100+ Catchy Trekking Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Trekking is a casual sport that is also a way to relax and unwind. Be it in the hills or on plains, trekking can also be the excuse that you need to get away from the daily rigmarole of monotony and travel to see other places. It is a source for you to post on social media. For your posts to get the extra boost, here is a list of really great captions on trekking.

Trekking Captions for Facebook

Trekking is by far the best therapy man can opt for.

When I go trekking I feel alive. #alive

Keep telling yourself how much less of the path remains, and how much more you have completed.

Some of my best memories were made in my trekking shoes.

Trekking is like meditation. It refreshes, rejuvenates, and recharges the soul.

Trekking is where I go into the wild to go wild and free for a time.

Life should have more places to go trekking and less stress.

Whenever I feel low I simply run away and go trekking somewhere, anywhere. That helps me return all afresh. #fresh

Whenever I go trekking I return with so many fresh ideas and thoughts.

The view at the end is what makes the trek so much more worthwhile.

Trekking teaches one not to be overconfident. It instills humility, which is important.

How can I be lost? I am only exploring.

Trekking is where you leave your footprints behind and carry beautiful memories back with you.

Just so long as you go trekking together, you know you are together.

Nature has so many marvelous things in everything that it offers. #marvelous

Whenever you feel that I am listening attentively, it means that I am dreaming of trekking somewhere.

Life is so much better when spent in trekking shoes.

Trekking is a getaway for only those determined enough to get lost in nature to find themselves.

Trekking is like playing outside. You never grow old to do it.

What matters is that you keep trekking. The speed doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t stop.

Why don’t we go trekking where there is no WiFi? #wifi

When you realize that the best therapist is called Nature, you know you have trekked well.

A mountain breeze, tall trees, and clear skies are all we need to enjoy ourselves in.

What will wear you out isn’t the mountain, but that grain of sand in your shoe.

Therapy isn’t what we need. What we need is to go trekking in nature.

Trekking Captions for Instagram

How I trek is not important. You must keep up with me.

Would you help me caption these snaps of me trekking?

Everything good is always free and wild. So natural too. #natural

It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other constantly till you reach where you were going.

Trekking has immense therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Trekkers always wish one another: ‘May the forest be with you!’

The mountains are where I leave my heart, always yearning to go back to walk them again.

All one needs is a campfire, peace and quiet, and a lot of space to trek in.

Go trekking. Wander about. Wonder at nature. Come back recharged. Go back again.

All you got to do is be outside. Think outside. Why should there be a box anyway?

Fresh air can never be too much. Just like nature. #toomuch

Trekking is always about the happiness that you get from walking in nature.

All I need is the sky above me, the earth below me, and peace within me.

That’s not me, my trekking. That’s me doing my therapy session.

Always go trekking. It will make you worry less.

Trekkers will tell you that it’s only a hill and that you just need to get over it.

Each time I go trekking it helps me learn something new.

The closer you get to the top of the mountain the lesser the chance of you being lost. Then you get lost in the view from there. #getlost

If you feel trekking uphill is too painful, just think of the beautiful view at the end.

The two doctors that actually keep me going are my left and right legs.

Whichever path you follow, remember that without some dirt in it, it may not be worth the trek.

Trekking Captions for Twitter

Without obstacles, a path may not lead anywhere at all.

Staying closer to nature helps you stay away from all the hullabaloo.

Trekking the path to success is what matters, be it uphill or downhill.

When you camp in the most unfamiliar of places and still feel at ease, it shows that you actually love nature. #lovenature

A path without obstacles is not worth trekking.

When you actually need the help of a compass you know that you have trekked far enough.

Each time I trek in nature, I get far more than what I seek.

Trekking is the only way that I know of destressing myself.

Trekking has always made me go places to lose my mind and find my soul.

Only when you are lost and see a path, follow it. At all other times keep looking to get lost.

How many times do you fall when trekking is immaterial. Getting up and walking again is what matters.

Whatever be the question, my answer is always trekking. #trekking

Trekking must be an adventure. If it isn’t an adventure, it isn’t trekking.

To be able to go trekking is what makes me happy. Doesn’t matter where.

Always trek upon the road that is least taken. It will always make you achieve different things.

When you get mountains, just wear your shoes and go trekking.

The beaten track calls all those willing to fall in step and follow the path to happiness.

By trekking, you lose nothing, but you get to see and experience so much.

Trekking will never let you get lost. It will only help you explore more. #explore

Always remember when trekking; the best views are always after a long and hard trek.

A single step is the beginning of a journey of thousands of miles.

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