16+Tips to Turn Your Brand Into a Premium Brand ( Examples)

Constructing a brand has already been adopted by most of the businesses. Your brand development is solely based on how you propagate your message to your target audience by remaining aligned with your goal and objectives while marketing yourself. All you have known for this to make your brand a symbol that everybody is able to recognize the time they perceive it. But, what does it take to turn your brand a premium one?

Well, most of the people perceive premium and luxury the same thing. While the premium brands do not limit to providing luxurious items but what it actually refers to is that the consumers want to get involved in some tradeoffs for having a better experience with the brand. While some of these happen in a spontaneous manner while others can be done with an intention too.

Turn Your Brand Into a Premium Brand Here are the things you need to know

First things first

One of the most important things that you must do in the first place is to identify your brand how well it is performing as compared to the competitors in the market. Take the reviews from the customers, bring improvements in those areas that are lacking. Then, your brand is feasible for evolving as a premium brand.

For instance, Apple has been popular for its premium products. It is because of the quality that has not been compromised as per the pricing. That makes Apple a premium brand. Moreover, the brand provides such features that make them different from others.

how to make premium brand

Make sure your brand is consistent

Hence, you have known that you need high-quality products and be more promising with your deliverance. Have you thought of how your products are making an impact? Is it helpful enough in building a premium brand? If it does not work, you need to be consistent with what you provide. You can hire the professionals who will provide an effective revision of the strategies you have previously made for your branding. 

For example, Tommy Hilfiger has been delivering with consistency. And, no compromises have been done to the quality of the product along with the special features they offer to the potential customers.


Identify the niche

Premium brands are made on the aspects that they are capable of offering something that turns out to become a symbol in the respective product segment. It must be attained along with a perfect collaboration of pricing with quality. Hence, first of all, identifying the niche of your brand is crucial.

For instance, Tiffany and Co. has a niche. The brand has been popular for diamonds. Tiffany has embraced the niche and it has favored to be one of the premium brands in the world. The company has almost served in the last two centuries and proved to be the diamond in the coal mine. 


Emphasize on the symbolic value

One of the key factors that makes a brand premium is the capability of the brand to have a better communication with the customers with its symbolic value. Brands are often found to be of two kinds of value i.e. symbolic and functional. If you are willing to make your brand premium, it is highly recommended to create a good communication with the customers for  the purpose of embracing the symbolic value for the brand. 

For instance, Ralph Lauren is a perfect example for this, they started up with making ties from the rags. We have been successfully identified their symbolic value. The brand believes in designing dreams rather than designing clothes.


Create a perception of Exclusiveness

So how would you make a brand to have such symbolic value? Is there any factor that affects this? Yes, there is a factor. The brand must create a perception that the customers perceive in the sense of being exclusive. The pricing can be unattainable, product has an availability to all of the geographical regions and the supplies can be limited.

For instance, Estée Lauder Companies Inc has got all of the aspects that make the customer perceive it to be exclusive. Moreover, the brand is a premium due to its availability in various geographical regions, limited stocks to be supplied and the pricing that justifies its quality.

how to make premium brand

Positioning as per the levels of differentiation that are high

The brands that are global usually build strategies according to their competitions. For this, two kinds of strategies can be used, either they go for a strategy for cost leadership or just a strategy for differentiation. Premium brands are found to have followed a different strategy. But, whether it is often seen that differentiation strategy is aggressively used by some brands too.

For example, Coty Inc has been following the differentiation strategy for their presence in the global market. The aggressive use of this kind of strategy has led the brand to emerge out as not only premium but also a luxury brand. 


Delivering with consistency

It is found to be one of the most crucial challenges for a brand to deliver what they have promised to the customers. The existing premium brands are able to create structure to facilitate the execution of the plan and strategies made for delivering the customers along with fulfilling the promises.

For example, Tory Burch LLC can be a perfect example for keeping their promises on delivering what they have promised. You will find the brand to be premium and one of the top brands in USA that has got a customer base of potential customers.


Quality image and font for the brand

Brands look more premium with a unique selling point along with the best brand logo with perfectly chosen fonts. Some of the premium brands are easily recognized by the image and the fonts are chosen. Brand recognition is critical for the effective branding of the company along with its marketing strategies for gaining potential customers.

