List of Top 50 Brands Of Switzerland

Switzerland has emerged as a junction of prestigious and famous brands, not just of the nation, but the world. The economy of the country has completely changed by the passing years due to the upcoming of magnificent companies. Continue reading to know the top 50 brands of Switzerland.

Top 50 Brands Of Switzerland

Hoffman – La Roche

The company is a medical institution in Switzerland. The company operates globally, specialized in two branches supplying drugs and diagnostic. The company has been supplying various kinds of cancer medicines, medicines for tuberculosis, and many other deadly diseases. 


It is the 3rd largest manufacturer and supplier of drugs and other medical equipment to the world. Launched in Switzerland, the country has gained global recognition with its superb successful operations of launching new drugs in the market. The company also supports and funds other freelance health care organizations.

Swiss life 

This is the biggest and most successful financial institution in Switzerland. It helps the citizens and corporations by providing them with loans, capitals, insurances, buying, and selling of shares and all other kinds of monetary help is provided by the company. Not just in the country but the company is famous worldwide for its monetary facilities.

The Adecco Group

The prestigious Swiss company, the Adecco Group is a human labor recruiter. The company provides job opportunities, supplies human labor to the companies, and hires entrepreneurs for the firm. The company has been really very useful to the country as well as to the economy. 


UBS is a state government-owned company in Switzerland. It is known as the biggest financial institution in the world. It provides all kinds of economic services to different countries. From funding to investing, it helps its clients at it’s best, services like banking, capital organization, asset management, mortgages, credit cards, and many other functions are carried out by the body.

Swiss Re

The company Swiss Re is an organization that provides insurance services to the country. It is known to hold the second rank. The company from the very beginning has been earning a good dividend of revenues from providing insurance schemes to the citizens and corporations. 

Credit Suisse

The largest transnational institutions that manage wealth and capital are the swiss based financial institution, Credit Suisse. It has more than 230 units in the world, each specialized and recruited to carry out specific tasks. It has had several operational years and is a trusted world institution. 


The biggest source of the telecom services provider company was launched in Switzerland. The company has been furnishing almost half of the nation with attractive services like consecutive data services, attractive packs, broadband, IPTV, and other kinds of telecommunication services. 


This company operates in robotics, energy, sophisticated electrical appliances, and mechanization technologies. The Swiss company with the passing years has emerged as a junction of a tremendous technology provider to not just Switzerland but the world. The company has inaugurated plans for further development of the company in a span of five years.

Omega SA

The famous company, Omega SA is known for manufacturing exotic watches in Switzerland. Started as a manufacturer of leather watches for men, now the company designs all kinds of fashionable, official and sport watches for all genders and ages. People love the collection of watching the company launches for its exclusiveness and quality.


The company deals with all kinds of construction material supply in Switzerland. Materials like cement, sand, rod, bricks, marble, laborer, and other required materials are supplied by the company to the construction sites. It is an established company with lots of alignment with foreign countries. 


A small congregation of companies was established in Switzerland with the motive to provide insurance policies to the country. Helvetia, in today’s time, is a global company that grants insurance schemes to its clients and corporates. It is one of the oldest active insurance companies in Switzerland and it continues to expand its units.


The international company, SGS is a company in Switzerland that provides services of examination, confirmation, sampling, and certification. The company before issuing authorization to any trade group or corporation goes through a pattern of examining weight, quantity, quality, structure, nature, safety measures, employability and etc, only then the company is certified to operate.

TAG Heuer

The famous Swiss company, Tag Heuer is a watch manufacturing company. The company has a limited edition of watch collections, their designs and materials used are all exclusive. The brand is also famous for manufacturing other accessories like pendants, rings, bracelets, and eye makeup. 

Linda & Sprüngli

Definitely heard of this famous swiss chocolate manufacturing company. The company works on manufacturing as well as selling all flavored chocolates in Switzerland. A huge rise in demand has been observed. Products like candies, chocolate bars, ice creams, and truffles are in great demand.


