110+ Catchy Vanilla captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Vanilla is a kind of flavor we seem to overlook in our daily lives, but when it touches your tongue, it always makes the day much better. And hence, today’s captions are intended for this legendary flavor which is older than time itself. Please enjoy using these in your social media posts

Vanilla captions for Instagram

Maybe I was too vanilla for you anyway.

Why be Vanilla when you can be chocolate instead

In this vanilla world, be black current.

Vanilla isn’t boring; it contains all the other flavors

There is nothing like a nice vanilla ice cream on a hot summer afternoon

Happy world vanilla day to all our senior citizens

Choosing chocolate over Vanilla isn’t racist; it’s just fair

If you like Vanilla, we are already friends forever

It must be lonely to be vanilla loved, and there isn’t many of you out there

Don’t settle for Vanilla when you clearly deserve chocolate.

Vanilla and chill

Vanilla is always an option…OH wait, no, it isn’t

Vanilla isn’t so bad. It is just boring.

The only cure for a sad afternoon. A vanilla sundae

What if Allen wasn’t so vanilla? The world would have been a better place

What do you call a person who loves Vanilla> A stoner?

Vanilla tastes good only after a total breakdown.

Being Vanilla is hard but being butterscotch is harder still. #Nolovenovember

Is it only me, or does the vanilla army sound suer racist? #Itsonlyme

If ice creams ever got depressed, it would be because of Vanilla. #Vanilladepression

I am in love with Vanilla…Ice’s music. #Vanillaice

Vanilla is so white that it’s racist. #Saynotoracism

Vanilla is good, but strawberry is better. #Strawberrylove

Even vanilla ice prefers chocolate to Vanilla. #Thatsmean

I would kill for some vanilla ice right now. #Vanillaicelove

This date would have been incomplete without some vanilla ice cream. #Nodatewithuttthat

Vanilla has a very subtle taste. #Besuttle

Vanilla is an acquired taste. #Aquireme

Vanilla ice cream without the cream? An American rapper #VanillaIce

Vanilla always had a thing for strawberries. #Vanilla&strawberry

Vanilla always goes well with a sad song. #Avanillasadness

What is a dentist’s favorite kind of ice cream? Vanilla #Vanillaisgood

Vanilla and I were friends until strawberry came along. #Thirdwheel

Vanilla is so bad; Even Vanilla Ice prefers chocolate. #Betrayal

What do you get when you mix Vanilla with Pepsi? Bliss #Itsmagic

Without Vanilla, There wouldn’t have been Vanilla Ice. #Owevanilla

Vanilla is the national Ice cream of the Philippines. #Manillavanilla

Knock, knock, who’s there? Vanilla, Vanilla who? Vanilla Ice #Vanillaiceinthehouse

Maybe it’s just fate, but when strawberries met Vanilla, it was magic. #Magicaoftwoinone

Vanilla is the color of peace and impartiality. Maybe that’s why it has no taste. #Nonbiased

The entire point of Vanilla was just to exist. #Exist

Vanilla can be very good for your heart. #Vanillaheart

Liking Vanilla isn’t a crime. It’s just frowned upon. #Vanillacrime

Welcome to the land of Vanilla…It is just plain. #PlainVanilla

She wanted him to be Vanilla, but he wasn’t so simple after all. #Heissovanilla

According to studies, vanilla extract is good for your brain. #Vanillaforbrain 

Be it as it may, the smell of Vanilla is heavenly. #Vanillasmell

Vanilla is the ice cream equivalent to nostalgia

Vanilla Ice is not cool. He is frozen. #Beinglameasvanilla

How to make a puppy float? A can of coke, A scoop of Vanilla, and a puppy. #Puppyfloat

When Vanilla hit puberty, he lost all his taste. #Vanillahitspuberty

What happens if you try to make Vanilla ice float? McDonald’s asks to pay up.

Guess a ghost’s favorite ice cream…Vanilla. #Spookyvanilla

If ice creams were racist, Vanilla would have been on the top. #Toowhitetohandle

Vanilla is great for sad hearts and warm days. #Hotdayinvanillaland

Vanilla is good for your heart.

Vanilla is great for inflammatory diseases.

If it wasn’t for Vanilla, we would only have strawberry

What did Vanilla say to vanilla ice? You’re my type

Vanilla can be good for a broken heart.

Funny Vanilla Captions

Why did the vanilla ice cream sell most of his items? Minimalism 

Vanilla isn’t tasteless, and it just includes all the other ones.

I want Vanilla to be more popular.

Vanilla has a bad rep for being straightforward. 

How do you make a puppy float? One can coke, A scoop of Vanilla, and a puppy.

I Don’t understand why people are so obsessed over chocolate when you can have Vanilla.

Vanilla could never be a good critic. It has no taste

Sometimes I love vanilla ice cream more than I love my girlfriend

What is Vanilla without its van … A south Indian guy saying no.

If ice creams were racist, you know whom to catch… Vanilla

Vanilla could be great if you had no taste buds.

Vanilla is happy being Vanilla. 

Strawberry is pink, chocolate is brown, but where there’s Vanilla, the shell always takes the crown.

Vanilla is not bad at all…For babies.

If someone calls you Vanilla, that means you are being friend-zoned

Vanilla ice cream can turn a bad day into a good one in no time.

What did Vanilla ice cream ever do to you? It made me waste my money.

No Sunday is better than vanilla sundae.

Why do you always have to be so vanilla?

Vanilla is a great aphrodisiac.

May you stay strong and vanilla

Vanilla would be a terrible critic… It has no taste

Vanilla makes me mad.

Vanilla makes me sad.

What were vanillas parents guilty for? Comparing their child with chocolate.

Vanilla has great potential.

Vanilla is a great flavor, if you know what I mean.

If you be so vanilla, the world will eat you up and spit you back.

Suppose Vanilla can come out of the closet. So can You. 

I don’t know what’s worse, Vanilla or Vanilla ice

Vanilla isn’t so bad; it’s just Vanilla

If Vanilla were a man, he would have been a gentleman.

I don’t know if Vanilla is the right flavor for me.

I want my Vanilla to give some fudge.

Vanilla is the only cure for loneliness, according to studies.

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