100+ Catchy Urban Clothing Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

It is usually the youth who showcase urban clothing. You want to set or follow a trend and showcase that across social media.

Here’s a list of great captions for your pics and posts on urban clothing. These will bring you many followers and likes and help you gain a stronger presence.

Urban Clothing Captions for Instagram

A whiff of vintage in your attire. #urban

Be the unique, new, trendy you. #trending

Because you are different. #unique

Urban clothing is a cultural statement. #modern

Style is all about how you see yourself, and how you project what you see. #style

You can wear that much and more and yet have that minimalist, simple look. #fashion

Styling trends is always what I have wanted. #Different

Simple but colorful on the inside, polished and serene on the outside. #urbane

A makeover to make you stand out over all else. #street

My generation. My neighborhood. My clothes. #outofthebox

Welcome to the grunge. #grungy

Urban clothing is so much more than just rap and hip-hop. #outofthebox

The walk must be a perfect fit with the clothes you wear. #statement

Innovative but practical – that’s a statement to display. #showful

Show off your true self. Wear clothes and your attitude as well. #attitude

Acceptable to everyone. #acceptable

No deceitful clothing. Only who you are. #beyou

Clothing that keeps everything natural and comfortable. #comfortable

Modesty shows in the attire itself. #modest

Bad-ass clothing, but beautiful at heart. #badass

A tough exterior to cover the softness that lies within. #innerbeauty

Naturally urban. #natural

The style that is here to stay. #veergreen

A stylish life is full of fun. #fun

When hip and chic blend in. #chic

Life is easier for sure. #loveyourself

The neighborhood style. #fresh

What you wear will define you. #cool

Be young. Be hip. Be urban. #hip

You are unique. Let your clothes be, too. #unqiue

Give yourself time to get back to who you are. #ownstyle

Wear it with pride. Wear it with love. Just be yourself. #pride

Simple, natural, and casual clothing. #casual

Funny Urban Clothing Captions

Search all you want. It is impossible to find. #simple

Even celebrities are showcasing these at events. #urban

Be cool. Wear what you want. Live cool. #fashion

Be smart. Shop for the ongoing trend. #modern

Just wear anything. Look good. That’s all.

Any budget will do. Just be there to buy. #unique

Cheap and best may bring about a change in looks.

Dream, and we have it for you already. #urban

Welcome home. Whatever you love, we have.

Clothing that shows who you are. #unique

It’s all about yourself, not only the style.

Where comfort and style meet. #modern

Trend, style, fashion. Urban clothing. #urban

No put-on dress. Only what is natural. #outofthebox

What is natural never goes out of fashion. #unique

Be cool. Be hip. Be an urban legend.

We bring deals. You wear clothes. #modern

It is time for you to claim the style that’s yours. #urban

Wear whatever you wish and alter every attitude around. #trending

Be different and no one will be able to topple you. #urban

Urban fashion is an instinct you pick up naturally. #outofthebox

Clothing that speaks volumes. #modern

Silk is back again with darker Hawaiian prints.

Happiness comes from the smallest things in life. #trending

Here are all the pinks to go with the grunge look.

Wear what you like. You aren’t a follower. #urban

Wearing a hip look means you are chic. #outofthebox

Keep wearing more and yet not too much.

Wear your attitude dude. #fashion

Let your clothing show the real you and what you want.

Live to thrive, not just survive.

Humor and style blended to perfection. #urban

Let your passion, attitude, and character be reflected through your clothes.

Just be happy. Don’t worry. Stay calm and patient.

We achieve only as far as our dreams go. #trending

Only legends wear these. #fashion

Don’t be shy to show off your taste. #urban

You have a taste. Wear it. You would have created a style. #outofthebox

Details make the design. Designs make fashion. #modern

Fashion is what we do. Clothing is only a part. #unique

The colors say so much about us. #outofthebox

What common folk wear is what is in. #trending

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