5 Top Tips on Using Symbols in Logo Design

Probably symbols happen to be the most dynamic tools for crafting an inspiring logo design. As a matter of fact, according to the majority of professional designers, the symbols help in defining the brand value as well as the identity of any specific business. It will be perfect to assert that symbols will be able to create or ruin the value and identity of any specific business or brand.

Quite naturally, it becomes one of the most essential features to deal with while creating a logo for a company or a business.

Here we have provided several essential guidelines on how to make use of symbols within a logo design.

Symbols ought to convey a story

Make it a point to go for a symbol that conveys your company’s story and helps your clients to relate to your brand. Bear in mind that not every symbol has identical power and so, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research to make certain that the symbols used in the logo are pretty pictures while likewise conveying concise and clear representations of your products and services.

A global perspective must be shared by the symbols

It is a fact that anything which happens to be pertinent for any specific community or culture might not be that pertinent for another. As a result, companies ought to select a symbol offering an international perspective for establishing global brands and identities.

Any symbol going beyond the regular cultural and social contexts will be able to provide global personality to any organization or brand.

A unified message must be offered by the symbols

Symbols help to communicate the message which you would like to convey to the clients. It has been observed that clients do not appreciate logos along with symbols representing any conflicting idea.

As a result, it will be sensible to not to overload the logo with symbols that are conflicting in nature since it might confuse the onlookers as well as the clients. It will be ideal to employ a symbol offering unified messages within a logo so as to communicate with the target audience immediately.

Symbols should provide a concise communication

While properly used within a logo design, symbols can make for a robust communication device. Virtually everything can be expressed by any smart symbolic component within a logo design.

Nevertheless, designers need to be meticulous while expressing just one stuff properly and not many ideas should be represented poorly in the logo design. As a result, always make it a point to maintain the symbolic effect within a logo.

Symbols ought to speak regarding specialty and expertise

It is often said that 1000 words can be provided by a picture. And this assertion is going to be truer in case of any logo design. The symbols that we use in the logo ought to make folks comprehend the finer details of the company, its specialties, and its expertise.

Being a graphic artist, it is perfectly sensible to comprehend and also to recognize how the overall impact of the brand and the logo can be affected by a robust symbol. 


With all these useful tips at your disposal, you should be able to employ the perfect symbol exuding the genuine personality, specialty, and expertise of any specific company or brand.

However, it is not only symbols that help to make a professional-looking logo you should also make use of the proper fonts. Therefore, you ought to pay special attention to that aspect as well.  

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