45 Top Hosiery Brand in the World

Hosiery items such as socks, stockings, and tights are comfortable and good-looking for both men and women. There are a lot of hosiery brands in the world, and choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of the best hosiery brands in the world.

Hosiery Brands of the World


Country: China

This company is one of the best hosiery factories in China that operates with Uniqlo. The company has 20,000 square meters of factories, including bale yarn, pantyhose, nylon, silk, and cotton socks, encompassing a perfect business chain. The company has more than 2,000 Italian automated hosiery devices and 4,000 workers who can manufacture 1.8 million item value in one month. The primary stocks of Bonus are pantyhose and silk socks.


Country: China

Naier is the first sock company in China, and it has 24,633 square meters of manufacturing area and over 2300 workers. The annual manufacture quantity surpasses up to 28 million sets, and they are mostly shipped to Japan, Australia, North America, and Europe.

Jasan Group

Country: China

This is the biggest cotton socks company in the world. They have nearly 8,000 workers and an annual manufacturing quantity of 400 million sets of cotton socks. For over 20 years, Jasan group has manufactured seamless underwear and cotton socks and stabilized long-term cooperation with globally known brands like UNIQLO, H&M, NIKE, PUMA, ADIDAS, etc. 


Country: China

This is a medium-sized manufacturer of socks compared to Naier and Jasan Group, which provides one-stop socks OEM. Meetsocks has more than 150 sock sewing machines and manufactured nearly 10 million sets of socks in 2018. The company has over 14 years of background and possesses the credentials of OEKO-TEX and BSCI.

Ji Xing Feng

Country: China

The knitting company is an OEM tights and socks factory that owns over 200 machines and 100 employees. They manufacture ordinary daily socks and some socks with outstanding advantages, like trampoline socks, non-slip socks, and many more. Ji Xing Feng has a production of 400,000 sets of socks in one month, and the company has credentials of CSG and SGS.

The Sock Factory

Country: USA

The sock factory is a household-owned brand with more than 40 years of background in socks. Outdoor socks and compression socks are the special items of this company. This company has more than 50 employees and nearly 60 sewing machines.

Nester Hosiery

Country: USA

The company developed from a household-owned corporation established in 1993. The brand continues to introduce and manufacture new varieties of socks, everyday, lightweight /thermal, midweight /multi-sport/ heavyweight. Nester Hosiery specializes in sports socks and merino wool socks. Their own socks company called Farm To Feet was also developed by them. Its recent output line includes Equestrian, Tactical, everyday, Snowsports, Hunt/Fish, Sport, and Hike socks.

Golden Lady

Country: Italy 

The company was established in 1967. This is one of the first Italian brands to begin retail for ladies’ knitted and hosiery lingeries. Golden Lady is very good at manufacturing stockings and socks for females and also some for males. Golden Lady owns 11 factories and manufactures nearly 3 billion sets, and Spanish approves every stock in quality. The brand holds great significance to the growth of international trade; 55% of the estimated annual revenue comes from international trade.

Calze BC

Country: Italy

This manufacturer generally manufactures tights and stockings that correspond to the OEKO-TEX standard. They have over 160 circular devices and over 40 million sets manufactured annually. All stages of production are accomplished inside their manufacturer unit to ensure lasting standard quality. They use microfibers, cotton, wool, polyester, polyamide, and lycra.

Viola Calzificio

Country: Italy

This company generally offers stockings, tights, and socks to online retail outlets and branch shops. Viola Calzificio owns nearly 100 machines of socks, and the manufacturing quantity is between 500,000 and 1,200,000 sets in one month. The production procedure is accomplished in their own output departments, which implies their merchandise is 100% manufactured in Italy. The company has accomplished several certificates, such as BCI, OEKO-TEX, etc.

Calze Beneduci

Country: Italy

This is a household-run business. The items of this company cover several high-tech socks, such as organic fiber socks, synthetic fiber socks, recycled fiber socks, and natural fiber socks. Some healthy socks, like diabetic socks and compression socks, are manufactured by this company to avoid and alleviate some illnesses.

