115+ Catchy Tofu Captions For Instagram To Make Your Own

Social media is a great place to become famous and socialize these days. To make your posts as perfect as possible, you need to use some amazing, out-of-the-box captions. Bean curd, or as we commonly know it, Tofu, is prepared by using soy milk. It is coagulated and pressed into blocks to turn it into the tofu we know. 

Here are a few captions for your tofu dishes.

Tofu Captions For Instagram

For those with lactose intolerance.

Why worry about cheese, when you have tofu? #tofu

Grate it, shred it, and spread it, one tofu to do it all.

A powerhouse of protein for vegetarians.

Built different but tastes better. #different

Get tough, buy some tofu.

Who wants some dairy product when you can get tofu? #dairy

Never too full for some tofu.

Wholesome goodness right from the soy plant. #soy

Not a substitute but a better alternative #.alternative

A vegan delight. #vegan

Can’t find tofu in the stores? Make a batch right at home.

Some tofu to fuel you up.

Looks like cottage cheese, tastes better than daily cheese. #cheese

Tofu might as well give some meat lovers a run for their money. #tufuisgreat

Tofu, almost a cake, ready to bake. #bake

Stay fit, stay in shape, switch to tofu. #fitness

Arguably the best product to come out of the soya plant.

Tofu is plant protein done right. #plantprotein.

Tofu is the answer to all your non-vegetarian problems.

Taste, health, and all the other good things.

Who are we? Vegans. What do we love? Tofu. #lovetofu

Fry them, steam them, put them in a roll, they’ll always be the show stoppers.

Discovered in China, loved by the world.

Tofu love is real love. #reallove

All those who say vegetarian food isn’t tasty have never tried some tofu.

Nothing quite hits your diet goals like tofu. #diet

Let tofu take care of you. #takecare

The moment you pick up a packet of tofu, you make the right decision.

Tofu is tasty, tofu is nice, and tofu is a superfood with no vice.

From six to sixty, tofu is always the fan-favorite. #favorite

Difficult to differentiate from the rest but very easy to fall in love with.

The main ingredient of everything from curries to fries.

Once you try tofu, you never go back. #nevergoback

The F in tofu stands for full of protein and goodness or maybe even fabulous.

Wraps, rolls to even balls, the tofu has mastered it all. #mastery

Tofu might be the best thing to come out of China this year.

You can never be too far from tofu once you try it. #tryit

Nothing tastes better than some tofu after a tiring workout. #workout

Builds your strength and helps you grow, can any vegetarian ask for more?

Tofu all day, every day. #allday

I could eat tofu for the rest of my life without ever getting bored. #neverbebored

If you try and cook tofu in all the ways possible, you would have a new recipe for each day that you live.

There is a lot that does not meet the eye when one looks at tofu. 

I am too foodie to not be in love with tofu. #foodie

Too happy to eat tofu today. #toohappy

Funny Tofu Captions

Tofu spells out healthy and tasty, clearer than a crystal. #crystalclear

Ever tried tofu with some noodles?

If the kids like it, it has to be the best. #best

No sensible human being will ever say no to tofu. 

Add tofu permanently to your grocery list. #grocery

How can you look at tofu and not admire how amazing it is?

Tofu is a team player, brings it all together. #teamplayer

Vegans do live longer and healthier and all of us tofu is the reason behind it.

I am officially a tofu lover now. #official

Happily and publicly declaring my undying love for tofu.

For vegans, tofu was sent directly from the gods above. #fromgods

Tofu is made with care and eaten with love. #loveandcare

Eat tofu now, and stop worrying later on. #neverworry

I just regret not having discovered it earlier in my life.

The all-in-one protein package. #package

The superfood you never knew you needed.

If you have tasted tofu in your life, you are bound to get back to it.

Toasted or stir-fried, it always tastes better. #tastebetter

Fancy something tasty and healthy? Try tofu for a change.

Homemade tofu always tastes better. #homemade

A vegan’s first choice. #firstchoice

The faster you switch to tofu the longer and healthier you will live.

The healthiest photo on the internet. #internet

Tofu and good health are best friends forever. #bestfriends

If you could count one health benefit a day for tofu, it would take years for you to complete the list.

Even Mr. Bean is in love with tofu, what’s stopping you? #inlove

All the benefits with a touch of great taste. #greattaste

Curry or wrap, tofu always has your back.

Let all the tofu lovers unite. #tofulovers

Healthy is a way of life and tofu is the food you should choose for that way.

For the love of health in you. #lovehealth

Just one of the good things to come out of the soya bean.

The best from the world of vegetarian food. #vegetarian

Fast and easy to cook with nutrition on the go.

A photo of some to-pho. #photo

The only goal of Tofu is to fulfill your health goals.

Have some tofu and have no worries about your health. #noworry

Gain some healthy weight and a few healthy habits.

Be smart, be awake, and eat tofu. #eattofu

Before the gym or after the workout, in a home-cooked meal or a takeout, tofu always. #gym

You are always one tofu away from being healthy. #healthy

Healthier than cheese, tastier than chicken, you’ll never go back.

Some tofu to die for. #todiefor

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