Top 50 Brands Of Portugal

The country has given rise to many reputed and prestigious brands in the world which have helped the economy of the country to thrive. The article consists of 50 such brands of Portugal that one must be aware of.

Top 50 Brands Of Portugal

Sacoor Brothers

The company is considered to be the best luxury brand which originated in Portugal. The company manufactures fine qualities of clothes like the check shirt, printed tees, jackets, pants, shoes, jewellery, and many other fashionable accessories. The company has control over the market of the country in spite of many rival companies in the country.

Zippy Kidstore

The brand designs and sells super comfy and flexible clothes for newborns and kids of up to 13 years of age. This Portuguese brand is famous all across the country for its soft clothing productions. The company proposes a broad spectrum for buying clothes with an abundance of choices for the parents. 

Ach Brito & Ca., S.A.

The company is a world-famous company that manufactures sweet fragrances, soaps, pungent candles and body shampoos. It was originated in Portugal by a prominent Portuguese business group. The company enjoys an absolute monopoly in the domain for there is a negligible amount of competition.

Azores Airlines

The company is an airline company in Portugal. The company offers great service and various security measures for the passengers as well as their language. The company is well connected with the major cities and ports of the country and world which further enhances the communication services in the country.

Portuguese Commercial Bank

The company is a monetary institution of the country, Portugal. The company provides all categories of banking facilities and services in the country, services like granting loans, providing insurance schemes, buying and selling of shares in stock markets and it also regulates the gush of currency in the country.


The company is famous for making helmets in the country. The company was launched in Portugal as a sole helmet manufacturing company but later on, it expanded its production and began manufacturing other safety measures as well. However, the company is famous and well known for its strong and fashionable motor helmets.


The company has emerged as a major producer of bicycles in the country. It was launched in the early 90s in Portugal. All the major selling and importing of road cycles are undertaken by the company. It manufactures strong, stylish and advanced motorcycles in the country which is why they came in limelight. 

Galp Energia

The company has been serving the country for the past two decades and is well-known for manufacturing natural gas, crude oil, petrol, petrochemicals, lubricants and other such products. The company manages more than 100 companies in the country which undertakes the merchandise of the products.


The company is the biggest and prestigious company in Portugal that trades for engineering and machine development. The company has been moulding and rebuilding machines for industrial and commercial sectors. Many big agencies and industries traded with the company for the machines and engineering-related trade.

Sevenair Air Services

The company is an airline based company established in Portugal. The company was founded with the idea to provide ideal facilities of transportation to people. This Portuguese airline is well connected with the major cities and ports of the country and world. This airline never fails to provide best-accommodating services and security.

Casa Batalha

The company trades for expensive and exotic designed jewellery in the country and the world. The company manufactures all kinds of beautiful and prestigious jewellery like a bracelet, ring, tiara, anklets, brochure and many other expensive jewels for men and women.

Delta Cafés

The company came into existence when the famous businessman decided to build a cafe in the country. This company sells all kinds of exotic coffees, shakes, snacks, and other delicious eateries. The company has been hiring well trained and experienced chefs and other staff to carry out the smooth function of the company.

Gilberto Grácio

The company was launched by the famous guitarist of the country. The company is famous for manufacturing well designed and expensive guitars in the country. The company is not just famous within the country but all over the world for the kind of guitars they import. The guitars are made of fine woods and imported strings and are apt for beginners.


The company is a pharma based company launched in the region of Portugal. The company supplies all kinds of medicines and other required equipment like a bed, injection, saline water, glucose and most importantly talented and skilled doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff. With the help of this company, many hospitals are able to function.


The company is a very famous dairy farm established in Portugal, this farm continues to serve the nation with its products for more than 24 years. The company manufactures and sells delicious milk products like milk, milk powder, curd, ice cream, chocolate, yoghurt, cheese and mayonnaise. It imports products to all parts of this nation.