For example, Coca Cola used a very unique font style for its branding that is easily recognizable. Moreover, the combination of the font style with the color is too catchy to be noticed at first sight. Hence communicating a good brand with a premium feel and look can help in turning your brand into a premium brand.


Come up with interesting USP

The unique selling point is one of the most important things for branding. Without it, branding is unimaginable. If you are willing to turn your brand into a premium one, you got to come up with a unique selling point that is groundbreaking. Moreover, the selling point must reflect the features of your product.

For instance, M&Ms have been cool with their strategies on making their USP so awesome that they reflect so much about their products. These attributes are able to leave an impact on the audiences. Well, they melt in your mouth so people are gonna check this out for sure!

how to make premium brand

Having a brand ambassador

Have you ever thought of why the premium brands go for letting their products endorsed by celebrities? Well, there has to be some strong point here. In fact, people find such products more premium if they are being endorsed by huge icons. Hence, it is suggested that your brand needs a brand ambassador. 

For instance, the sub-brand of Nike i.e. Air Jordan is endorsed by the Basketball icon Micheal Jordan and the sports freaks are crazy about these products. So, who would you choose for endorsing your brand? Get some ideas for getting a brand ambassador to make your brand premium. 


Premium brands are known to be popular worldwide. Hence, for this, there is a need for hiring the best digital marketing professionals and advertisers who can reach out to your business to a global perspective. Everybody wants to recognize your brand and proper advertising can help you reach your target audiences. Moreover, the premium brands advertise by reflecting their visions and goals that is to offer the best one can have.  

Example, Intel has been one of the brands that are popular all over the world. In fact, the brand has a unique way of advertising clearly shows their visions. Same thing you can do with your marketing campaigns.


Make an online presence

Since the discovery of the internet, people are embracing technology with time. At present, the number of internet users has grown to an exponential level. With this, it is necessary to have an online presence for good branding. You will all of the premium brands to have a strong online presence. Moreover, these brands have been gaining customer loyalty and retention with the help of the quality they provide. 

Example, Fossil Group, Inc has a strong online presence. The brand is able to deliver the quality for which it is known. Moreover, their presence on the internet makes the brand reach out to the audiences from any corner of the world.

how to make premium brand

Promise quality products 

Every premium brands have some special about the products that keep them apart from the others. You cannot have the same special features as they offer. Every premium brand has something impeccable to offers; something unmatchable. And, they deliver what they promise to provide. Hence, you got to be looking for something in your product that helps you stand out in the market with something that no one offers.

The Banana Republic has been successfully standing out to the marketplace with their creativity. The product they offer has been inspired by some cultural mix that yielded something unique. And, they deliver this unique product with maintaining the quality that is not compromised.


Pricing and distribution

You will get to know well about your branding if you get to know how the pricing is affecting its sales to the customers. As far as the distribution is concerned, the online platforms for selling your products will not help you gain an identity as a premium brand. Your products in the supermarkets with pricing done with lowered discounts will emerge out to make the customers feel more attracted to the product as it will look more premium.

For example, Levi’s has products both in the online as well as offline stores as well. Its presence in the supermarket has a significant impact on brand recognition that makes it more premium.


Let them know of your quality

If people are still not aware of your brand, you need to shout out louder than you have ever done with your branding strategies. Some of the biggest brands still adopt these techniques to be in the same position in the market for many years. There must be one thing kept in mind that the message should be propagated by means of voice, image or something written.

For instance, Heinz has always been talking about their specialties. They promise to provide the services that mean much for the customers. Fresh ingredients for the product along with the best services to the customers is all the brand promises to offer.



Well, you have seen many of the brands doing that. Sub-brands are able to indicate something different for targeted customers. Some of the sub-brands emphasize the products that are luxurious and costly while some intend to offer budget products to a specific part of their customer base. Hence, it is a good trick to introduce a sub-brand to the market by coming up with something that is specified for a particular customer base.

For instance, there are some of the sports premium brands like Nike that have a sub-brand named as Air Jordan. This sub-brand has a separate fanbase who are sneaker lovers. Moreover, sports freaks are crazy for the products of Air Jordan too. 

Taking your mass brand to a higher level shows a good impression of yours to provide the customers with something that is impeccable and identifiable as to be a product of your brand. We hope you find these tips helpful so that you can turn your mass brand into a premium one.

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