Top 50 Norway Brands

The country, Norway has been advancing rapidly with the help of the nation’s brands. Norway has clench over some of the top brands in the world, continue reading to know the top 50 brands of Norway along with a description for better awareness.

Top 50 Brands Of Norway

Telenor groups

The telecom industry provides services to more than half of the population of the country. Services like fast internet, packs, broadband, and many other similar kinds of services. The company has its branches and units all over the world. The company earns more than any other telecommunications company in Norway.

Norsk Hydro ASA

This famous and prestigious company, Norsk Hydro was established in Norway in the 1900s. The company is a renewable and aluminum generating and supplying company. The company’s role is to make the country sufficient with fuels, natural resources, and minerals. 


For decades the company has been assisting and providing financial guidance and helps to the country’s people, corporations, and the country itself. The bank is easily accessible, it has its branches in almost all the major cities and counties in Norway. The easy access to loans, credit, shares makes the company more attractive.

Rema 1000

The company was established in Norway with a vision to improve the condition of autonomous shops and supermarkets. The company regulates around more than 1000 shops selling grocery items, they finance them, guide them, and help them in investing money and also gives them innovative ideas to uplift the business in the region.


The institution is considered to be the biggest and most influential financial sector of the country. This Norwegian bank has a record of holding the largest account holders in the country. The company’s policies are simple to comprehend by the masses. It has been playing a major role in the increase and decrease of the shares in the stock market of the country.

Yara International

The company is the biggest and most powerful company in Norway that manufactures and trades for chemical commodities and its by-products. The company has a record of supplying almost half of the industrial institutions in the country with its chemicals. Substances like ammonia, nitrogen, urea, and many such chemicals are produced by the company.


The company is the ancient and largest insurance providing agency in Norway. The company is the most reputable and trusted agency that provides people and companies security of money if any casualties take place with them. It has been employing more than 40,000 workers, who are devoted to their jobs to develop the company.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

The company was launched in the 1990s in order to make communication easy and faster. The company is well connected with the major countries and ports of the world. The company has been attracting a large number of passengers for its overwhelming services and safety measures.


The company is an oil and natural resources supplier and trader of the country. It was established in the late 1970s in Norway with a motive to the supply of crude oil, petrol, petrochemicals, and other natural and extracted fuels. The company enjoys a supreme position in this domain, it controls the imports and supply of the product in the country.


The company in Norway sells and supplies the halal meats and fishes to the community. The company was established with a motive to supply meat eateries with strictly sticking to the guidance of Islam. Different kinds of foods and snacks like beef burgers, sandwiches, and pets are best available in the company. It was started as a small slaughtering house. 

Equinor ASA

The company is a multinational industry that generates and supplies renewable energy and oil to the countries. The company has a function of supplying resources like oil, CNG gas, petrol, and other derivatives. The company has its branches all over the country, it has full control over the import of oil and gases to foreign countries.

Lyse Energi

The company has an assigned role in supplying power and electricity in the commercial, agricultural and domestic sectors of Norway. The company is divided into several branches like the hydro based plant, telecom, and electricity supplier in the country. The company is fully controlled by the administration of the country. 

Color Group AS

The company is transportation and holding industry established in Norway. The company takes care of the shipment and transportation of travelers in a country. The company manages from scratch for the passengers like from booking a ticket to checking in the hotels or restaurants. 

Coop Norge SA

The company is a cooperative industry which was established in Norway in the 1900s. The company is owned by different businesses and agencies of the country, each holding a certain percentage of shares of the company and accordingly they invest and uplift the company. 


The company was established in the late 1990s in the southern part of Norway. The company produces and sells biochemical substances and products to different sectors of the country. Products like enzymes and biotech products are supplied to the industrial and agricultural sectors of Norway. 


The company trades for pharma products in Norway. It was established in the early 1940s with the objective of supplying medicines and medical-related equipment to the healthcare agencies and hospitals. The company is a small bunch of people who are working to make the medical facility stable and reliable in Norway.