This company is an international company that originated in Switzerland. The company is based on an electronic and device developer company, it manufactures products like a chip, card, EEPROM, transistors, microcontroller, microprocessor, and much other software and hardware developers of computers and mobiles. 


The company, PANALPINA is a logistic service provider and manager of imports and exports of goods and services in the country. The company has a full charge to undermine the good’ nature and quantity from production until consumption. The company makes sure no harmful or unhygienic goods circulate in the market.

Swiss International Air Lines 

No doubt that the country earns it’s most income through the airline’s services. Swiss Int Ait Lines is famous for punctual takeoff and landing of planes, it generally always on time, which makes the communication easier and convenient. The company was merged with the bankrupted swiss company. 


Lonza is a producer and supplier of chemicals and developer of biotechnology in Switzerland. It is a monopolistic company with very few rival companies, which further gives them the power to control and dominate the market supply of manufactured products. The company imports drugs, biopharmaceutical, organic and inorganic products to different cities and countries of the world.

Six Swiss Exchange 

The company is a stock exchanger and security developer of the country, Switzerland. Top Swiss banks operate SSE. The company helps to exchange currency for foreigners or those migrating to other countries.


One of the most prestigious luxury brands in Switzerland is Piaget. The company designs beautiful watches and aesthetic jewelry for men and women. The company has acquired fame and name within a very short period of time, giving tough competitions to all other existing luxury brands of the country. 

Jaeger – LeCoultre 

Switzerland is a hub of brands which manufactures watches, among them is a famous Jaeger- Lecoultre. The company has been a successful company designing and selling beautiful wall clocks and hand watches. The company never failed to give a touch of royalty and chivalric touch to those fine collections of watches.

Straumann reg

The company is committed to producing and supplying dental implants and other bio and chemical products to the country. Established in the middle of the 1950s, the country is an ancient company in the country—finished products like prosthetics, software, digital appliances, and many other such products.

Syngenta AG 

The agro-based company was established in Switzerland with the intention of making the agricultural sector more advanced and well equipped. The company supplies seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and modern machinery to the agricultural factories of the country. With the help of modern techniques, the country witnessed a remarkable rise in the production of agrarian goods. 


It is a private financial institution of the country. The company has raised the number of bank holders from the last decades. It proposes financial services like capital management, asset management, loans, investments, and many other similar kinds of services. The company is famous for having a clear image and also for charging a low rate of interest.

Sunrise communication AG

The famous company is a telecom based company in Switzerland. It provides all kinds of digital and telecom services like internet packs, incoming outgoing packs, television recharge packs, IPTV, broadcast, and many other useful services. The company has been working rigorously to provide network services in all parts of the country including the rural areas.


The company was established in Switzerland in the early 1900s. It manufactures sanitary products and its derivatives and sells them at a reasonable price. Products like toilet paper, pipes, sanitary pads, tissues, and many other related kinds of stuff.  

Sonova: hear the world

This is a company that manufactures hearing machines, earplugs cochlear plants, and many other ears related equipment. This is a public company established to provide deaf citizens with advanced facilities. The company is owned by a famous business icon and after him, his two sons continue to own an equal number of shares of the company.


This is a famous and trusted brand which supplies milk and dairy products to the country. It almost controls the dairy market, it supplies processed milk and other derivatives to almost more than half of the population of the country. The company has been doing a great job in providing employment opportunities as well, around 35,000 people work with the company.


Started as a small company, Longines has now emerged as one of the largest watches manufacturing companies in Switzerland. The company has hired some best designers and workers to carry out the production without compromising the quality of watches. 


This Swiss company grows and sells processed coffee beans to the world. The famous company was established by a popular businessman who knew the business of coffee would bring him a good amount of profit and fame to his pocket. The company has its branches all over the world, they are famous for coffee, cold coffee, chocolate, and other kinds of eateries.


Who is not familiar with instant noodles? Today every single person and country knows what is Maggi, for its magical taste. The brand was originally launched in Switzerland which later became a global brand. The company produces instant noodles, catchup, pasta, cuppa mania that too in different colors and flavors. 


