List of Top 50 Brands of Egypt

This middle east country, Egypt is famous all around the world for its strong economy, however, is it not intriguing to know which brands and companies help to keep the economy robust? Well, yes! So presenting 50 top brands of Egypt along with its descriptions.

Top 50 Brands of Egypt

Air Cairo

This is a federal and most prestigious airline company in Egypt. The company provides quality service at quite an affordable price which makes the company more attractive to travelers. The company has been employing those workers who are thoroughly trained by the company’s training agency based in Cairo.

Al Watany Bank of Egypt

This financial institution was established before world war 1 broke out in order to free the country from the economic crisis. The Diamond provides assistance and quality services to its customers and corporations. It provides them with deposit and withdrawal safety, loans, credit, and many other aids. 

Bahgat Group

This company is a multitasking company which is situated in the famous city of Egypt. The company manufactures electric, household, and commercial appliances in the country. The company also manufactures products used in interior and exterior designing of a house and building in the country.

Cairo Electric Railways and Heliopolis Oases Company

The famous and most wanted company was established in Egypt. The company has many alliances and functions, however, the main function is to develop housing and buildings of the country. The company has to build famous forts and many famous properties in Egypt. The colony also runs trams for delivering services.

Asfour Crystal

This company manufactures crystals and glasses in the country. The Egyptians are crazy about the crystalline jewels and embroidery, accordingly, the company manufactures crystals and then supplies them to the jewelers and thereby earns profits out of them. This company is reputed because of the authenticity and originality.

Corona (confectioner)

This company is a confectionery industry set up in the region of Egypt. The company manufactures superb delicacies like chocolate, or, pastries, creams, smoothie, and many other such eatable items. The company runs a lot of shops selling its products, it has been hiring sensible Egyptians as well as outsiders in the company.

Nasr (car company)

This company is run by the government of Egypt. It manufactures and launches fancy cars and other motors in the country. The cars and other vehicles designed by the company are stylish and have a royal class in it with excellent speed and mileage. The look of the cars is globally appreciated and demanded by various rich people.

Banque Misr

This is a monetary agency which was established in order to help the country in terms of financial aid. The company is a state governed agency which works and performs strictly according to the guidelines issued by the authorities. It lends loans, provides investment facilities and easy deposits and withdrawal policies.

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

This is the largest and biggest source of petrol, crude oil, and other such product supplying agencies. The company is a national brand established in every highway and city of the country, Egypt. This Egyptian company is the most profit-making company which earns net income more than 55% of profit per year.

National Bank of Egypt

This banking institution was established in the region of Egypt. The company lends money to many private and government institutions at a relatively low rate of interest. The company has its branches.all over the country with skilled and trained workers and staff. The company is among the top banks of the country, Egypt.


This company manufactures biscuits and cookies in Egypt. The famous company was launched as a local enterprise selling biscuits which later gained momentum because of its exclusive taste. The premium cookies and biscuits are viable at a very cheap price. The products are available globally as well.

Cook Door

The company is a fast food retail company established in every city and county of Egypt. The company owns a large number of shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars in the country which sell its products. Fast foods like french fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, sandwiches, and many other halal products are available at a cheap price.

Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles

This Egyptian company is popularly known as MCV and it has been manufacturing buses and trucks in the company. The company is famous throughout the country for the kind of luxury buses and trucks it produces. Those vehicles are useful in transportation and shipment of travelers and goods purposes in the country, Egypt.

Olympic Group

This brand has a group of divided branches, each manufacturing the assigned products. The company mainly manufactures household and industrial appliances like a washing machine, AC, cooler, fridge, heater, steel, rods, and pipes. Branches are spread in the whole Nation and the company is reputed for the quality products.

Telecom Egypt

This telecom based company is situated in Egypt and it was launched to make the telecom services available in the country at an affordable price. The company provides all kinds of services like a good internet, IPTV, broadcasting, network connection, roaming packs, and many more such services in every part of Egypt.