Altice Portugal

This is a prestigious company which runs telecommunication services in the country. It was established in order to provide all the necessary services like data services, IPTV, broadband, broadcasting and many other such facilities. The company has its units in all over the countries even in the rural areas. 

BRM aircraft Manufacturing 

The company is specialised in manufacturing engines and machines of aircraft. The company is famous all around the world for manufacturing super light engines which are also easy to handle. The company has employed more than 2000 employees so that the manufacturing process is not disturbed and exceeds production.

AJP Motos

The company has its bases in Portugal, it was launched in the late 90s when the country was embracing modern technologies in their industrial and commercial sectors. The company similarly launched its first-ever motorbikes with good mileage and speed in the country.


The company is a famous shoe manufacturing company established in the region of Portugal. It has gained name and fame for designing and selling leather shoes and sandals, however, the company now manufactures all kinds of footwear from official shoes to chunky sneakers, it has got all that a customer would want. 

Comboios de Portugal

The company looks after the railway transportation of the country, it manages schedules of the trains and accordingly allocates the train services for the public. The company earns a lot through the railway service which directly improves the economy of the country. It earns more than $5.9 million every year.

Cerâmica de Valadares

The company is known for manufacturing sanitary products in the country. It was established in the early 1920s by the local group which after years of supplies turned into a national brand. The company produces products like toilet paper, wipes, pipes, pads, room fresheners, toilet cleaner and many other such products.


The company was established in the very early age right after world war 2. The main objective of the company was to make the medical system if the company is completely reliable and strong. It supplies medications and various aids to the hospitals as well as other medical organisations.

EuroAtlantic Airways

The company is a famous airline in the country which was established to make commuting very easy and at an affordable price. The company has been expanding its wings throughout the country and has been linking its destinations as well for good connectivity.



The company is a Portuguese company which was formed to make the technology of the country more advanced and modern. The company supplies modern tech and machines to the industrial sectors to prosper in the field of production and supplies of goods in the market. 


This app has a  feature very similar to play store and iOS, it provides a market for app shopping and installing. The company has got much recognition in the Portuguese software and app development market, every smartphone has the app, in fact, it is an updated version of play stores.


The company has been supplying medical-related equipment and prescriptions to several healthcare centres. The company is one of the biggest pharma institutions being operated in the country, the company has a record of allocating experienced and newly professed doctors to various hospitals as per the requirement data. 

José Maria da Fonseca

The company has been authorised in manufacturing wines and other beverages in the country. It was established in the early 80s and it is one of the oldest and finest wine manufacturing companies. The company makes wines of different flavours and colours, ripped grapes, oranges and other exclusive fruits are used in manufacturing the wines.

Karta GPS

The company is an app developed by the Portuguese company for navigation and map purposes. It is supported in all kinds of devices whether Android or iPhone. The interesting feature is it needs no data access to work, it works in an offline mode making it easier for the travellers to find the direction.

Cimpor – Cimentos de Portugal

The company is a famous Portuguese company which is based on construction material supplies. The company has its bases in the majority of the European countries. It supplies products like cement, bricks, sand, rods, pipes and other required materials. It is an ever-growing company with a net income of more than $2.5 million.

Critical Software S.A 

The company is a prestigious software development and implementation company which was established in Portugal. The company provides the netizens with advanced and easy to use software for machines like computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs and other electronic gadgets. The company has been earning in lakhs every year.


The company was established in Portugal in the early 1840s. It is a beverage manufacturing company, however, the company got its fame after the launch of orange flavoured soft drinks in the country. Till date, the soft drink is loved by the people and has been dominating the soft drink market of the country. 

Majora (toy company)

The company is a toy manufacturing company which was launched in the region of Portugal. The company has been launching various kinds of toys for kids like the marvel heroes, Disney Princess, toy story characters and many other famous toys. The company’s most ancient toys are still showcased in the museum of the company.


