65+ Top Pizza Brands of the World

Pizza is one of the most popular and delicious Italian cuisines, loved by grown-ups, and kids of all ages because of its wonderful taste and flavor. Given below is a list of top pizza stores in the world.

Top Pizza Stores of the World

Lilla Napoli

Country- Falkenberg, Sweden

This elegant, eccentric and vegan-friendly pizza store with a lovely patio is an astonishing yet fabulous spot to have pizza and red wine. The key in this place is that the level of quality never drops; each and every pizza is as extremely stunning as the last.


Country- Rhode Island, USA

Original Neapolitian pizza is offered by Figidini. Culinary expert Frankie Cecchinelli is the owner of this stylish restaurant. He brought up preparing Italian pizzas in his household cafeterias. The wood fire grill and the wood flamed oven are in gratitude of place in the accessible cooking spot, so the consumers are able to see all the acts.


Country: Copenhagen, Denmark

This pizza store offers a flattened base pizza with a swollen soft outer layer, blistered from the extremely high flame of the wood oven. The middle part of the pizza stays slightly soft.


Country- Hong Kong

This popular pizza spot with two HK areas offers flawlessly flattened base and crusty pizzas, with a span of gastronomist toppings. Contentious, but the pizza of Brussel Sprout is necessary to try. 

Paesano Pizza 

Country- Glasgow, Scotland

Prepared in crafter invented wood flamed ovens taken over from Naples, their Pizza makers feel delighted to make pies and pizza in the level of Napoletana. They make the pizza dough with hybrid yeast and leave it for more than 48 hours and that’s what makes the pizza absolutely remarkable.

Burrata Restaurant 

Country- Cape Town, South Africa

Burrata’s thoroughness is also the main focus of the cafe. A developed family-owned industry prepared a pizza oven in Naples. This oven has the capacity to attain higher temperatures than the normal pizza oven, which implies all the pizzas offered by Burrata are remarkably delicious. Perhaps the most credible Italian style pizza of South Africa.

Proof Pizza + Wine 

Country-  Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

They offer actual pizza made from a wood-fired oven which brings an exciting and incredible fragrance to the whole cabin the moment you step in the entrance. One must consider noticing their outstanding wine list.

Pizzium Via Procaccini 

Country- Milan, Italy

This pizza store won many awards, and that is often in the headlines because they provide one of the extremely best pizza. They offer pizza not only in Milan but also in the whole Italy. 

Pizzeria Montana 

Country- Frankfurt, Germany

This pizza store is designed with pop art. They have one of the nicest ovens. The oven looks similar to a big emoji. In spite of all the colorful art touches, rest convinced that the pizza is equally delightful.

Echo’s Pizza 

Country- Louisiana, USA

This Pacific Rim cooking skill pizza spot in NoLa fires out wonderfully darkened flattened layer pies in an extremely beautiful setting. One special noticeable pizza on the list is their Roasted Onions and Oregano and Lamb Sausage with Kefir Feta. This place is one of the most delightful pizza stores in the world.


Country- Berlin, Germany

This place is a sourdough artisan pizza store in Neukölln who has faith in sourcing traditional produce – regional when ready, but invariably tasty, endurable and natural. The final conclusion is a different mixture of German accuracy with Italian style. A complete pleasure of a pizza store.


Country- Bratislava, Slovakia

A residence of wonderful Italian dishes including a fantastic steak and pastas but in this restaurant pizza is the wizard of the concert. Their gigantic fuzzy outer layers are full of air and have an amazing crispy and chewy texture at the same time.


Country- Rome, Italy

This deluxe Roman cafeteria offers delightful flattened

layer pizzas that surpass other restaurants in the town. Appreciation to the scrutiny to the great quality of the layer of some cheese and cream sourced from particular bistros, more premium flour, and virgin olive oil. The conclusion? A completely remarkable pizza.


Country-  Indiana, USA

Known as Devil, but complete paradise by flavor. Diavola has the ability to send their consumers to the sun saturated squares of Italy, where there are charcoal layers and explosions with flavor in their pizza. This is one of the most stunning pizza stores in the world.

Pizza Studio Tamaki 

Country- Tokyo, Japan

An outstanding kind of ‘Tokyo Neapolitan’ standard pizza, the bread here is excessively nice and they use Japanese cedar wood-fired oven to prepare pizza. The simple Marinara is a must-try in this Pizza Store.

nNea Pizza 

Country- Amsterdam, Netherlands

They prepare their own bread to be extremely airy and light so much so that it could rise from a lower to a higher position. The layers of cheese, meat, and cream are unique, special and exciting and incredible assistance and beautiful cabins are just the added bonus.

