11 Creative Tips to Find Right USP for Your Brand

What sets your business apart from the others? It is nothing but the Unique Selling Point (USP). in fact, it is the blood running in the veins of your organization. 

Your unique selling point is the part and parcel of your organization. It helps in making your business stand out from the crowd by letting everybody know the specialty of your business. So, here you need to know what USP for a brand is and how you can choose one for your brand.

What’s A Unique Selling Point?

When you are starting your business, it will be alluring if your brand speaks to everyone. What more would you be expecting when your business comes to life? Yes, all you need is something that makes your brand appealing. 

It is also true that your quest of being “one for all” can bring you to nothing. That is when a unique selling point comes to rescue you. It is was defines you in the best way. So, you will be needing a unique selling point at the starting phase of establishing your brand. It is even prevalent for marketing and websites.

We say it as it all you need if you are going to start with the marketing and advertising campaigns.

identify aspects of product service

Why Do I Need A USP For My Brand?

Nobody can deny that USP is critical for a brand. So, what makes it so crucial? As you have known branding is the key to your business, you cannot underestimate the power of USP.

A strong USP is helpful in making the customers understand what services your business does offer. It will bring clarity in their minds and choosing you instead of going for others in your competition.

How To Find USP For My Brand?

It requires a good knowledge of the audience you have to target. Moreover, you need to have an idea about the competitors as well as the industry in which you are going to do business.

So, there are some things that you must know in order to choose a unique selling point for your brand.

Here are things to find a perfect USP For Your Brand.

Understand The Target Audience

Target audience is the first thing that comes when you begin with choosing a unique selling point. There are factors that concern with the target audience. You have to know who your target audience is.

Moreover, you got to be aware of the reasons why they would be buying your item instead of going for other brands in the same industry. It also concerns how your items meet the needs of the customers.

It is obvious that people will be looking for the services that are helping you save a lot of time. By consulting colleagues, friends, and customers, you will come to know why people would like to buy from your brand or go for opting for the products and services that you provide.

Know The Competitive Advantage

You have to be aware of at least a few things where you are confident that your product and services stand above your competitors.

It is recommended that you must note down all of the competitors along with what needs of the customers they are fulfilling. Then, you can make some notes regarding how they can meet the requirements.

Even if a company stands on the top of the industry, it does not mean that it is delivered what is promised. The thing that matters is what you can deliver to come in the game and give a good competition in the market.

See What Is Trending

You got to be aware of the needs that are being met by every other business in the competition. In addition, it is necessary to know the trends in the industry.

You must be considering these trends along with the issues that would be existing in the market for a few next years. 

identify brand element sets you apart

How Will You Test And Refine USP?

You got to come up with something that is compelling and able to convey the USP you have been chosen. For this, you have to know whether it is effective enough or not. Hence, you can get some feedback from choosing a few of the customers.

It will definitely help you in position the brand you want to establish. For the effective positioning of your brand, these are some of the interviews that would be helpful in getting what you are expecting:

  1. What kind of business you are in?
  2. Who are the target customers for your business?
  3. How will you be delivering for what you have promised?
  4. What sets you apart from others?

Ways To Communicate Your USP With The Market Plan

In order to become successful in our business, there are several things like money, idea and a drive. But, most importantly, you will need a great plan and strategy for marketing. And for a great plan, you need an effective USP.

Your USP speaks for you. So, the customers are able to understand that only your brand is capable of delivering and your competitors don’t. It does not tell them what you do rather than what you can offer. But, it is necessary to let your USP reach out to the customers effectively. 

Well, there are some ways through which your customers are able to understand the unique selling point that sets you apart from your competition.

Be More Customer-Centric

It already has sounded more obvious to you. So, you got to move forward not forgetting pinning down the USP. By keeping it more customer-centric, it means you got to make them feel that they really are getting something different.

For instance, you could be using the phrases that start with a word that addresses the customers. If your USP starts with the word “you”. The customers are really get affected by it.

For example, “you are going to save a lot of money” will be more effective than “we are going to save a lot of money”. So, you just have to make them feel about themselves. Using the word “I” should be avoided. 

For Instance, a catchy USP can be considered to be the one that can perfectly defines the USP to be more customer centric. Making some amazing offer to the customers has always been one of the most preferred marketing strategy.

The same strategy Domino’s used in their USP. The USP is somehow lucid and clear and guarantees a free pizza if not delivered within 30 minutes. The main target of this USP is to attract customers by becoming more customer-centric with such an amazing offer. 

Simply The Best

It is also known as the “kiss” principle. The marketing materials are needed to be short and simple that hits the mind. Your customers do not the whole day to read this. Moreover, you don’t want them to struggle to get what you want to say in your message. 