Shahzad Textile

Country: Pakistan

The company has nearly 40 years of background in wool spinning and has developed its company to do sock manufacturing. The company owns nearly 100 Italian Lonati knitting appliances, which can manufacture nearly 

18 Million sets of socks and 36 million pounds of wool in one year. Functional socks like anti-slip socks and diabetic socks are manufactured by this company.

Mima Knit

Country: Pakistan

This is an export-led growth business, trading its stocks to Europe, Canada, and the USA. Mima Knit manufactures socks in all varieties of wool and some socks in particular processes like Aegis Treatment, Stone Wash, Odor Control, Anti Wicking, Enzyme Wash, and Antimicrobial. The varieties of socks cover Leg warm, Medical socks, Workwear, Dress, Casual, and Sports. The company holds incredible importance to quality maintenance and public responsibility. 

Crescent Socks

Country: Pakistan 

The company has decades of background in the cloth industry (weaving, spinning) and owns Conti Complete appliances and progressive Lonati Knitting appliances.

This company’s recent annual manufacturing capacity is nearly 1.2 Million dozen sets. 

In addition to basic socks, Crescent Socks also manufactures specialized socks with ECO-friendly socks, wools with outstanding treatments like:

Football and Rugby Socks, Sports, Casual, and Dress Socks, Work-wear Socks, Sanitized, Purist A, Ultra Fresh, Anti Microbial treatments, Bamboo Yarn Socks, 

Cool-max Yarn Socks, Diabetic Socks.

M&M Socks

Country: Japan

The company particularly trades in tights, socks, and stockings. They manufacture knee-high socks, compression socks, toe socks, silk socks, sports socks, etc. All the items of this company will be stocked at a steady temperature and humidity storage to provide a permanent climate.


Country: Japan

The company has the latest Italian Lonati single and dual drum sewing appliances. The company also owns four Lonati single and dual drum sewing appliances and owns the certification of ISO 9001.

To maintain the permanent excellence of products, the products manufactured by the subordinate manufacturers in China must approve strict inspection. The featured socks of KK-Mikasa are Yoga anti-skid socks, sleep compression socks, and 

Massage socks.


Country: Turkey 

Hettatex mainly manufactures female socks in 144-156 needle Lonati appliances and male socks in 156 and 168 needle Lonati appliances. The lowest order capacity of this company is 1000 sets per color/size/model for cotton socks. The company is OEKO-TEX and OCS certified and owns its own harvest plant for tights and cotton socks with 60 great technology Italian Lonati socks appliances inside its own stockings manufacturer, which can manufacture more than 50, 000 sets of cotton tights, more than 300, 000 sets of kids and adult socks.

Bolero Socks

Country: Turkey

The company owns 75 Lonati machines and

more than 120 Bentley KOMET Double Cylinder appliances to be eligible to manufacture more than 10 million sets. The company offers all varieties of socks like leg-warmers, leggings, tights, thermal socks, sports socks, knee-high, textured, and derby. And textures of yarns are also several to select from viscose blended yarns, mercerized, bamboo, cotton blended yarns, combed cotton, wool, and lycra.


Country: Turkey

Gelal was established in 1960; the company has 60 years of background in socks production and has enrolled three petitions pending invention. The company owns more than 1000 knitting appliances in a 10,000 square meters producing area. The company also specializes in various types of socks, such as high-tech socks, fashionable socks, 5-toe socks, and all types of sports socks.

Rupa and Comp

Country: India

This brand is India’s one of biggest hosiery brands that manufacture sleepwear, thermal wear, casual wear, and innerwear for males, females, and kids. The company also comprises of brands like Jon, Softline, Frontline, Thermocot, Bumchums, Torrido, Macroman, and Euro. The brand was founded with the conception of fulfilling the erstwhile hosiery trade.

Bhandari Hosier

Country: India

This India-based corporation provides knitted hosiery fabrics and garments. The geographic components of this brand include domestic and export. The brand is mainly committed to the export and trade of knitted hosiery stocks like lowers, pajamas, tracksuits, polo shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, and t-shirts. The main focus of the brand is on printing clothes and washing them. Products under wide varieties, like kids’ wear, women’s wear, and men’s wear offered by this company. They own a house clothing section for domestic and export deals. This company offers specialized clothes, such as blends, stain resistance, Teflon, and viscose.