The company is a Norwegian established company that was formed almost 80 years ago. The company is a telecom and electronic-based company, which works to provide its customers with the best data and roaming services, IPTV, broadband, hotspot, and many other related services. 


The industry was established with the objective of becoming the best textile commercial company. The company operates a small and big textile shop within the country. It furnishes and invests in the company in return the 5% of the profit earned by the shops is shared by the Varner- Gruppen. 

Solidox (toothpaste)

The company is known for producing excellent qualities of toothpaste in Norway. To date the company enjoys a monopoly in this domain, no other new companies have been able to give the company a tough competition. It supplies more than 20,000 toothpaste within a week to half of the Norwegian cities and counties.

Rimi (Norway)

The company is a commercial based company in the region of Norway. The company regulates a series of small and big marts that sells grocery goods in the company. Its duty as a business partner is to supply the shops with tradable goods and commodities.

NRK Sport

The company is a sports telecasting company which is established in Norway. The country is the most popular and a channel with the highest recorded top in the country. It broadcasts sports that are being organized Internationally in the country. It broadcasts programs on the radio and televisions in Norway. 

Aventi Technology

The company is a Norwegian company that was established in the early 1980s. The company has a sole role in supplying natural energy and oil to the country, other services are to provide commercial mechanization and is also active in regulating traffic of the company. 

Dale of Norway

The company is a producer and seller of branded woolen clothes in the country. It was established in Norway in one of the village areas. The company manufactures a comfy and stylish winter collection like jackets, sweaters, caps, gloves, and many other swollen clothes. The company is loved and trusted by the majority of the Norwegian people.


The famous company, Gilde, was established by a small group of people as a slaughterhouse. The company has emerged as a food retailer, which sells all kinds of meats like pork, beef, mutton, chicken, turkeys, and many other such types of meat. It has its units in more than 7-8 cities and counties of Norway. 

Helly Hansen

The company is a manufacturer of sports kits and clothes. It has several active branches in the country each signed in different kinds of production, like industrial equipment manufacturer, local freeway clothes, sports kits and wears, and many other such related products.


The company is a manufacturer of dairy products in the country. It was established in the early 1880s in Norway. It has its factories and bases in all parts of the country, each selling products like milk, cheese, mayonnaise, sauce and etc. However, the company is well known for manufacturing super tender cheese and delicious pasta sauce. 


The brand, Lano, manufactures skincare products in the country. It was launched as a local product which after years of labor turned out to be a national brand. Its products like soap, body shampoo, hair shampoo, conditioners, and many other similar products are in great demand in the region of Norway.

Rå Organic Skincare

The company is a prestigious beauty brand in Norway. The products guarantee lesser chemical exploitation to the skin. It has been made with natural and 100% organic compounds like herbs, shrubs, seashore plants, and many other such harmless compounds. The product is loved by the Norwegian people because it is a dermatologist preferred brand.

Kolumbus AS

The company is a national travel managing agency in Norway. The company was launched with the plan of managing, strategizing, and marketing of public transport. It is a state-owned company and operates under government guidance. It has to look after the transportation vehicles and destinations. 


The company is specialized in manufacturing sports equipment in the country. It manufactures super flexible and comfortable boots, poles, balls, cuffs, and other such kits. Many foreign companies trade with the company for its quality of production. It has been employing more than 2,000 people in a country thereby helping the country to overcome unemployment.

Bionor Pharma

The company is a great and most famous company in Norway. It is associated with pharma production which was established in the early 1990s. The company does research and generation of vaccines and biomedical substances. The company came into limelight after 2000 when it launched its first anti-infection vaccine.


The company is a famous manufacturer of branded clothes and accessories in Norway. The company is specifically famous for woolen clothes launched by the company. The company is named after the founder who was a designer himself. The company has gained name and fame just after its first three launches. 

Aker ASA

The company is equipped in seashore construction, holding, and engineering. The Norwegian company has many branches each has a different portfolio to undercover. It was established in the 19th century and to date, it has been growing and expanding its wings all along with the country and abroad. 

