Top 48+ Best Toothpaste Brands in the World

Toothpaste is a paste made from either natural ingredients or chemicals. Toothpaste is sometimes, maybe in the form of powder, paste, or liquid gel. It is made originally to protect our teeth from getting decays, strengthen our gums, solve cavity issues, deal sensitivity problems, whitening teeth, and keeping it clean and fresh.

Toothpaste is usually used with a toothbrush to maintain daily hygiene and cleanliness of teeth with ease. Toothpaste like powder or liquid gel may be used without a toothbrush. 

Here are some of the top listed brands of toothpaste from around the world:

Toothpaste Brands in the World


Country: America

It’s an American brand of toothpaste since, 1873. Colgate doesn’t require any introduction in the toothpaste world as it is one of the oldest and most popular brands worldwide. It is the regularly used toothpaste around the world. It is a common household brand in toothpaste. It is determined to perpetuate dental hygiene.

Crest Toothpaste

Country: America

It is an oral hygiene brand of America’s multinational company since, 1955. It makes toothpaste in a variety of flavors that can go with one’s need. Its main motive is to retain healthy and clean teeth. It is also among the oldest and popular brand in toothpaste worldwide.

Arm and Hammer

Country: America

It produces household goods since 1867. Arm and Hammer manufacture toothpaste along with toothbrushes that can protect from cavities and plague. It produces a high quality of toothpaste for which it has been regarded as one of the best toothpaste brands. Its main motive is to procure oral hygiene.


Country: America

It was the first liquid gel toothpaste built by Unilever in 1967 and is the popular brand in toothpaste in worldwide. The toothpaste induces freshness in breathing for an extended time. It is made publicly endorsed by big celebs.


Country: America

It is also a brand in toothpaste that is produced by Unilever since 1915. It is one of the well-known brands in toothpaste and toothbrush. It contains mint flavor and protects from germs which makes it more popular among oral care products. Pepsodent is made from pepsin that breaks away the food from the teeth.


Country: America

It is an antimicrobial substance and fluoride-free brand of toothpaste usually supplied by Johnson & Johnson company. It is distinguished by its dazzling pink color with a medicinal flavor. Its packaging is of obsolete design with no proper labeling on it. Recently, it has been reformulated using eucalyptus and thymol by Parke, Davis, and Company.

Dr.Lyon’s Tooth Powder

Country: U.S.A

It is a popular brand of toothpowder of Dr. I. W. Lyons during the 20th century. It is contained in a white cylinder encompassed with a blue paper label. Its main purpose was to maintain oral hygiene and cleanliness of teeth.


Country: America, North America

This oral care brand was produced by Unilever, and since 2003, it is legally authorized by Church & Dwight in North America. Mentadent SR was widely distributed by Unilever. It contained sodium salt. However, since 2018, it withdrew from the sale of Mentadent SR. Currently, its supplies are focused on Mentadent P across the countries.


Country: Latin America, Hungary, Slovenia

It was a brand in oral care toothpaste products, produced by Newell Sill Jenkins in 1908, until 1995 when taken over by Colgate-Palmolive. It is also produced in Hungary and is the second top-selling toothpaste brand after Colgate in Brazil.


Country: United States

It is a well-known toothpaste brand based in the U.S since, 1961. Its main purpose is to deal with sensitive teeth. It is the best toothpaste brand suggested by the dentist for treating sensitive teeth. It contains fluorine which provides soothing to sensitive teeth. It is a popular brand in worldwide.


Country: U.S

It is a toothpaste brand originally produced by Bristol-Myers Company in New York. Its key ingredient comprises of some aromatic plants and sodium fluoride. It is promoted by Disney’s Bucky Beaver mascot in public events. Currently, Ipana is owned by Maxill Inc. of Canada. 

Rembrandth Toothpaste

Country: U.S.A

Since 1990, it was a dental care toothpaste brand headed by Den-Mat Corp. In 1974, it was originally produced by Dentist Dr. Robert Ibsen. However, it is sold to Johnson & Johnson Company. The toothpaste contains hydrated silica to remove stain and provide intense deep cleaning of teeth.


Country: U.S.A

It was a well-known brand in maintaining dental care. It was developed by a pharmacist Roswell van Buskirk in 1859. The brand name simplifies as “Protect or Save Teeth”. It was manufactured using powdered chemicals of dried orris root, calcite, and magnesium oxide with liquids of vegetable oil soap, glycerin, wine, and some other spices.

Tom’s of Maine

Country: U.S

It’s a dental care brand that also deals in personal care products. It is obtained from natural organic compounds. It excludes the usage of animal products and chemicals except for wax that is being derived from honey bees. Since 2006, it is controlled by Colgate-Palmolive while originally, formed by Tom and Kate Chapell in 1970.

Ultra Brite

Country: U.S

It is an American brand of oral care products that are headed and controlled by Colgate-Palmolive since 1967. It mainly deals with tooth whitening. The key ingredients include the chemical substances of sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium salt, or MFP. It was again formulated with a taste of peppermint.


