens are usually related to prestige or wealth.

Should you go for a green logo? However, consider green if you’d like to show your brand as something which is secure, confident, eco-friendly, sustainable, or natural.

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