The company is a globally famous app which does the work of navigation and GPS services. The company was launched in the early 2000s with a notice to provide the users with an advanced GPS system in the country. It has more than 40% of users and subscribers who have installed this app in their smartphones. 


The company has the role of maintaining and retaining the aircraft being operated in the country. The company is a famous and most profit-making brand which was launched in Portugal, during world war 2 and since then it has been actively operating the aircraft. It repairs and updates the outdated or busted machines and thereby earn profits. 


The company has been launching a highly expensive and trendy fashion brand for women. The company was launched by a female designer who wanted to style dresses exclusively for women of the country. The company manufactures dresses like a shirt, skirt, shorts, undergarments, jackets and other accessories for women.

Pestana Group

The company is a Portuguese agency which looks after tourism and recreation facilities of the country. It was launched to make travelling and visiting Portugal easy for travellers and tourists. The company manages everything for the tourists from plane tickets to hotel bookings, it does everything plus it gives a guide which accompanies the traveller.


The company is a prestigious Portuguese company which provides all kinds of telecom services. The company has been providing telecom services such as data access, roaming packs, emergency number, broadband, broadcasting and many other related services to its customers. The company provides services to half of the population.


The company is a metal, crude oil and natural gas extractor and supplier in the country. The company was launched in Portugal in the early 1990s. The company was a lead company to supply metals, crude oil and other derivatives in the country. The company earns more than 43% of a profit by supplying its products to various industries.


The company was launched in the region of Portugal in the 1970s. The company is a boat, ship, cruise, yacht and other kinds of water vehicles manufacturer. The company came into trends for manufacturing such vehicles that were used in racing, wars and shipment processes. The company has its bases all around the country.

Órbita bicycles

It was established in Portugal by a famous business group of the company. It manufactures fine qualities of bicycles for all age groups, from kid to old. The company was a local trader of bicycles which with the increase in demand and production emerged as a brand.

Portuscale Cruises

The famous company used to undertake the shipment process through water bodies. It was formed in Portugal in the late 80s when the country was fully depending on the merchandise. The company’s role was to undertake the shipping process, I.e, it used to ship goods and commodities from one place to another. 


The company has a record of producing the largest number of paper-based products like toilet paper, tissue, newspaper, rolling paper, magazines and many other related products in the country. The company has raised a lot after their first production, it was a hit and got a lot of recognition.


It was launched in the region of Portugal, it has been supplying fine qualities of wine which is made from ripe and sweet fruit. Every party must have a bottle of wine because of its high demand. The company has its bases in all parts of the country with the highest demand.


This is a Portuguese company which undertakes financial services in the country. The company is the largest agency that provides monetary help to the commercial and industrial sector of the country. Services like providing loans, insurance and security schemes, capital flow and many other such services. 


The company was launched around 225 years ago. This is the most ancient and famous wine company. It has a record of selling high-quality wines and vintage wines. The company was launched as a small wine manufacturing factory which with time and hard work emerged into a national brand earning in lakhs.

TAP Air Portugal

The company is a prominent company launched in Portugal almost 74-75 years ago. The company is an airline company which was launched to make travelling through the air easier and cheaper than the other companies. Travellers chose this company for its marvellous services, humble behaviour of staff and for safety measures. 


The company is a famous Portuguese industry which manufactures excellent qualities of furniture, household appliances and Interior Designings.  The company provides standard furniture like sofa set, bed, dining table, cupboards, almirah, kitchen set, crockery, lighting and many other similar kinds of products.


The company is a commercial company which was launched in the major city of Portugal. The company regulates many big and small autonomous shops and marts of the country, it funds them with goods and commodities for selling in the market and earns profit out of them. The company has more than 56 shops under their control.

Porto Metro

The company is a railway company which is situated in Portugal. Like every other country, Portugal also earns its most from the railway sector of the country. It attracts a lot of passengers for its clean compartments and toilets, cheap tickets, safety and security of passengers and their belongings. 

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