Travco Group

The company is a traveling agency established in Egypt. The company is responsible for the tourists coming to Egypt. It manages its bookings, lodgings, canteen, and also gives them a travel guide who helps them to venture all the attractive spots of the country. The company has a record of providing elite services to its visitors.

SICO Technology

This Egyptian company is a technical developing and launching industry. It has been launching smartphones, other different digital devices. Each year it has a record of launching updated and more technically advanced gadgets that are controlling the Egyptian market at present.

Egypt Post

This Egyptian brand is the topmost country that handles the postal and shipping services in the country. The company was established way back in the 90s in order to provide the service of posting and courier delivery within the country and outside the country. The company is a trusted company in Egypt and has no scams enrolled.

EgyptAir Express

This is an airline company situated in the region of Egypt. The company has been undertaking flights within the domestic area. It is a low-cost airline which launched with the motive of helping the citizens of the country. The company is famous for its elite services and humble behavior of the hired staff in the country, Egypt.


This company is a mineral generating company in the country. It extracts aluminum, iron, zinc, sulfur, and other useful minerals and transports them to different industrial, commercial, and agricultural sectors of the country and it also imports its products to the African countries.

Egyptian National Railways

The company runs the rail network in the country. This Egyptian company is a government-owned company that performs every service by strictly abiding by the protocols introduced by the authority. The company earns a lot of profit per year by offering attractive services and safety to its passengers and staff in the brand.

PEC Power Electric Co-operation

The company is an electric providing company which is situated in almost all parts of Egypt. The company is one of the mammoth companies of Africa. It provides electricity to the majority of the population resulting in the country and it also funds many agencies and industries to help them grow and earn a profit.

Speranza Motors

This automobile company was launched in the country, Egypt. The company has been designing various stylish and fancy cars and other motors in the country. The company has won the market of the domain by introducing vehicles that are exotic at the same time it is affordable for average earners to buy them.

Egy-Tech Engineering

This company was found in order to manufacture vehicles and engines in the country. This company has been manufacturing and supplying the country with branded and expensive cars and other vehicles. The company also manufactures engines of the motors which is sold to other automobile manufacturing companies 


This company is a famous brand that develops and launches apps and sites for online transactions. The app helps to credit or debit money from one account to the other in just a few clicks making the job done in just a few seconds. The app also helps in e-commerce and to keep a check on the balance and records of the holder.


This is a textile and luxury brand that was established in the region of Egypt. The company has numerous shops and malls owned and regulated by the group. The company manufactures soft, comfortable, and stylish clothing for all kinds of people from all walks of life. The company also offers a wide range of prices


This company owns a chain of big and small shops, cafes, restaurants selling fast food. It is basically a fast-food retail company, it sells eateries like sandwiches of all kinds and flavors, burgers, French fries, and many other foods that are loved by the people of the country. It has gained attraction because of selling Halal foods.

Ezz Steel

The company is the largest and bigger industry situated in the region of Egypt. The company manufactures steel and supplies it in the market at a market price. The company in these years of operating has never faced any major setback, it has been thriving and it also has a monopoly of import over this domain in the country.


This is a multinational airline company based in Egypt. The company has its service all across the country and world as it is well connected to all parts of the major countries. It delivers overwhelming services and security and the warm welcoming nature of the crew and staff has added more fame to the company’s lists.

Mansour Group

This Egyptian brand is a multiple tasking company which is located in the country, Egypt. The company has several branches and units which have different jobs to perform. The company, however, is well-known for its automobiles, financial service, trip guiding service, technology development, and many other such aids. 

Air Sinai

The company was launched by a private group of enterprises in the country. This Egyptian company is an airline company that operates within the country. It undertakes domestic flights for the people of the country to make commuting easier, faster, and cheaper. The company has its destination to all the major cities and ports.

ABU QIR Fertilizers and Chemicals Industries Company

The company is an Egyptian company famous for manufacturing nitrogenous fertilizer and minerals in the country. The minerals extracted by the company is helpful in agricultural, industrial as well as commercial sectors. It has the authorization to practice this occupation and it also imports its products abroad.

