188+ Catchy Trumpet Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Louis Armstrong once said, “Musicians Don’t retire. They stop when there is no more music left in them”. One of the most common yet beautiful musical instruments of the brass family and crucial to any jazz band is the trumpet. So here are some all-weather trumpet captions you might like.

Trumpet Captions for Instagram

This trumpet is an antique piece. #Antique

What’s a muppet’s favorite instrument? A trumpet #Amuppetstrumpet

I have this trumpet in place of friends. #Lonely

What’s common between an elephant and a marching band? Both use the trumpet to get laid. #Woomuch

A trumpet is at least better than no pet. #Ineedapuppy

The sound of the trumpet is very beautiful.

Someday I’ll play this trumpet-like Louis Armstrong. #Playlikelouis

What does it take to learn a trumpet? A good sense of humor

I wanted to learn the trumpet, so my mom left me in the zoo with the elephants. #Notthatkindatrumpetmom

The sound of the trumpet is the sound of victory. #Victory

I can’t decide between a trumpet or a French horn; they are equally ugly. #Innerbeauty 

What is a trumpet without its pet? A controversial US president. #Makemaericagreatagain

The only trumpet I like is that of an elephant.

It requires real talent to play the trumpet. #Talentedplayer

This is the most precious trumpet in the world. #Nwothatsexpensive

I am a professional trumpet player, and yes, I am lonely. #Sacrifices

The sound of that trumpet is like a river, flowing gracefully. #Gracefultrumpet

My mother’s screams are louder than my trumpet. #Momisscary

Trumpets are a basic ingredient in all great marching bands. #Marchmadness

A trumpet a day keeps the poachers away. #Nopoaching

Fate is like a trumpet. If you put in the effort, you will be rewarded. #Nopainnogain

What I wouldn’t give to see his trumpet go up in flames. #Trumpet24X7

The trumpet is one of the toughest instruments to learn. #Toughbuttender

What does a good trumpet solo give you? Pure satisfaction #Satisfier

The trumpet has a very interesting shape. #Shapeofyou

A trumpet has the power to teleport you into oblivion. #Oblivion

All you need to be an artist is a broken heart and a trumpet in harmony. #Thejazzprince

A glass of whisky is always incomplete without a great trumpet solo. #Stayclassy

Once you get past the appearance, the trumpet can be a magical thing. #Neverjudgeabookbyitscover

The trumpet is mightier than the Musket. #Mightytrumpet

Trumpets over flutes, any day. #Anyday

The teacher could “C major “potential in the young trumpet player. #Cmajorpotential

If I were a trumpet, I’d want you to blow me too, baby. #Naughtytrumpet

I always wanted to play the trumpet, and now I am baroque. #Aboroquemusician

Be the violin to my trumpet. #Lifegoals

Not all trumpet players are gentle, and some are real brass holes. #Dontbeabrasshole

What is common between a sailor and a trumpeter? Both love the high C’s #TheHighSeas

What does a trumpet player say to the other trumpet player? I can do that better. #Friendlyco, petition

That trumpet is special for me. #Trumetisspecial

What do you call a horny trumpet? A sax-o-phone #Saxophoneandsex

What do you call French trumpet? A French Horn #Frenchhorn

What do you call a trumpet on drugs? A trombone #trombotastic

A trumpet which has no shame? A tuba #Testtuba

What’s the difference between a trumpet and a trampoline? You enjoy the trampoline #Trump-o-line

Don’t blow your own trumpet. #Behumble

Be strong like the trumpet. #Strongtrumpet

Life is like a trumpet; you got to blow with skill, not strength. #Skillnotstrength

You can’t play the trumpet sitting down, and she needs true passion. #Passioninstrument

A trumpet is a living instrument. She behaves differently in different hands. #Alivingtrumpet

Before playing the trumpet, I never knew there were so many ways to blow. #Blowaminia

The trumpet is a tough instrument, and it needs a tough player. #Toughinstrument

The trumpet doesn’t have any wrong notes. #Nowrongnotes

 Be the trumpet to my jazz. #Jazzy

Funny Trumpet captions

And as the trumpet began to moan, I forgot that I was ever alive. Nothing mattered anymore. #Nothingelsematters

I am a musical soldier with a trumpet under my arms and jazz in my heart. #Fightforjazz

Blow out your soul through the trumpet and fall in love with her melody. #Blowyusoul

The trumpet is not just an instrument; it’s a lifestyle. #Thetrumpetlife

Armstrong is to music what Einstein is to physics, and the trumpet was his pen. #Armstringstrumpet

What’s common between a trumpet and my dad? They both look tough but are really sensitive. #Toughbutsensitive

You got to play that trumpet as your life depends on it. That’s the way to achieve greatness. #Greatness

What do you call an elephant playing the trumpet? A double treble #Doubletrouble

The sound of the trumpet was too beautiful to behold. #Toobeautiful

Maybe I loved the trumpet more than I loved her. #Loveforart

The trumpet was once feeling very lonely, so God created Louise Armstrong. #Incomplete

The trumpet is the glue for any great jazz band. #Jazzitup

Without the trumpet, there would be no jazz. #Nojazzjanuary

Think of the trumpet as an extension of your soul. #Extentionofmysoul

All I need tonight is Louis Armstrong and his trumpet. #Louisandhispet

Cure for a sad day, a beautiful trumpet piece. #Sadnesscured

The trumpet was the first instrument I ever fell in love with. #Firstlove

Be someone’s flute rather than everyone’s trumpet. #NeverSettle

What do you call an English trumpet’s arch enemy? A French horn #Battleofroses

Why was the trumpet sad? Because it went bar-o-que #Trumpetpuns

The trumpet is a weapon of brass destruction. #WeaponofBrassdestruction

The trumpet is being played with utmost passion. #Playitlikeyoumeanit

The trumpet was and forever will be one of the greatest musical instruments. #Trumpetsforlife 

The trumpet is too loud for my taste. #Tooloud

Let your trumpet soar like your dreams. #Ambition

If you really love jazz, you must love the trumpet. #Trumpetforjazz

There is nothing like a melancholy trumpet and a monsoon evening. #Blissindisguise

Get drunk and just start to blow. The trumpet will take care of the rest. #Ridethehigh

Maybe the lovers did not quarrel over his love for the trumpet but his affair with music. #Musicislove

The only kind of family, a trumpet player, is a member of… The Brass Family. #Brassfamily

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