Anita Kremer Lingerie, Fashion & Accessories

Country: USA

This is a lingerie store that offers panties and lace bras, swimwear, and sleepwear in great quality and stylish, sexy, comfy, and fashion-forward designs. They are delighted to offer a vast range of women’s garments. 

Catwalk Clothing

Country: United Kingdom

One of the top fashion hubs of the United Kingdom that intends to evoke the client’s originality and spark impact. All the trendy style faves are offered by Catwalk clothing.

Clothing Manufacturer

Country: USA

This fashion wear and fashion designer textile company manufactures organic clothing, private label clothing, wholesale clothing, and high-quality clothing in Bangladesh.  

Danish Fashion Outlets

Country: Denmark

This outlet of this brand is the service that offers to Danish clients. They mainly focus on delivering low-end and high-end fashion and enthusiastic web commerce to online traders for impressive sales.

DeBra’s – Parramatta

Country: Australia

Since it is a reasonable outset, presently, it has the capability as the top fuller busted bra shop in Sydney. The company mainly focuses on skilled fittings, personalized assistance, and brandishing the biggest expanse of bridal corsetry, bras, and swimwear.

Fab Fantasies

Country: US

This brand is an elevated-end undergarments shop catering to females with wonderful choices. The company assists females to feel entrusted by wearing this company’s lingeries, making them feel confident, resilient, strong, and powerful.

Fashion in one place

Country: Denmark

This brand markets its products to global traders to provide its customers with the best online shopping experience. Customers can browse for women’s clothes for more than 250.000 products and 1400 brands.

Fashion Trendy Shop

Country: United States

An incredible choice of female accessories and clothes at inexpensive rates! They provide free exporting in more than 180 countries and generous client service.


Country: United States

FashionsStyle360 is an outstanding website about style and elegance. Customers can browse everything about style, beauty, fashion, and a lot more. 


Country: United States

This is a socially credible brand and trader of handling essential daily clothes under some of the greatest clothing companies in the world.


Country: United Kingdom

JayLey offers extravagant designer apparel for women and accessories. They mainly focus on impressive quality clothes and designs.

Latest World Trends

Country: Pakistan

This brand is called the latest global fashion. They provide all the new trendy clothes and accessories to follow every latest fashion.

Les Bas Srl

Country: Italy

Les Bas Srl is a brand in Italy that mainly focuses on the distribution of limited merchandise for specialized items such as nightwear, swimwear, hosiery, and lingerie, and manufactured in Italy apparel.


Country: United States

This company is delighted to provide their items to buyers directly from their website presently. They proceed to create an ever-expanding merchandise list, including hosiery, socks, leggings, creative shapewear, and accessories to fulfill the needs of women.

Monte Carlo collections

Country: India

This is India’s one of the best clothing companies for males & females that offers extraordinary apparel variety for males and females.

Robecart Inc.

Country: United States

The delight of the chase and the pleasure of attaining extra cash is outstanding. The company fulfills the needs of its customers at free delivery and incredible rates.

Sensational1Fashions Boutique

Country: United States

This online brand offers different styles of clothes, accessories, and jewelry for women of all sizes and shapes. They feel delighted to offer an excellent one-stop-shop solution.


Country: United States

This is a place of numerous leading brands such as Anthropologie, Free People, and Michael Kors. They offer limited sales and vouchers at the best fashion sites while combining with leading fashion bloggers. Accessible on the Web, iPad, and iPhone.

Swanky Pins Retro Lingerie

Country: United Kingdom

The brand offers vintage-style hosiery and lingerie to provide a touch of retro glamour and a wasp-like figure. Their expanse of retro panties, stockings, girdles, and suspender belts of all sizes, shapes, and ages are manufactured to make the customer feel and look nice.

Uk fashion

Country: Pakistan 

UK fashion is all about new fashion manufacturers for everything. The main focus of this brand is to offer the best new designs for shoes, clothes, and much more.

We Are Pop Up

Country: Netherlands

The goal of this brand is to be the simplest and most valuable way in the world to take commercial space. With ShopShare, the dealing economy to trade brought by We Are Pop Up.

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