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List of 42 Top Shoe Brands of the World

It is very rightly said that a gentleman is known not by his dress but by his shoe. The shoe is s something that gives you confidence and generates a good impression in front of the crowd. A Shoe helps you not only to look good but also comforts your feet while walking or running. Here we bring to you a list of the top quality shoe brands presently in the market.  

Top Shoe Brands of the World


Country: United States

It is an American multinational company that is indulged in the manufacturing and marketing of apparel footwear equipment accessories and services. The headquarter of the company is in Oregon in the Portland metropolitan area the company has revenue which is of US dollar 24.1 billion. Nike provides sponsorship to high profile athletes and sports teams or around the globe, it has a worldwide recognized trademark of “Just do it”. 


Country: Germany

 It is a multinational company which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach in Germany.

Shoes, clothing, and accessories are designed and manufactured by this company. This company is the second-largest producer of sportswear in the world lies after Nike and in

Europe is the largest producer of footwear. 21.915 million pounds was the annual revenue of the company in the year 2018. 


Country: China

Jordan was initially formed under its parent company Nike. The company produces athletic and casual shoes and also stylish clothing. Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruise Kilgore designed their shoes. The richest player of basketball Michael Jordan earns a certain amount per dollar revenue that is generated by this brand.


Country: Italy

Amedeo Testoni was the founder of this company he was born in Italy, Bologna. He was focused to produce the finest shoes and to market them in the prestigious shops in the world. Initially, Testoni worked as an apprentice in a shoe workshop.  The manufacturing center is in Italy. They produce both men’s and women’s collections.


Country: United States

It is an American based company that distributes designs and license skating shoe sneakers lifestyle brand footwear apparel and accessories. The company is a subsidiary of Nike from the year 2003. In the United States, The company has a total of 109 company-owned retail stores and 63 in the international market.


Country: France

In the year 1895 Alessandro established this company in Paris on rue Marbeuf. This company makes use of leather finishing of calfskin, Kangaroo leather, and alligator skin to manufacture its product. One of the subsidiary brands of LVHM is Berluti. Besides manufacturing shoes and boots this company also makes wallets, belts and ready to wear garments. Kris Van Assche is the present creative director of Berluti. 


Country: United Kingdom

The company was founded in the United Kingdom and is now an American inspired global apparel and footwear company. Reebok has sponsored apparel in many sporting events namely UFC, CrossFit, and Spartan Race. J.W Foster and Sons were the founders of Reebok. Headquarter of Reebok is in Boston Massachusetts US. At Present the CEO of Reebok is Mathew O’Toole. Reebok runs under the tagline “I am what I am”.

Johnson and Murphy

Country: United States

The company was founded by William J.Dudley who was a European immigrant in the year 1850 in New Jersey. It is an American based company focused on foot wearing and clothing. Genesco Inc was the parent company for Johnson and Murphy. The company is subdivided into two operations one retail operation and another wholesale. The company released its first official website in the year 1996.


Country: South Korea

Fila is a South Korean based shoe manufacturer Ettore and Giansevero Fila founded the Fila shoe company in the year 1911. The headquarter of Fila is in Seoul, South Korea Filla received much of its recognition from the illustration longs of Wimbledon. Fila presently focuses on making sports shoes although Fila makes shoes that are different from ordinary shoes, for example, the men’s landing steel box which is a steel toe cap boot.


Country: United States

Since the foundation of the company pimple and has been focusing on building the best leather shoe in the world. They ensure that the materials used for the shoe are of the highest quality. VF Corporation is the parent company for Timberland. Besides selling shoes the company also sells clothes, watches, glasses sunglasses and leather goods


Country: Great Britain

Clarks is a company that is British based and was founded by brother Cyrus and James Clark in the year 1825. This company very interestingly focuses on children’s footwear. if you’re looking for some kind of school shoes or sneaker then Clarks can be a reliable choice. The company has gained a new height in recent years the customer reviews are a reflection of that. 


Country: United States

This is an American based company with its headquarter in California, US. VF Corporation is the parent company of Vans. Vans initially made skateboarding shoes only but the target gradually shifted to the general population and now Vans although mix shoes in the classical skate style but they can be used by the general people also. Their shoes are extremely comfortable and this property is guaranteed in Vans.


Country: Germany

Nike and Adidas continued their monopolization meanwhile Puma was quite as they could not get a firm grip on the shoe industry. But in the modern era, Puma is back and is now a name known throughout the world. They are getting more loyalty and customer encouragement daily. Puma’s unique style and design for shoes. 


