5 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Color Logo

Although red, yellow, blue, and green colors might be a portion of the basics, they play a significant role for businesses. Color is extremely important in marketing and branding since the first impressions of the consumers are actually based on colors. Moreover, color is also responsible for producing a proper identity for any business. 

Colors help to convey feelings, emotions, as well as experiences, and therefore, there more than simply a visual aid. Different colors have different meanings and it will be imperative for the companies to be aware of this since their business can be affected significantly by selecting a color scheme.

Color and its Importance

“Color psychology” happens to be a branch of psychology that deals with colors and how it affects the human behavior. In fact, color psychology emerged many years back when the influence of colors on mood was started by the Egyptians. Prior to this, red signifies enhancement in circulation, blue for soothing pain, yellow for making the body pure, purple for skin issues, orange for enhancing vitality, and black which stood for life as well as rebirth.

Given below is a list of several important facts, which will help you to understand color psychology and why colors should be used in branding in a much better and clearer manner. 

  • In contemporary psychology, Carl Jung, who happens to be a Swiss psychiatrist, was of the notion that humans and colors do have a special relationship. He asserted that humans have universal and bodily responses to the color stimulus and he also mentioned that colors happen to be the mother tongue of the subliminal.
  • These types of studies many years back paved the way for the emergence of color being related to branding, architectural design, and marketing. Overall, it was shown by color psychology that human behavior can be affected by color and color can also impact human perception plus improve efficiency.
  • In a particular study known as “Impact of color in marketing”, it was shown that a vast majority of the product judgments of the consumers are dependent on color alone.
  • It was also revealed by other studies that the human brain has an affinity for brands, which are recognizable, and this helps to make the brand color extremely important.
  • It was proved by these studies that there is a significant connection between customer reaction and brand color and therefore it is absolutely imperative for advertisers, business owners, office leaders, and designers to be aware of this since selecting the proper colors might result in a more productive business venture.

Now that we already know these facts, it is a must to understand that colors have certain perceived meanings, which we have mentioned below:


Being an extremely positive color, blue might invoke security, trust, as well as responsibility. It is likewise related to serenity and creation. At present, a lot of institutions depend on this color since it instills security and trust. 

These companies are known to create products, that individuals depend on day after day. Brands selling machines and appliances also prefer blue at present; Ford, as well as GE both, makes use of it.


Being an extremely powerful color, red is likewise very energetic. It is also provocative and aggressive. We can use this color for incorporating energy and passion to our product. 

The sense of urgency conveyed by this color might force individuals to purchase. Companies like Coca-Cola also use the welcoming allure of red to their advantage.


Green is known to symbolize nature as well as health. It likewise has a soothing feeling, particularly for the lighter shades of this color. There are many brands at present whose products deal with surroundings and they make use of green. 

Animal Planet, John Deere, and the Girl Scouts all make use of this color. Obviously, the value of green goes behind the companies which are nature-focused. For instance, Whole Foods use green as well because they think that individuals relate green to health.


This is the color for optimism and vibrancy. It might likewise be captivating and motivating and because of this several tag prices are of the yellow color since it helps to attract the attention of the customers. Sun Chips makes use of yellow since the product’s name evokes the image of the sun. 

Yellow symbolizes caution and the machines of this company happen to be a staple in the construction department where safety is considered to be a priority.


This particular color provides nostalgia, royalty, exclusivity, and sophistication making it appropriate for all those marketing costly jewelry. Big Brothers Big Sisters and Hallmark both make use of purple. Greeting cards provide wisdom and serve as a mentor to the kids.


Orange can be effective for the kids since it is cheerful as well as friendly. The orange splatter of Nickelodeon will help to grab the attention of children across the world. Moreover, Crush and Fanta orange sodas attract individuals having a sweet tooth.

To Sum Up

Every single color has got an equivalent significance behind it and helps to convey a particular sensation that makes them more important in the end. Because of this, it will be perfectly sensible in case the company owners have some sort of background prior to selecting any color scheme.

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