100+ Catchy New Year Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

1st January symbolizes a new beginning and also a fresh start. Be it on new year’s eve or on new year’s day, how you welcome and usher in the new year does call for posting on social media as well.

Here are some carefully crafted captions, for your welcome new year posts, to use across social media and get a lot more followers and likes.

New Year Captions for Instagram

Friends will make this new year a better time for me again. #HappyNewYear

This new year’s resolution is not to have one at all. #resolutionsforNY

For me every day is a new year. Always fresh. Always a new beginning. #welcomenewyear

Begin with new hope on new year. #feelinghopeful

Stay committed to whatever decisions you make. #happynewyear

Have a happy and fun-filled new year. #funyearahead

If you are allowed to stay up late on new year’s eve, you have attained youth. #NYcelebrations

Love more today and all through the next 364 days. #anotheryear

It’s a common birthday which everyone celebrates as his own.

Another year of love, kindness, and joy is dawning. 

Create a new you this new year. #newbeginning

May this new year prove to be your fortune cookie. #funyearahead

New promises with the new year. #Anewyear

Let go of all hate, regret, or fear. #letgo

A time to usher in the new. #newbeginning

The new year is the first day of a blank year. Write the story well.

The next 365 days will bring a new experience and a new motivation each day.

Let’s stay close and welcome the new year together. #togetherForever

First, we kiss the year goodbye, and then kiss the new year a welcome.

One day a year when even the old party like the youth.

This new year is flexible in whatever you do. #HappyNewYear

Waiting impatiently to welcome the new year together with you.

For the sparkling new year.

When one year dies out to let a new one be born.

Change with the new year. #1stJanuary

There is always a tomorrow. Go for that success you deserve.

Aim higher and you will get better. #HappyNewYear

If you grow, everyone around you grows. #AnewJourney

Let’s make this year the best yet. #funyearahead

You can always be better than you were in the past. Let that be your resolution this new year.

Accomplish a lot more this new year.

The new year is for a new start. Why give up the chance?

May all your dreams come true this new year.

New year. New goals. #targets

Last year was for learning, this year is for living, next year is for hope.

New success this new year. #funyearahead

Each new day has space for new ideas. #anotheryeardonw

Something old will always spill over into the new year.

To live believing in God, even if no one else does, is what my resolution is this new year.

What beautiful experiences new year brings every year. #newexperiences

Hope your dreams begin to unfold into reality this new year and continues all through the year.

Always treat your life as any new year. Enjoy whatever you are into right now.

If I don’t have regrets it means the new year is still way too far.

This new year let’s awaken everyone and change each other’s life.

Just like new year resolutions, troubles shouldn’t last long.

Hope is what makes a new year so special. #HappyNewYear

Here’s another year that will give us a chance to make things better. #funyearahead

Funny New Year Captions

May this new year make all dreams true. #Anewyear

Stay safely, live safely, party safely. #staySafe

The year changes; fate changes; we just need to be a little bit bolder and forge ahead. #the1st

A day that gives us new hope, a new thought, and a new year. #HappyNewYear

Wishing that the new year brings sparkles of hope and joy to one and all.

Let the new year be a special one that brings all success, prosperity, and joy.

The party is so special because everyone has a great time. #newyearBash

No more weakness, no more fear, only wish happiness this new year.

Hope this new year keeps everyone safe and in good health. #bestwishes

A fresh new year. A fresh new chapter. A fresh new beginning.

May this new year bless you with happiness, joy, and laughter all through. #LastDayOfTheYear

Let the whole year be packed with safety, happiness, and good health.

This year is over already? #HappyNewYear

May each day be a new year day for you. #funyearahead

We were given this day to celebrate the birth of a new year every year.

When the clock hits midnight and the ball is dropped, then begins the frenzied party.

A new year for new memories to cherish, #makememories

A time when everyone around you is so happy and enjoying the party.

A new year, A new adventure, beginning of a new chapter. #Newyears

It is the reason for partying so hard. #funyearahead

Time to forget all problems and look to a fresh start tomorrow.

A day that tells us to not give up. #HappyNewYear

welcome new year captions

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