120+ Best Uplifting Captions 🌈(Generator+Guide)

It is quite a difficult task to uplift a person’s morale when it is really low but that does not mean that we won’t try. The following captions will surely give you that mental boost required in tough times.

Funny Uplifting Captions

Rise above what is pulling you down. #riseup

When you feel low, think about the things that you really care about.

When you can’t be positive, at least try not to be negative.

It’s always a good day for an optimist. #positivity

Write down the things that lift your mood.

Hanging out with your friends always helps.

It’s okay to pamper yourself when the times are tough. #PamperYourself

No matter how dark the night, as soon as the sun rises, the darkness scatters.

The lower you feel, the harder you bounce back. #riseabove

No matter how great the failure, always remember the world is not ending,

Even in your lowest days, there are people who care about you. #JustanotherBadday

An hour with an old friend is all you need.

Do what makes you happy, makes you forget about the world. #feelgood

What’s your escape? 

Take a break, zone out, come back as a champion.

You control your mood, not the other way around. #happymood

Don’t let anything or anyone dictate how you live your life.

It is totally alright to feel low sometimes, but it’s not okay to keep dwelling in your misery.

Don’t resist your emotions, let them flow. #spilltheemotions

Abstain from what pulls you down, aim at attaining mental balance.

When feeling low, think about happy times.

Bring out the old photo albums. #photomemories

Check your speed dial if that helps. #OneCallAway

All of us have that one person who lifts our mood when required.

Procrastination almost does not ever help, almost I said. #GoodVibesOnly

Grab a book, slide into the blanket, and don’t come out until you feel like you can conquer the world.

Cribbing might release the frustration but talking will ease the situation.

All of us have that one feel-good movie lined up. What’s yours? #Movies

The heavy the downpour, the brighter the sun shines.

It is alright to show emotion, we are all human. #FeelGood

There will always be good days and bad days, some you lose, some you win.

Always keep the fighting spirit up. #GetMotivated

Your morale might have taken a blow, your determination hasn’t.

The moment you begin to feel better, don’t ever look back. #NeverLookBack

It is hard to come by a real friend, hold on to the ones who live your friend.

Your loved ones are only a phone call or a text message away. #OneCallAway

Do what makes you get your head into another space. #zoneout

Distractions aren’t always harmful, especially when you feel low.

You might want to rethink your decision about not caring. #takeCare

It might feel like everything is going haywire, but straighten yourself up and all will be well.

The faster you recover from a bad mood, the closer you get to your target. #fightingspirit

Never have I seen the sun not showing up because it’s feeling low.

Even when the sun is low, it shines. #sunshine

Don’t let your mood decide your actions or dictate your decisions.

Emotions are inherent but so is self-control. #feelings

Just do what you need to do to feel better. 

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Funny Uplifting Captions with Hashtags

A minute of cribbing is an hour wasted. #NotimeToWaste

Get a hold of yourself and your emotions will follow.

The ant carries objects twice the size of its body weight, you can at least carry your emotional baggage.

Physical exhaustion requires rest, mental exhaustion requires zoning out. #zoneout

No better times for a real nature’s call, lift your mood instantly.

You could be a mountain or a beach person, but you can never be a cribber. #GoOut

Go out, meet new people, do new things but don’t just keep feeling low.

Feeling low? Rediscover yourself, discover new interests.

The social media world is not real, be happy in the real world not the virtual.

Refrain from ranting as long as you can unless it’s imminent. #SayNoToRants

It’s alright for emotions to spill once in a while, don’t keep holding back.

You can’t keep giving if you are drained, keep yourself filled.

A happy mind is a healthy mind, take care of your happiness.

Filter the negativity and you are good to go. #NonegativityFilter

A hint of motivation is a ray of light through a dark room.

Happiness is really a choice, the best choice, choose wisely.

The faster you make up your mind, the quicker you’ll get over it.

Just show up to where you need to be, and the rest will be fine.

Deciding to not be morose, is half the job done.

Mood swings are gender-neutral. #moodswings

Depression does not knock before coming, always be on guard.

Lift yourself so high that you don’t have to look down. #riseaboveall

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Funny Uplifting Captions with Emojis

Good vibes only 💛🌞

Life is a beautiful journey 🦋🌈

You are stronger than you think 💪🌻

Believe in yourself and make it happen 👊🌟

Keep your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you 🌺🌞

Spread love wherever you go ❤️🙌

Stay positive, be kind, spread joy 🌈🌟

Happiness is a warm ray of sunshine and a field of flowers 🌻🌞

You are capable of amazing things, believe in yourself 💖🦋

Today is a good day for a good day 🌞🌟

Sending you virtual hugs and positive vibes 💕🤗

Find the rainbow after the storm 🌻🌈

Your positive attitude can change the world 🙌🌟

Life is too short to not chase your dreams 🦋🌞

You are a warrior, keep fighting 💪🌺

Believe in the beauty of your dreams 🌻🌟

Spread love and positivity like confetti 💖🌈

The power of positive thinking can change your life 🙌🌞

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about 💪🌟

Bloom where you are planted and spread your wings 🦋🌺

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