Synnøve Finden

The company is Norway’s best dairy products manufacturer and supplier. The company was established in the year 1990s as a small industry selling dairy products. The products like brown cheese, white cheese, yogurt, milk, mayonnaise, and many other milk products. 

Bama Gruppen

The company was established in Norway in the 1880s and to date, it continues to exist. The company is a fruit and green vegetable merchandiser, it imports ripped fruits and vegetables to foreign countries. The company is the largest and most influential supplier and controller of vegetable markets in the country.


The famous and most prestigious company, Cermaq, was established in Norway by a famous group of business class.  The company deals with seafood and snacks, it is a private company which sells seafood like salmon, octopus, and many other items. The company ranks among the top companies which trade in seafood.


The company has a record of supplying the largest number of mineral water to the market for sale. The company’s water became famous for its quantity and quality of minerals added to the water. The company has assignments with the big and reputed family of the company for supplying mineral water.


The company is one of the best producers of coffee beans in Norway. The company gained momentum after its first hit launch of gold coffee beans which was crowned and processed in the company. People who are addicted to coffee finds it relaxing and refreshing. The company has its units in more than 10 counties in the country.

Joker (store)

The company us a retail industry that operates and regulates the grocery shops of the country. It has the rile of funding the stores and navigating them to the right market forces. The company earns more than 15% profit every year from those shops and supermarkets. 

Jotun (company)

The company was launched in Norway as a chemical manufacturing and merchandising company. Currently, the company manufactures paints, coatings, marbles, textiles, fabrics, and many other household and industrial appliances. The company has been expanding its departments, thereby increasing job availability in the country.


The company is specialized in manufacturing electronic gadgets and household appliances in the country. This Norwegian company has been supplying appliances like a compass, marine navigator, refrigerator, iron, and other such products. The company is operated by a private sector. 

Tiki 100

The company is a manufacturer of electronic computers and advanced laptops in Norway. The company is quite very famous in the country for the machines are available at an affordable price with a warranty. The company first launched its commuter before World war one and till now it continues to exist with good profits.

Ya Bank

The famous bank was established with the intention of making the country’s financial condition stable. The company provides all kinds of monetary functions in the company, from providing loans to assisting in investments, it provides its best service to its customers. The company is also a great source of employment for the upcoming youths.

Toro (food)

The company is a Norwegian company that is famous for its delicious eateries and soups. It was established in the early 1950s. The company sells branded sauces for pasta, pizza, burger, and for many other such fast foods. However, the company came into the limelight after they launched soup, it has its greatest sales during the winter and breezy seasons.

Buddy (electric car)

The company is a manufacturer in the electric controlled vehicle in the country. The company is famous for its branded and advanced features vehicles especially cars. It was established after world war two and until today it continues to manufacture and import cars. The company is a source of employment for many skilled workers.


The company is a financial institution that was established in Norway. The company manages the capital and other kinds of assets in the country. It stabilizes the economy of the country, it has made the banking system very easy and accessible by setting up its branches in all parts of the country. 


The company has the duty of checking the authenticity of every information passed on the web. The company is an information technology established in Norway to make the security if the country more strong and safe. The company manages the IT cells and social sites of the country, it has job opportunities for talented software engineers.


The company is famous for manufacturing household appliances in Norway. The company has a record if manufacturing aesthetic designs of kitchen sets, table sets, sofa sets, and crockeries. The company imports its product to the nordic countries and European countries. It has been expanding its units rapidly all over the country.

Norman Safe ground AS

The company is a computer antivirus and software developer in the country. The company protects the data in the computers from being corrupted by installing antivirus software on the computer. The company has been introducing various kinds of software to protect computers from being crashed.


The company manufactures organic and pure herbal products for taking care of the skin. The company was launched by famous beautician of Norway, in order to improve the beauty products’ standards. The products like lotions, creams, face wash, scrubs are best available in the company.

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