The Ultimate Startup Branding Checklist

The competition and challenges in the business world are only increasing with days passing by. Today, the well-established businesses are facing tough competition not only with their old counterparts but also with the new companies that are coming in the market.

In such a scenario, it is very difficult and challenging for startups to make a name for themselves in the market. 

There are many startups who overcome all the challenges and obstacles and establish their name in the big world. To convert your company from a startup to a well-established brand, there needs to be some point that every startup should keep in mind.

What are the benefits that a startup has to transform itself into a brand?

  • This leads to Higher Sales.
  • There is a chance of a Greater profit margin.
  • There will be Savings in Advertising.
  • Easiness in promoting your product.

Here are some points that every startup should keep in mind in order to alter itself to a brand:

Proper knowledge of your competition

It is very important for startups to know about their competitors before launching themselves onto the big stage. If you already identified your competitors then try to do research about them through the help of the internet.

What you can do?

  • See how your competitors promote and sell their products.
  • See what strategies do they follow to leverage more customers.
  • Understand all feedback that they continuously receive.
  • Follow them on various social media platforms.

If you don’t have proper knowledge about your competitors then google is the best option to help you out. You can search for companies that sell similar products as your company does.

Break the Conventions

Have you ever thought why top MNCs like Google, Facebook, Amazon are so successful? The answer to this is very simple. They were successful as they introduced people with something new they brought ideas that other companies never thought of before.

If you want to stand away from the traffic then you should think of something unique, your ideas should be brand new and it should make people go crazy.

Even if you want to provide services like that of your existing competitors then also your service should be provided in a distinctive way.

Having a great design of your startup’s logo

Your company’s logo carries great significance. When you are launching your company to the global stage people will identify your product through your logo. 

Top companies hire renowned designers for having a great design for their logo. Have a unique, innovative, and cool design of your company’s logo before promoting your startup to a brand.

For Example: If you see the logo of Google on your search engine, then you will notice that there logo changes with time. The logo signifies special events, it may be birthdays of famous people or special days, etc.

Proper knowledge of your potential customers

This is also a very important point to look into before launching your company into a brand. 

After having proper knowledge about your competitors the next step that you should follow is to have an understandable picture of your prospective customers and other important people that you want to add to your company.

With a proper understanding between you and your clients, you can formulate your company’s plan for the foreseeable future.

Tell your startup story

Nowadays, storytelling has become one of the instrumental marketing tools and many top companies are using it as a means to promote their commodity. Having a great business story or a story about your company’s history always helps on the big stage. 

You will often see top MNCs of the world like Facebook, Oracle, Google, etc., whenever comes in front of audiences tell about their company’s story. So our question is, why do they do so? The answer to this question is, if you have an inspirational and interesting story about your company then many people take you as an inspiration and talk about you.

Such gossips often help your brand in doing business. Also if you talk more about your customers and less about your product, then people seem to like you.

Have a proper and deeper knowledge of your product

Until now you may be busy forming the foundation of your company. You were looking to make a few customers give your startup a good start. But after forming a base you need to really look deeper into your product that you are selling. Having proper knowledge of your product is very essential. You need to know the answers of a few questions like, 

  • What your product is all about?
  • How your product will help people?
  • What pros and disadvantages your products house?
  • How your existing customers are feeling about your product?

And when you get your answers you are good to put forward the next step.

Give a suitable name for your brand

You may have already decided what your brand name will be. But if you haven’t then you must do it. Naming your company is both fun and confusing.

Giving an appropriate name to your company is one of the most essential things you need to do before launching yourself. It is the name that people will use while speaking about your company. It holds a great amount of prestige.

Formulate powerful Brand words

Every company has a motto. Using powerful words in your company’s motto may increase the value of your company significantly. 

You should keep in mind that these words have some relation to the products that you are selling. These words explain the objective of your company or the belief that your company holds.

For Example: ADIDAS is an MNC that manufactures shoes, clothes, and accessories. The slogan of ADIDAS is ‘Impossible is nothing’ meaning nothing is impossible.

Generate a starry website

People like to visit official websites of brands like Nike, Puma, Gucci, Facebook, etc. So to have a stellar website is always a necessity for top brands.

Your website is the image of your company for the people who are visiting it. It should be made with perfection. It should represent your company’s image and beliefs in a positive way.

Print astonishing business cards

Lastly, you should print amazing and innovative business cards. Your business card design will reflect your company’s belief and it also creates an impression in your customer’s mind about your company.

Though in today’s digital world the use of business cards is diminishing but you could use it as a unique way to express and promote your brand.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a feasible option to change my company’s logo before launching my startup into a brand?

Yes, you can. Mozilla Firefox and Apple and many others have also changed there initial logo.

How business cards will help my brand?

Business cards will help you promote your brand. It reflects the image of your company in the eyes of others. Though a traditional method, it is immensely effective.

Will having a renowned celebrity as my company’s brand ambassador help my brand?

Yes, definitely. It is a very common method of promoting a brand.


While building a successful startup company is an achievement in itself but, to maintain that success and to grow into a brand is an even greater challenge for businessmen. Though challenging for entrepreneurs, developing brand schemes for successful startups is very exciting.

The above-mentioned list doesn’t include all the points that you need to do for your targeted goal but it includes all the essential points that every successful startup ‘must’ follow in order to launch itself into a brand.

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