El Güerrin  

Country- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Despite the fact that the country has massive Italian impacts, maximum pizzas have a different Argentinian twist – the most delightful of which one can find at this traditional pizza joint without unnecessary extras. They are famous for pizza de molde, the most standard Argentine style, prepared in the pan with so many bubbling cheeses.

Made of Dough 

Country- London, England

There are four small spots they owned around the first city and have been elected for making the most delightful pizza in London not just once, but repeatedly. 

Putte’s Bar and Pizza 

Country- Helsinki, Finland

They offer one of the tastiest vegan-friendly pizza in Europe and also get additional bonuses for permitting their customers to bring their pets along. When imagining the most delightful pizza in the world this pizza store is right up there.

Pepe in Grani 

Country- Caiazzo, Italy

Popular pizza spot Franco Pepe’s place is often occupied and never disappoints you – A lot of individuals have considered this place to be one of the most wonderful pizza spots in the country. The layers of toppings are locally sourced and always productive, with figs, endive, and chickpeas, lardo all ordinary choices.


County- Moscow, Russia

Wonderful vibrant Italian dishes including risotto, pastas and other masterpieces all flawlessly prepared. The pizzas are completely wonderful with the unique ingredients and fuzzy outer layer.

Pizzeria Via Mercanti 

Country- Toronto, Canada

Conventional wood-fired Neapolitan pizza with rich tomato ketchup and chewy outer layers

and flawlessly put pieces of mozzarella that makes the pizza delicious. Consumers must try Ciambella Ribena of this restaurant.


Country- Dubai, UAE

Rossovivo is devoted to preparing only the most delightful and most original Neapolitan pizza possible, so consumers are able to see a prize-winning pizza culinary expert from Naples and a conventional woodfired oven.  They leave the pizza dough for more than 12 hours to make it crispy, fluffy and light. This place is one of the most stunning pizza spots in the world.


Country- Florence, Italy

There are numerous delightful pizza sports to prefer in Italy, it can’t be easy to decide where to begin. Gustapizza is a wonderful suggestion. This is one of the most wonderful vegan-friendly restaurants in Europe.

Pizza Nuova

Country-  Prague, Czech Republic

They stick to the most delightful by making a Neapolitan pizza, real flavor and taste with extra virgin olive oil, Buffalo mozzarella, and Italian San Marzano tomatoes. 

Why make things difficult when food is this excellent? A textbook ideal pizza. One of the most delicious and stunning pizzas in the world.

Pizza Pilgrims 

County- London, England

A slow-proved Neapolitan pizza is offered by them in both of their London pizza spots also if any customer is fortunate enough, he will be able to participate in the events where they provide piping hot pies to pleased punters.

Pizza e Mozzarella Bar 

Country- Adelaide, Australia

The rustic Southern Italian fare is served by this pizza store with the most stunning seasonal ingredients, the cheese makes the pizza more delicious and impressive. They offer airy and light pizzas.


Country- Dublin, Ireland

They named themselves “wood-fired pizza fundamentalists” and from the conclusion how greatly famous this pizza store has been since they opened the pizza store. A lively and exciting restaurant with some outstanding craft beer and the flavor and taste of the delicious pizza is like it came from another planet.


Country- New York, USA

Possibly the world’s one of the most popular pizza stores, it’s not unreasonable to confess this pizza store is one of the spots that has described the whole Brooklyn revolution. A wonderful spot to come for beverages and some dishes before the pub tour. The pizzas are traditional Italian standards and unregretfully stunning.

Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente 

Country- Naples, Italy

A town that has developed the level on a worldwide scale for a long time, it can not be easy to select regional winners. It can’t be denied that they have been running the business for more than 50 years and that consumers of this restaurant are still generous and excited as always notifies the things that need to be understood. Clearly the most delicious and delightful pizza spot in the world.


Country-New Jersey, USA

Razza makes incredibly delicious pizza that even New York’s devoted pizza lovers will not be feared to come over on the rail line just to eat one pizza slices of this pizza store. One of the most delightful and stunning pizza stores in the world. Only local ingredients are used by them including specially-bred hazelnuts and homemade cheeses. They make the outer layers in old-school Italian style,  AKA is flawlessly cooked and chewy.

Louie Louie 

Country- Paris, France

French people are the world’s one of the best clinicians even though it can’t be claimed by them that they invented pizza, but some wonderful flavors are added by them to this popular dish. Their inventive and different toppings, with incredible ingredients, make the pizza unique, stunning and delicious.