Bank of Alexandria

This is a financial and developing agency launched by the Egyptian government. The company performs and undertakes all the banking facilities in the country. It lends loans to business firms and other corporations in order to support their business in the country. It is responsible for acting as the nation’s top financial guide.

Bavarian Auto Group

The company is the only residing agency that imports luxury cars and motors to the country and then sells them. As the demand for branded cars has grown in the country which has led the company to import those cars and then sell it to the customer with 10% profits.

Talaat Moustafa Group

This is a conglomerate company established in Egypt. The company has different criteria and branches to carry out its work. The company manufactures agricultural products like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, and other such goods, it also manufactures construction materials like cement, bricks, and other products.

Cairo Aviation

This company undertakes flight services in the country, Egypt. The company is an airline company that generally has all flights to the middle east countries. The company is quite very known in the country for its outstanding services and punctuality. The company transports goods to other countries.

Daily News Egypt

This company is a journal and newspaper distributing company established in Egypt. The company prints authentic news and facts without being partial. To date, it has no major scams related to the news it publishes. The company also prints and publishes a journal, magazines, articles about the daily happening in the nation and world.

Banque du Caire

This is a monetary institution of the country. The company has been providing favored services and facilities. It has been regulating the capital and currency flow in the market, purchasing and laying off stocks in the share market, and many other such services that are relished in Egypt.

Egyptian International Beverage Company

This Egyptian company is a brewing company that is situated in Egypt. The company manufactures refreshing and exotic beverages of all kinds and flavors. It manufactures energy and diet drinks which are lived by health and fitness freaks. It is also renowned globally, and it is highly well-known for drink exports.

Egyptian Natural Gas Company

The famous company is situated in the region of Egypt. The company trades for natural gas and oil in the country. Has like CNG, propane, LPG, condensed gas, and many other such products are generated and traded in high quantities. The company’s products are demanded international as well which raised its profits


This company established in Egypt is a software developer and launches in the country.  The company has its business spread all over the country, most of the industries and IT sectors recommend the software of this particular company. The company develops technically advanced and secure software in the country.

Hassan Allam Holding

The company is named after the owner of the company. It is an engineering and construction company established in Egypt. The company is a multiple functioning company, it undertakes ground engineering, civil engineering, construction, mechanical and technical engineering in the country.

Orange Egypt

This is a telecommunication company that was established in the country to improve the network and connectivity. This Egyptian company provides telecom services like data packs, low-cost data services, IPTV, broadband, and many other such attractive facilities. The company has a majority of users and subscribers.

Shotmed Paper Industries

The company is a paper and forest derived products manufacturing company which is situated in Egypt. The company has been manufacturing good qualities of papers which are used in making exercise books and copies, newspapers, magazines, and several other things. The company also designs and trades for fine furniture.

The Egyptian Gazette

This famous company is a daily newspaper issuing company that originated way back in the 80s. The company got fame and respect for pronto g factual data and news without publicity stunts and also because it donates 10% of its profit for the development of the education system in the rural areas.

Suez Canal Container Terminal

The company is a transport and shipping company which is active in Egypt. The company has the role of transporting and locating goods and commodities from one place to another through the air, water, and roads. The company undertakes its shipment through Suez Canal Zone in Egypt to other arb and the middle east nations.

Smart Aviation Company

The company is a famous and most prestigious company which operates within the country. It is an airline service active for emergencies. It actively translocates people who need medical aid, transports goods and services and it is also active for VIP people’s services. It had great links with major cities of the nation.

TE Data

It is a communication-based company which is situated in Egypt. The company has been giving all the facilities as a telecom service provider. It has affordable packs and gives desirable offers and services. The company has been providing services in all regions of the country taking a special account of the rural areas.

Nile Air

The company is a global airline that was launched in Egypt. The company has been operative in the country and provides regular air services to its passengers. The staff and crew members are exceptionally humble and polite towards their travelers which gives the colony a bonus point. The company has its destinations in more than 20 countries.


The company is known to trade primarily for oil along with natural gas followed by petroleum. The company has been supplying the product to all over the nation. It has its units and branches in all the highways and checkpoints. The company provides products at a very reasonable and affordable price to its customers all over the country.

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