9 Types of Logos and How You Should Consider

You are all set to start your business and you simply need to come across the flawless logo for representing your brand. In case its task is performed correctly, your logo will be creating positive associations between your target audience as well as your business. 

However, the question is what kind of logo will be ideal for the job. 

Even though a lot of decisions will be needed for finding the perfect logo for your company (layout, font, color palette, images, and so on) we have mentioned a list of the primary logo types which will make your logo-selection procedure absolutely fun and painless.

You will come across 3 primary logo categories: Words, images, and combinations. Here, you will be reading about 9 logo types which will fit into all these groups.

Types Of Logos And How To Use Them

1. Brand Mark

types of logos

Brand marks (also known as pictorial marks) happen to be logos which consist of an icon or graphic symbol representing a real-world object on most occasions. We are mentioning something which is simple and uncomplicated such as a coffee mug.

This particular object might be able to tell the story of what is being done by your business in the long run.


It is not difficult to remember brand names. In case a particular service is offered by you, a graphic representing that is going to send a clear and quick message to the audience. Moreover, the design’s simplicity will be translating properly while the logo of yours against branding substances such as letterheads or business cards.

What You Should Consider:

It might be the fact that you happen to be a new business without much followers, and in that case, tread cautiously.

Even though a brand mark might be the trademark of an iconic business, it will be imperative to be established properly so as to be acknowledged.

Or else, the logo might not be able to communicate adequately regarding you to the audience who might get repelled from your brand eventually.  

Inspiration: Apple, Twitter.

types of logos

The name even has got a traditional and impressive feel. These types of logos have been there for quite some time and comprise a typeface which positions itself within a boundary – typically a crest or a seal.

Try to think of government organizations and universities.


Being memorable, emblems provide some sort of traditionalism, professionalism, as well as significance to your brand. Moreover, they likewise provide the impression that your business has been there for eternity.

What Should We Consider:

Once more, while designing the emblem think of scalability given that these types of logos have a lot of intricate designs that might not look nice in case you resize them. Moreover, emblems will not provide you with similar flexibility as the regular combination logos.

Therefore, be 100% certain regarding your design prior to publishing your logo.

Inspiration: Stella Artois, Starbucks.

3. Wordmark Logos

types of logos

These sorts of logs only consist of text – company names, initials, or monograms. Put simply, wordmark logos are simply the name of a business set in some type of specific typeface.


While seeing a wordmark logo it is not required for anybody to do any guesswork – it is very clear what company is represented by the logo.

As a matter of fact, these types of logos happen to be amongst the most adaptable logo options that can be transferable into any sort of marketing substance quite easily.

Moreover, in case your business name happens to be attractive, it will be the best way to emphasize that and make it useful for your brand.

What You Should Consider: 

Does the name of your business convey anything regarding what is done by you? In case you do not have much reputation it might be tough to establish the sort of brand acknowledgment that you would like the logo to foster. 

Inspiration: Uber, Subway, Camelback.

4. Abstract Logo Marks

types of logos

These happen to be the conceptual picture logos out there. An abstract logo, similar to a brand mark logo, contains only a symbol which has been customized for you. 

This kind of image does not actually mimic an object existing physically; instead, it happens to be a unique logo which will be expressing something particular regarding your brand.


You can play with these since it will be possible for you to design any logo which is able to communicate your company’s values or anything regarding your brand which you want to focus on.

A logo of this type is not limited to a real-world image or object, and you have lots of room to talk about your brand. In case you happen to be a business doing a number of distinct stuff, a properly planned abstract logo might be ideal for you!

What You Should Consider:

It will be essential to make the logo design refined till you are certain of communicating the right message. You must pay attention to intricate details with these sorts of logos, and your message must not be misinterpreted by a logo design which is difficult to comprehend. 

Moreover, make it a point to talk to a logo designer who comprehends the interaction of colors, fonts, and shapes since you would like all the details within the logo to look good while printed at various resolutions. 

Inspiration: Pepsi, Airbnb, Microsoft.

5. Mascots

types of logos

Mascots happen to be the most family-friendly sort of logo out there, and they are actually the images of an individual or character that helps to represent your business visually. 