The national company is famous for its watches and accessories. The brand has got the best collection of watches for all ages and gender, from sports, watch to official watch, it has everything a common person requires. It is also well known for its accessories like chains, rings, and anklets.


The company manufactures different kinds of chemical substances and supplies to other big farms of the company. The company produces such kinds of products which are used in sticking, damping, latching, and protecting. The substance is used for making concrete, waterproofing, roofing, sealing, and other kinds of stuff. 

Zurich Cantonal Bank

It is a famous bank in Switzerland. Established to provide the country with economical help and facilities. The bank has approximately 160 million accounts in the country, which gives them more access to the capital, which they can circulate in the market and earn profit out of them. It provides financial aid like capital management, loans, drafts and credit facilities, etc.


Dufry is a travel management agency in Switzerland. The company has its units in almost all the railway stations, bus stops, seaports, and airports, which help the travelers in booking tickets and in providing information about the flight and trains. The company guides foreigners and provides them with attractive facilities to make them enjoy the trip.

Julius Baer Group Ltd.

This swiss company runs many major and minor banks of the country, each providing financial help and guidance to the citizens. The company was established in Switzerland with the motive to help minor and major banks of the country and provide them with needed guidance and capital assets.


The largest brand of food and beverage manufacturing company, Nestle was established in Switzerland. The company is an international company, its products and units are shredded all over the world. The company produces cereals, dairy goods, milk powder, ice creams, chocolates, and other scrumptious eateries. 


The company is an oil and petrol supplying agency established in Switzerland. The company has around 35 units within the country. The company earns net income worth $9.3 billion every year. It has strong networks in Arab and European countries, which has become the market for selling oil and petrol. 


The famous company, Migros is founded in Switzerland. It is a commercial company that regulates hundreds of small and major marts and shops in the country. The company provides essential stocks and helps the shops in subsidizing, which helps the company to earn 5% shares for itself. 

Mercuria energy trading 

The company is an energy and fuel supplying company in Switzerland. The company supplies crude oil and natural gases to many foreign countries of the world. The company was formed in the early 2000s with the motive of making the country self-sufficient in energy and fuel. 

Swiss federal railways

This company runs the railway system of the country. It is the largest source of income and profits of the country. The company is well known for its services and the safety of the passengers. The company runs a train every day, thousands of people communicate on a daily basis giving a boost to the profit of the company.


The company is a prestigious luxury brand which is famous for manufacturing stylish watches and jewelry. It is constantly observing growth and leading to huge competitions. All kinds of an exclusive collection of watches and accessories attract a lot of customers. 


The company has emerged as a big company in the country, which distributes energy and natural gas to a different sector of the company. This company is working on a constant expansion, especially to different European Nations. The company has employed approx 36,000 workers in the company.


The famous Swiss brand is the appliances manufacturer in the country. The company is an enormous technology developer, it provides other factories with advanced technologies and machinery. Liebherr has started growing internationally and is ruling many top nations globally. 


The company manufactures elevators, lifts, moving walkways, and most importantly, escalators in the country. Every big mall and companies install the escalator and other related technologies from the trusted brand Schindler. 


The manor is a retail brand under which many companies and shops regulate. It was established in Switzerland with the motive to help the small shops and companies to raise and flourish in the country. Having headquarters in the major cities of the country, the company has access to the main market of the country.


The company is the biggest manufacturer and developer of technology in the country. The company is the biggest company that provides the country with heavy machines and technologies. The company is a source of employment for thousands of people, they work in the company to make it the best one.

La Prairie cosmetics

The famous brand was launched in Switzerland. The company manufactures all kinds of skincare products like moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face cream, and many other such items. The company is well known in the country for its quality, it guarantees the results within a short period of time.

L Raphael cosmetics

L Raphael Cosmetics is a popular cosmetic brand launched in Switzerland. The company manufactures every possible kind of makeup kits starting from primer, concealer, powder, cream, foundations, eye makeup, and many such products. The company takes ultimate care of product qualities.

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