Country: United States

It is an American based company with its headquarter in Colorado US. The company was founded in the year 2002. This is a brand that focuses more on comfort and enjoyment than looks. It is said that Crocs makes their shoes look deliberately bad to prove a point that it does not matter how bad our shoes look it is the quality of the shoes that drives our sell.

Calvin Klein 

Country: United States

It is an American based company founded 52 years ago in the year 1968 with its headquarter in New York. Besides making underwear and denim this company is also focusing on making some excellent smart shoes. Calvin Klein focuses on making perfect products and their shoes are of no difference. This company makes fashionable shoes like Oxford shoes and leather sneakers.


Country: Australia

The company was founded by Dough Wabrick and Brian Singer in Victoria, Australia in the year 1969. At the beginning the company manufactured surfboards. Kathmandu is the parent company of Rip Curl. Rip Curl comes with shoes that are most comfortable to wear in amidst of summer months. They focus on making shoes of top quality and giving their customers the best comfort rather than having a good look.


Country: United States

This is a shoe manufacturing company that is creeping its way up and is catching up with companies like Fila and Reebok and it is just a matter of time before they read the very top. Just like many other brands in the shoe industry this brand has started to make collaboration with other brands one of the most recent collaborations is with Camila Cabello. 


Country: France

It is a French-based company by the tennis player Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier. The brand logo of green crocodile gives recognition to Lacoste Company. Since the year 1933 Lacoste has been making its way into the sports market industry. Lacoste is making fashionable shoes beside their old sports shoes. This change in strategy was made to attract more customers to this brand.  

By Hudson 

Country: England

This company manufactures high-quality leather shoes. They guarantee their customers of the best quality as the shoes go through a meticulous process to ensure that there is no chance of degradation in quality. This company is specialized in making formal shoes that can be used as office wear to night party wear. Their Shoes may not be trendy but they have a touch of class in them. 


Country: Netherland

The company was founded by Tommy Hilfiger in the year 1985 with its headquarter in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This company is well known for its clothing items like t-shirt jumpers and more besides producing clothes this company also focuses on making high-quality shoes. Their Shoes are made by brilliant durable materials which also look great and are featured by some special comfort technology. Wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shoe will boost your confidence without a doubt.


Country: Portland

The name of the brand Columbia is heard by almost everyone as they are well known well for their clothing and shoes. This company is known for its quality product and hence they do not want to lower their standard by making shoes that would make their customers unhappy. They produce extraordinary quality shoes for expeditions and hiking purposes. Although in recent times they have also shifted their interest in making smart shoes to reach a larger group of the population, for example, the boot shoes that they make.

New balance

Country: United States

This is brand is relatively new in the shoe market. This company has manufactured sports kit for famous sports teams like Liverpool football club; this has helped the company to gain popularity among the masses. Their Shoes are a perfect blend of comfort and style. The shoes are mainly for sports purpose but the shoes are made in such a stylish way that they can be an easy alternative to the shoes that you wear daily.

Under Armour

Country: United States

It is an American based company with it does headquarter in Baltimore; Maryland. It is a leading sportswear designer company. They have many collaboration and sponsorship of meaningful sporting events. Their unique design and quality have made them famous throughout the world. They focus on mainly manufacturing shoes for sports purpose but their shoes are designed in such a manner that they can be worn with any outfit.


Country: United States

Most of us will ignore the significance of an extraordinary pair of rough terrain shoes. We are excessively up to speed in getting ourselves the most attractive shoes we can, however, overlook that occasionally we can wind up going on a stroll on a stormy day, or simply experiencing sloppy fields. Bogs produce a way of life shoes that are reasonable for indigenous habitats. They take advantage of waterproof and grasp innovation that gives their shoes the extra increase in being useful just as slick.


Country: Italy

They are an elective sportswear brand that has truly attempted to take advantage of some intriguing advancement and spearheading the technology. Their most celebrated item will be the ‘toe’ shoes that permit you to move unreservedly and accomplish your running objectives a lot simpler. The purpose behind this is as a rule ‘shoeless’ can have numerous advantages for the human body. It is simpler on the joints and it closer to nature.


Country: United States

Kenneth Cole is a fashioner brand that additionally happens to be a standout amongst other conventional shoe brands. As a general dependable guideline, on the off chance that you need something formal, for work, weddings, or something else you can depend on this brand. Interestingly, they merit the venture, yet they are principally worth considering if you are searching for another pair of formal shoes.

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