127+ Catchy Unrequited Love Captions For All Social Media

There’s a common saying that goes like it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved ever. As easy as it sounds people who are victims of unrequited love find themselves in a place that is started more than any other. Here are some unrequited love captions for social media.

Unrequited love Captions for Instagram

That feeling when your love hasn’t been rejected but you know it will be.

It’s really funny that you don’t recognize my love even after so long.

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

The pain and suffering of failing in love.

It truly hurts to know that your affections lie elsewhere, my love will stop

Sometimes an affair will just not happen, whatever you do.

A lonely heart it’s practically a curse. #curse

Love unrequited is an infinite void. I just learned that.

After all the hope and trials, sometimes love just isn’t accepted.

There are times when you have to close this chapter.

It is high time that we moved on to other avenues.

Rather than ruin our relationship, I should move on.

It was beautiful for as long as it lasted.

The weight of my past failure hung on till the moment you came into my life.

Only when your love is not reciprocated, you will understand the hurt.

Why worry when it hasn’t started?

Why do I fall in love with those I can’t have, I can’t understand?

Is loving someone back really impossible? #impossible

Love unrequited only lies hidden somewhere.

Love is truly wounded if it is unrequited love.

It takes immense strength to have a one-sided affair.

Those who come later on pay for the past hurt.

When you want to love but can never have it.

That’s me in the corner losing my love.

I can see that you just can’t get over him.

I just have to keep quiet about my burning desire for you.

Sometimes you just have to accept that your love won’t be reciprocated.

Don’t make her your everything because she already has someone else. #everything

You just don’t love me no matter how much I try.

You aren’t mine. But I can’t bear to lose you.

The first time is almost invariably unrequited love.

I know you put up the wall to see who will break it down.

Unrequited love can make us both stronger humans.

Puppy love usually transforms into unrequited love.

Why does our relationship have to be only one-sided?

My heart aches that I love you but you don’t.

Even if you close your eyes, your heart will feel the pain. #pain

It is when love is unrequited never truly understand pain.

And recruited love mix the heart unbearably lonely.

When you love in vain, you definitely feel the pain.

I don’t want to suffer by loving you in vain.

Why should I hold onto you but you don’t care about losing me?

You’ve always meant everything to me. Just that I didn’t.

Do I mean nothing to you? Must I look so obscure to you?

Not always his love easy. I learned that the hard way.

Loving in vain and not being acknowledged at all is what hurts me most.

Love doesn’t have to be perfect. At least let it not be unrequited. #perfect

You made me see not love truly doesn’t come easy.

Whatever I do, how much ever I try, you just will not accept me.

You took away the sunshine from my life. I’m still getting over it.

When you turn my heart inside out, you still couldn’t make me bitter.

You promised to be there for me. But you’re the one who walked out first.

If you truly wanted me, you would have chosen me.

He continued loving her even though she did not love him at all. Scary.

Only you could make me cry for having scorned my love for you.

Nothing is normal since that time you rejected me completely.

I’ll live in my dreams, only if you’re mine at least in my dreams. #dreams

I know when to let go of you. The question is, can I?

It’s really pathetic but you need to think of him, but he still doesn’t care.

Funny Unrequited love Captions

I still miss you, even after you broke my heart.

Never again will my happiness depend on anyone else.

I’m not heartless for not being loved. I’m only smarter now.

There I was loving you, and there you were spurning me.

Now you say you’re searching for me? You already made me lose myself.

You were afraid to lose me? Well, you’re the one who left.

You never loved me. You only loved my being there for you. #unrequitedlove

Even though all your years of selfishness, I still love you.

I rather not love at all, than allow you to spurn my love.

You still matter to me. But I can’t take the risk of falling in love with you again.

I only wish you wouldn’t take my time and my heart, only to waste them.

I’m that person who loves you on to death whether you love him back or not.

I just cannot let you in only to destroy me again.

It hurts real bad knowing that I can’t be with you.

I feel love is when you want the best for the one who doesn’t even care for you.

I can’t let my heart be broken just because you won’t love me.

When you stopped caring for me, I realized how much I care for you. #unrequited

Only after you rejected my love, did I find myself.

When someone rejects your true love, they are the one who loses it.

I got a clear perspective and direction, but only after you hurt me.

When you said no to me, you punched my gut and kicked my heart.

You’ll never realize what you’ve lost.

Why should I care with someone who doesn’t care for me at all?

I’m simply tired of hoping that you love me back one day.

I know you’ll never love me. But I still do.

I don’t know what else to do to make you see how much I love you.

My love for you is enough for both of us. #love

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