Animaletto Pizza Bar 

Country-  Bucharest, Romania

This pizza store is often completely lively and exciting in afternoons as well as in the evenings. They have been credible for developing a whole different level for pizza in Romania. This place is one of the most impressive pizza stores in the world.

Via Napoli 

Country- Sydney, Australia

The conventional pizza preparation knowledge was brought by Owner Luigi from Naples. They bake pizzas in a wood-fired, domed-shaped oven at 485°C for almost 60 to 90 seconds.

Bráz Pizzaria 

Country- São Paulo, Brazil

This pizza store has been in this business for more than 15 years and has five pizza stores in São Paulo, their credible chefs prepare pizza only with the best ingredients from Italy. The outer layers are crispy and the layer of cream and cheese ranges from traditional Italian.


Country-  Auckland, New Zealand

The pizza store was built and designed for Sergio Maglione – of Toto Pizza and Toto cafe by the meter fame – to attract the attention of his pure Italian road food, Napolitano wood-fired pizza, and homemade pasta in a funky modern atmosphere. It is said by many that this is the most delicious and stunning New Zealand pizza and it wouldn’t be easy to disagree with them.

Pizza Fabbrica 

Country- Singapore

Fabbrica takes the original Italian dish to a completely new standard. They prepare dishes with a huge admiration for tradition and make cuisines only with the freshest ingredients which are the key to their achievement. The copper wood-fired oven is the genius that turns out the most delicious and flavorful pizzas one can ever think of.

The Good Son 

Country-Toronto, Canada

This pleasant neighborhood cafe does so many things nicely, but it is the pizza that makes the restaurant much more profitable. 

Di Fara Pizza

Country- New York, USA

Domenico De Marco opened this pizza store in 1965 after departing to Brooklyn from the territory of Caserta in Italy. They use a lot of ingredients from Italy and the genius himself can still be noticed preparing pizzas at the age of 83 years. That’s what really incredible dish heredity is all about.

Gino Sorbillo 

Country– Naples, Italy

This restaurant has territories in New York, Milan, and Naples. The layer of toppings is built around 10 Italian provinces, so customers can taste the unique ingredients throughout the nation.

Rudy’s Pizza

Country- Manchester, England

A lot of people consider this place as one of the best pizza spots in England. Their pizza is as favorable and delicious as anything anybody will ever eat. They have opened the next pizza spot in Manchester and also broadened to Liverpool.

La Svolta 

Country- Melbourne, Australia

Two Italian best companions set up this restaurant. This pizza store is one of only a few pizza spots in Australia that occupies an Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) acknowledgment. This is the right way to taste pizza.

Del Popolo 

Country-San Francisco, USA

Business as a mobile pizza spot was started by this restaurant in May of 2012. They prepare a pizza with elegant bubbles of blackened spots and additional toppings and flavor which makes the pizza completely flawless.

400 Grade

Country-  Essendon, Australia

In 2014 Johnny who was the owner of this restaurant topped the World Pizza Champion in Italy. One slice of Portofino pizza of their pizza store with oregano prawns, chili, marinated garlic, cherry tomatoes, fior di latte, and San Marzano tomato is enough to smite an individual.


Country- København, Denmark

They have their own plantation of organic meats & high-quality ingredients and also micro-dairy and salumeria. They don’t buy mozzarella because they prepare it themselves with the fresh milk. This pizza store is bringing pizzas to a completely unique standard.


Country-Los Angeles, USA

The rawest Californian vegetables from local agriculturalist markets and Conventional Italian ingredients are combined by Pizzana. The dough of the pizza is excellent but the creative, authentic and raw toppings are the reason for the shining of this place. Italian cuisine for the modern generations. Simply one of the tastiest and flavorful Pizza joints.


Country- Naples, Italy

One area in New York and three in New Italy, this pizza store is one of the most liked pizza spots that frequently achieve recognition for its amazing pizza. Naples should be anyone’s first preference.


Country- New York, USA

Emily prepares one of the tastiest wood-fired pizzas in the world. A pair opened this mega-famous pizza store. They prepare flattened, crispy layers of pizza with full of amazing flavors.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele 

Country- Naples, Italy

Many customers consider the pizza of this restaurant as one of the most delicious and delightful pizzas in the world. Francesco Simone designed this place. The ambiance is traditional Italian matches with new Californian décor with white and blue tiles decorating the walls, and Baltic stone and raw wood combined throughout the patio and inside.

Spacca Napoli 

Country- Illinois, USA

For more than 10 years, this restaurant has baked pizza loyal to the original Neapolitan standard. They prepare fresh dough every day to make the outer layer chewy and fluffy. They use premium ingredients. Flawlessly shaped and flawlessly cooked, their pizza is a must-try for any pizza fan.

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