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6 Great Branding Techniques to Outshine Others

The journey of an Establishment or Organization depends highly on lots of factors and it requires ideas that need to be implemented with a proper structure so that during the time of Recession or grave loss these planning results in a positive approach.

Just like a monetary investment and selecting the quality of products the most important factor which is highly becoming a necessity is termed as ‘’Branding’’ or ‘’Brand Management’’.

Why is Branding Techniques important?

  • Proper branding techniques can help you to surpass your competitors.
  • You can rightly win more customers and admirers for your brand.
  • Reaching more people will hardly be a hassle. 
  • You will start observing good sales within a short time.

Branding techniques are kind of strategies which reflect the true value of an organization and lives up to the expectations of customers. A brand is consciousness or a conscious decision of a structured organization to raise awareness among the consumers or clients who might have the interest to invest in a particular company’s products or services.

The brand can come in the form of either a Product or a Service which is easily identifiable by customers.

Example: A logo or Symbol.

Common Examples: 

  • The Nike ‘’Swoosh’’.
  • Apple used by Apple Computers.

Branding Techniques

Each and every company or association irrespective of the size has to focus on Marketing different products and services and without creating a brand attracting a pool of consumers is next to impossible.

Nowadays selecting a proper Branding technique is crucial for the launch of a particular product. In order to get a unique brand identity, lots of analysis and research happens, and the way you present yourself will decide what target audiences you are attracting.

It is extremely critical to first understand which choice of brand strategy will be effective enough to amaze the target audience. A brand strategy without being realistic is of no worth for an organization at least the strategy should fit the realities.

A brand is not only a term, if you delve deeper you will understand it is like creating a story and informing the customers that this story has a personality, a statement, and meaning which will help in the purchase of the product.

Top Branding Techniques 

Here are a few branding techniques that can be followed. 

Be More Customer-Centric: 

The brands should focus on the customer user experience and should have the attributes to attract so that the information gets circulated to different people.

If the organization only focuses on how to make a profit and forgets about the necessity of consumers then the entire branding strategy will fail. Customer reviews and feedback are a necessity for the growth of an organization.

Creating an impression: 

Unless and until an impression is created in the mind of a customer the strategy in order to run a business and branding won’t work. For a start-up, it is better to spend more in order to make a good impression.

Whatever you prepare, ensure it connects with the customers. And also maintain professionalism.

Take Care of the Thought process: 

In order to create a strategy or technique or plan a creative thought process plays an integral part. A creative idea or thinking will take an association in the long run and will improve branding techniques.

Each brand has its own management team, customer segment, the life cycle of the product, supply chain and logistics, performance metrics, market share.

Focus on Imagery Branding : 

Now, this is extremely interesting and is performed generally by advertising agencies in the brand development role which leads to lots of ad campaigns.

Marketers and their agencies try to link the brand with cultural imagery which will be in a more functional form. Example: Calvin Klein, Zaara, Rado, Gucci.

Focus on Self expression branding:

In this unique technique, marketers place brand techniques in collaboration with the experiences of a customer.

The marketer creates a meaning rather than a product and customers participate and shares their innovative ideas with the brand which shows or reflects a symbol presentation of your own personal identity.

Social networking targets: 

In this modern era, people don’t follow the traditional ways of working, everything is available in a digital or online mode.

Most of the customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram where brand presentations can be portrayed, and then marketing can be done through social networking platforms. Lots of digital marketing campaigns happen through such platforms.

Top branding strategies inculcated by big giants

Apple: Creating a Movement 

The journey of Apple was not easy and they didn’t achieve this success overnight. They created a movement that was like a cult that stood for many years.

Whatever Marketing efforts have been taken Apple has tried to portray only one simple thing which is their products are visionary and life-changing. They have developed consistently advanced technologies not only for Tech freaks but also for common people. They have always been about ‘’Innovation’’ which has created a difference.

They didn’t even have to create any fancy logo for brand management. It has always been a simple Apple logo.

Nike: Sell a Story

Nike has always offered Customers information of a different kind. For every new pair of shoes and technology, they offer a story.

In its main homepage, Nike has shared a story of how the inception of their famous shoe journey happened. They sell the story which is the best part.

Coca – Cola: Brand Consistency

We all know how famous Coca – Cola as a brand is and whenever we quench a thirst the only thing that comes in our mind is ‘let’s have a Coke’.

People identify the brand with feeling good and getting refreshing vibes.

The logo and the marketing slogans haven’t changed and they continue to promote the same message. This consistency of over 130 Years has kept Coke running and has made them the world’s biggest brand.

Today Coca – Cola owns a huge percentage of the beverage market but the infamous, iconic can of Coke has remained untouched. Every year Coca Cola spends $4.3 billion on marketing and advertising but they have never changed their way of consistency.


At the end of the day how a particular brand creates a difference matters. As of now Automation and analytics are taking a lead in this world so Brands will live or die depending on how a particular story is framed. 

Organizations should keep creating and innovating ideas on how to be more presentable in front of customers as competition is at its peak it’s becoming extremely difficult to not copy the same idea which the other competitor is using.

So the brand idea should always be clever, endearing, properly researched, attention-getting, and properly advertised.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions

Are branding techniques important?

Yes, they are extremely important because, without the right techniques, your competitors stand the chance to surpass you, thereby gaining more popularity and customer base for their brand. Proper branding techniques help you to form the brand you have always wanted to. 

Should I take examples of big brands branding techniques?

Yes, again that is important. Big and established brands have already worked on their brands and made them stand out. If you take and understand the branding techniques that they have been using, and you apply it for your brand as well, you stand a chance to overrule your competitors

Do branding techniques take a lot of time to work?

Nothing works within a few days, and in case of branding, you have to be consistent and keep doing everything efficiently. If you have the proper strategies and techniques, nothing can stop you from outshining others. 

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