They are essentially the “spokesperson” of your brand and you are going to do much of the advertising around them only.


Mascots provide the audience with a warm feeling that helps to create a memorable brand. Moreover, they are appealing to the kids as well.

And, while you will feel compassionate for the man who is waving at the people wearing the costume of a lobster in front of an eatery and perspiring in the heat, your children are sure to go crazy and plead you to have lunch at the restaurant.

What You Should Consider:

Mascots will not be conveying the proper message in case the focus of your business happens to be global innovation or marketing any non-kid-friendly product. In case you happen to be a company marketing cigarettes, it will be judicious not to promote it to the kids.

On the contrary, companies like Pillsbury are properly represented by their doughty and well-rounded mascots. 

Inspiration: Pillsbury, KFC, Kellogg’s.    

6. Lettermarks (Monograms)

types of logos

These types of logos happen to be logos which are typography-based and which help to spruce up the design of a business by taking the company’s abbreviated initials. You are going to have a no-frills and no-fuss logo. 


The world is fond of abbreviations for quite some time. In fact, the luxury vehicle companies like BMW and so on are using acronyms in this contemporary era. There is one benefit to this; monograms help to convert the lengthy business name of your company into an easily recognizable brand identity.

These types of logos can be a fantastic option in case you happen to be a relatively small or new company who likes to become identifiable.

What You Should Consider:

Even though the monogram happens to be a rather simple logo, make certain to make the font and typeface appear impressive out there. Moreover, it might be a good idea to emboss the full name of your business under the logo such that it will be possible to make a relation between the name of your business and the logo. 

Inspiration: CNN, IKEA. 

7. Letterforms

types of logos

Being simply 1-letter logos, letterforms happen to be the minimalist cousins of lettermarks. Obviously, it is important for these types of logos to be bold and charming since it will be tough for any letter to communicate a clear message on its own.


It is very easy to scale letterforms since the logo is made up only one letter. You may likewise stick it anywhere you like. Moreover, a letterform which has been designed successfully is going to invoke the entire name of your company subconsciously in the minds of people.

What Should You Consider:

The design is very important since these logos consist of only one letter; it is of no use if the logo is not memorable. This might imply that it has got a dramatic backdrop, a funky font or any motivating color scheme – which can make the letter vibrate by popping off the page.

It will be imperative to make the font legible since you’d like individuals to be capable of reading it.

Inspiration: WordPress, McDonald’s.

8. Combination Marks

types of logos

Although the name is quite self-explanatory, these types of logos include both worlds as well as images into their design. They will consist of any combination of words and images selected by you.

It will be possible for you to combine a mascot with a letterform, or any other combination that you like the most.


One word is there to describe combination Marks and that is versatility. Here, you are free to use both letters and symbols and these will help your logo to convey a clear message for your brand. This sort of combination also enables graceful rebranding.

For instance, the name of your company combined with in the image is going to be associated as one such that your clients will eventually see only the symbol and think of your company immediately.

What Should We Consider:

Versatile is not equal to excessive. Think of how you like your symbol and name to function together while keeping the logo design clean as well as on-message.

Inspiration: CVS, Taco Bell.

9. Dynamic Marks

types of logos

Dynamic Marks happen to be the new-age logo. As compared to the other logos, this sort of logo is able to adapt itself to the context where it is used.

This implies that it is possible for these elements to modify either on various branding materials or on the web.


You need to be extremely creative while designing these types of logos. You will come across lots of mediums by means of which you will be able to establish your brand (think of mobile sites, merchandise, digital media, advertisements, blogs, and so on). Because of this, your logo can be modified to match any scenario out there.

Moreover, dynamic logos help to keep things thought-provoking and the audience will be impatiently waiting to see what you are coming up with next.

What Should You Consider:

You will not like to sacrifice your logo’s associative power; your brand might be connected by several of your followers with your colors while others might remember your icon’s shape – in case all these details are changing constantly the logo might not be able to produce similar effect like a stagnant logo.

While making changes be cautious, and ensure that the logo conveys your message perfectly.

Inspiration: AOL, Nickelodeon.

After going through this article you will be able to comprehend the different types of logos out there. Now it is time for you to design a logo on your own.

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