For Instance, you might find this USP a bit quirky but due to its simplicity, it has been on people’s mind. It is nothing but M&Ms. The USP is quite simple and easy to get in the very first time you read it. It is so easy to comprehend that it melts in your mouth instead of melting in your hands.

That is what all about the M&Ms and people are loving it. It has explained all the major portions like its specialty as well as the aspects that makes it different from other. But the best thing is that it has been expressed with too much simplicity.

Offering A Solution To An Issue

Customers are fully aware of the problems they are facing. You do not need to express this in your USP. but, what you can do is to provide a solution for that. If you are able to do that, we will be undertaking that you have already known the issues that is why you are offering the solutions that others of your competitors are not able to.

You can just give them a reason so that the customers can find it beneficial in opting for your product and services. As a matter of fact, your point is to make their lives easier and provide satisfaction after using your products.

Taking an Example of FedEx Corporation, you will get to know-how offering a solution can be a part of your USP. The USP says “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Regardless of no longer being used as a USP, it is the best USP a brand can have. The company here is trying to offer the solution to the problem. Generally, people face issues regarding product delivery. For this, FedEx guarantees a safe and on-time product delivery to you with this USP. 

Targetting The USP

What you provide must be tailored to what your target market is. Providing a number of products can make to go for tailoring the USP for the respective markets.

Suppose if you provide both digital marketing and software development services. Your USP must be tailored not only for the digital marketing services but also for the software development services.

You just have to know where to focus on if you intend to create a USP. 

Try Not To Be A Geekspeak

Use words that your target audience can get. You won’t be opening a dictionary just to understand what your message is all about. Like we have said earlier that the USP needs to be simple and easy to read and understand. 

create phrase related with brand

How Will You Write A Unique Selling Proposition – USP?

Now, you are about to get started with writing a unique selling proposition on your own. Well, you must have been aware of the fact that all it requires is the idea regarding the industry, competitors as well as the customers if you are going to develop a unique selling point (USP). 

Now, you will be getting acquainted with the idea so that you can write a USP for your brand on your own.

First Things First

So, regarding the first step for you to write a USP, you have to go a step back and check the basic things related to our mission, market analysis, business goals and plans. First of all, ask yourself why? It must be quite overwhelming that people are opting for your services and liking your products.

But, have you ever been thinking of why would they do so? You might have got it right. So, go back with a recap button on and start with the primary thing. Being more customer-centric, you will be getting the answers by yourself.

We can recommend some generic question while you think of yours:

  1. What kind of products and services you are providing?
  2. What makes your brand different from others?
  3. Who is your target audience?
  4. Which of your business goals is customer-centric?

Have you developed a few questions by yourself? That’s great if you have. So, try to answer them and come one step ahead in writing your own USP.

Solve A Problem

In this step, you need to identify issues your target audience is facing. Hence, you can come up with a solution. It will make a great impact on your target audience as they are going to start keeping their faith in your company.

Suppose if your potential customers are getting those voids fulfilled by the solution you are promising to provide. 

USP examples of popular brands

What Makes You Different?

In this step, you are about to identify the solution you are offering and how does it make it different. The things you identify must have substance so that you can have clarity about the primary factors that makes your target audience come to you instead of your competition.

Such factors must be strong enough to feel more convincing for the customers so that they can even switch it to your company’s product and services.

Be Promising

This step constitutes one of the most crucial elements that you have noticed in the previous steps. You must be keeping in mind that your USP hint the promise you are making. For instance, you can make promises like your services are 24*7 and you deliver on time.

So, you must have been getting all these steps right. As you have seen that USP plays a crucial role in defining your brand. Moreover, you are able to understand why it is needed for your company to have an effective unique selling point for a brand. While starting your business, you need a lot of things that can empower your ambitions to reach out to the goal. But, the most important thing is the marketing plan.

Now, you have got acquainted with the significance of the unique selling point in your marketing plan. As a matter of fact, you cannot be able to stand out in the market without it. You are able to perceive so many big brands that are being recognized with their unique selling point for a brand.

So, we hope you have got the best ideas regarding the unique selling point. In addition, you have got step by step instructions in writing your own unique selling point for your brand. 

It has also helped you in getting a lot of suggestions and advice regarding how your unique selling point can be more appealing and help you stand out in the market keeping you apart from your competitors. Hence, you also have learned how you can be more appealing with your USP for a brand by addressing the solution to the problem.

Additionally, you have learned how your behavior as being customer-centric can help you out in reaching out to the expectations.

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