100+ Catchy Wallpaper Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Wallpapers say a lot, and sharing yours is a great way to promote those great creations.

Here’s a list of carefully crafted captions to use with your social media posts and pics of those beautiful wallpapers, and get a lot more likes and followers.

List of Catchy Wallpaper Captions for Social Media

Wallpaper Captions for Facebook

You may not know the human being you have always known. #wallpaper

Happiness is something everyone deserves. #abstract

Life will begin only from the point your comfort zone ends. #uniquedesigns

Unless you try how will you know? #bestwallpapers

If you are reading this then know that I am praying for your happiness. #creative

You just aren’t any new doors in the old ways. #tellastory

Anxiety doesn’t change the future. Guilt doesn’t change the past. That’s the reality of the present.

Love is a strength only a few are strong enough to practice. #shareurscreen

Accepting yourself is of paramount importance if you wish to accept challenges. #perfectwallpapers

If you love the stars you will never fear the night. #uniquedesigns

If you can read this then you are too close to where I don’t wish you to be. Isn’t that hint enough?

Your life is yours only if you care what you think, not what others think. #abstract

This situation will not last forever. #wallpaper

Keep it simple and minimal, and you will live in peace and happiness. #uniquedesigns

Never stop until you have got what you want. #bestwallpapers

Today is to work harder than yesterday. Tomorrow is to go further than today. #creative

Simplicity is something that brings out the beauty from within. #wallpaper

Wallpaper Captions for Instagram

The fearless are the ones most admired. #wallpaper

When your story is an inspiration for others, you have achieved something. #abstract

How to feel is something that can only be felt. #uniquedesigns

When you change something inside you, you can see the change all around you. #bestwallpapers

Rise to supremacy, but learn in humility. #wallpaper

Life is all about how many times you can get back up from all the times you’ve fallen.

Always remind yourself why you started what you started. #abstract

Those who won’t do anything to lose you, are the ones who value you. #uniquedesigns

When you stop looking up you are falling down. #wallpaper

If the change in my life seems like magic, then you are the magician I need to thank.

First, build a door for the opportunity to knock on. #bestwallpapers

Dreams will never come true unless you work to make them true. #uniquedesigns

Learn from the past. Look to the future. Work in the present. #abstract

Paradise is actually what you build here in this world. #wallpaper

If you can see the good in all things, all will see the good things in you. #tellastory

The perspective will always change when you change your stand. #uniquedesigns

Procrastinate and be satisfied for now. Hard work will keep you satisfied always.

Wallpaper Captions for Twitter

Look at the stars and you will see how small we are. #wallpaper

Dream it and half of what you can do is done. #tellastory

You become gorgeous once happiness looks on you. #uniquedesigns

Always do something you can thank yourself for later. #creative

If you are scared of what’s ahead, it means you’ve left your comfort zone behind, which is a good sign.

Distance will make the heart fonder and your feelings stronger. #wallpaper

Life becomes more enjoyable when you don’t compare it with others. #abstract 

Problems are trivial. Blessings are important. #uniquedesigns

If you work hard with sincerity good things, however small, are bound to come your way. #creative

Do you know what is behind what you are reading now? #bestwallpapers

At times we win. At other times we learn or try. #wallpaper

You may lose the chance if you cannot take the risk. #tellastory

The view from here isn’t the same as the view from where you are. #abstract

It is the smaller things that give us maximum joy. #uniquedesigns

Happiness is a choice. It never comes from without. It is always from within

If you have a purpose you will have the drive as well. #wallpaper

Why try finding yourself when you need to create yourself? #wallpaper

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