Country: U.S

It is a brand of dental care products by Procter & Gamble, since 1950. Its main purpose is to provide complete care of mouth and dental. It is widely distributed across the world and is a well-known household brand in toothpaste and toothbrush. After cleaning teeth, it provides a distinct refreshment for a long duration.


Country: U.S

It is a dental care brand produced by Dr.Harold Katz in 2002. He developed TheraBreathe to minimize the odor of bad breath with no artificial flavor in it. It is available in a range of products from toothpaste to oral wash, sprays, etc. It is popular as a Breath Company in the UK.

Hello Oral Care

Country: U.S

It is a user-friendly toothpaste brand designed to restrain cavities, plaque and provide teeth strengthening along with brightness. It is made from natural oils to whiten teeth with freshness while breathing. It also contains xylitol and erythritol to hinder germs with a sweet flavor in taste.

Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Country: America

It was developed by a dentist in 1968, who had the vision to change the world into the brands of making tooth whitening paste. Subsequently, it flourished widely in America after launching the Pearl Drops Whitening Polish in 1972. It is considered helpful in whitening of teeth and strengthening enamel.

Glister from Amway

Country: U.S

It is a well-known and a household brand of Amway in toothpaste of the United States. It is considered among the topmost selling toothpaste brand of the U.S in 2020. It is a high-quality brand in toothpaste that maintains dental hygiene with great care.

Forever Bright Tooth Gel

Country: U.S

It is made from fluoride and aloe vera to provide clean teeth with a fresh breath. Using of Forever Bright Tooth Gel regularly protects teeth from plaque and refreshes the breath. It is available in the form of a unique gel and is one of the top-selling brands in dental care products of 2020.

Cali White Activated Charcoal and Organic Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Country: U.S, India

It is a toothpaste brand made from charcoal to remove the stains of teeth that are usually caused due to drinking of too much coffee or alcohol by leaving a freshness in breath and is also recommended for even sensitive teeth.


Country: U.S, U.K

It is a brand of oral hygiene care that withdraws surface stain, protects the tooth from enamel and decays, and provides a clean, healthy white tooth. Its key ingredients include Sodium Fluoride. It is suggested by the most trusted dentist. In 2017, Hamish Khayat built it with a vision of availing high-quality dental products.


Country: Germany

It was launched in 1924 by Leowerken Company. It was one of the topmost brands of European Country in oral care supplies in 1924. It is made from chemical substances using volcanic rock’s powder and some flavor of peppermint.


Country: Germany

This dental care brand in toothpaste is headed by GlaxoSmithKline since 2001. It was originally produced by a German Dentist Dr. Focke in 1937, using sodium bicarbonate. It consequently, started following the procedure of Madaus, by comprising herbal elements and antibacterial substances to make a Paradontax toothpaste.


Country: Bulgaria

It is a brand of toothpaste that deals in the oral care of solving gum problems of teeth by producing homeopathic toothpaste i.e., made from natural organic substances.


Country: China, Hong Kong

This toothpaste brand is popular with the name of Darkie. It was launched in Shanghai in 1933 and afterward in Hong Kong and subsequently, in Taiwan by Hawley & Hazel. The toothpaste contains a mint flavor and flavors usually for children. It is one of the topmost brands of China in oral care supplies.

Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste

Country: Germany

It was founded by Auergesellschaft in 1920 during World War II. It possesses an amount of thorium, i.e., a radioactive element, however it proved to be lesser in quantity.


Country: Switzerland

Elmex is acquired by Colgate-Palmolive. However, it was originally produced by GABA International AG since 1962. It was the first-ever toothpaste brand to be made from using natural Olafur to safeguard tooth from decaying and protecting against cavities. It is supplied with Aronal for morning use to prevent gum related problems.


Country: Sweden

It was one of the first recognized toothpaste brands of Sweden to come in the limelight of mass communication. It was developed by Grumme & Son, a soap maker until taken over by Cederroth AB in 1985.

Aquafresh Toothpaste

Country: UK

Aquafresh was founded by SmithKline Beecham in 1973. It was produced with the aim to provide oral healthcare in the form of first striped toothpaste that gives out fresh breath and secondly, a toothpaste of good taste that can combat tooth decay. It was considered as a sophisticated toothpaste with best oral care.


Country: U.K

This toothpaste was originally produced by Maclean’s Company in the 1930s until it was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline Company and started supplying worldwide.


Country: UK

It is a brand that deals with dental care products produced by Laclede Inc. However, it is now headed by GlaxoSmithKline. It is available in the configuration of toothpaste, and liquid gel mouth wash. It is composed of MFP and by utilizing the biocatalysts.


Country: Italy

It is an oral care brand that delivers toothpaste of rich quality and intense flavor. A popular trend of the menswear realm is a sophisticated toothpaste designed to change the traditional concept. It whitens the teeth and gives a fresh breath of mint flavor that goes on with a bright smile.


Country: Netherlands

It is a dental care brand distributed widely by Unilever. In 1976, it was first launched in the Netherlands. Mainly, from the research work of Henk Hoogendoorn, this toothpaste brand was composed by utilizing biocatalysts. Zendium does not possess any foaming substances thereby, decreasing the risk of forming benign and mouth ulcers.

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