22 Tips to Build Fruit Juice Brand from Scratch

Preparation of fruit juices has been in practice even in the period  8000 BC when early Romans extracted grape juice from the famous Italian grapevines to prepare wine.

Tips to Build Fruit Juice Brand from Scratch

The first recorded history of juice extracts from citrus fruits especially orange was noted in the early 18th century in England. Juice from the various fruits can be extracted in primarily two ways as –

  • Directly getting extract in liquid from the natural fruit either by crushing or pressing with the help of mixer grinders or  juicers and 
  • Concentrates, flavours, and the essence of various fruits are mixed in liquid to obtain liquid concentrates of juice which is artificial.

Benefits of fruit juice

 Although the intake of fruit juices have several good properties and benefits the following are some of the most important benefits 

  • Fruit juices are excellent for toning up of the skin tissues and a good supplement in any skin ailments
  • Fruit juices help in minimization of obesity
  • Fruit juices help immensely in detoxifying the body from harmful elements
  • Fruit juices contain a rich quantity of minerals and vitamins which are excellent for building up of a healthy body
  • Fruit juices help in fortifying the immune system in the body
  • Fruit juices keep the body hydrated always
  • Fruit juices are a complete wholesome food  and are very good if taken after fasting
  • Fruit juices balance the alkali reserve in the body and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Fruit juices are very good breakfast supplements.


Varieties of popular fruit juices

  • Citrus juices like orange
  • Sugarcane
  • Mango
  • Pomegranate
  • Beetroot
  • Cranberry
  • Apple
  • Grapes
  • Lime and lemon
  • Carrot
  • Wheatgrass

Target audience of consumption of fruit juices

  • Kids 
  • Family
  • Upwardly mobile people
  • Health-conscious citizens
  • Citizens belonging to a higher level of psychographic and socio-economic  profile

Procurement of fruit juices and sourcing

Fruit juices are healthy beverages and therefore the procurement of raw materials is of paramount importance. Procurement of fruits can be done in the following ways –

  • It can be done from the brand’s orchards and plantations which is nurtured and upkeep is done the brand owner.
  • B2B procurement-
  • The brand owner procures from the orchard owners and farmers directly
  • The brand owner procures pulps
  • The brand owner procures raw materials after proper tender calling from fruit merchants association.
  • Third-party manufacturing whereby the brand owner just sticks his labels on the finished items received.

Brand nomenclature

  • Logo – As fruit juice is consumed by the young and old alike, the logo has to be appealing to all age groups cutting across. The logo design has to be simple and at the same time impactful so that brand recall is quite high which is an essential ball game in this product category. The logo should depict the fruit essence boldly preferably with fruit illustrations 
  • Brand name and tag line – Since fruit juice comes under the FMCG category, the name needs to be very creative or at least a  descriptor of juice extraction should be aptly added. At the same time, the name has to be meaningful but not of serious type.  The tag line should be short yet the couple of words should be able to suffice the meaning of the logo and brand name and explain everything. 
  • Colour of the logo – The logo has to be very appetizing with multicolour scheme to make a bang in the consumer psyche. Bright colours need to be used. Some of the suggestive colours are orange, green, bright red and bright yellow.  
  • Pricing strategy – In this competitive segment prices should match the aspirations of the target consumers.
  • Brand positioning strategy – The positioning strategy should be such that the brand name is firmly ensconced in the minds of the customers cutting across all age groups. 

Brand Message

For a health food like fruit juice which is also a hub of nutrition, brand message assumes premium importance. Almost all reputed fruit juice companies have to have ISO certificates for manufacturing.

What is mandatory for the food item sector is that the item must have concurrence and approval from the statutory bodies that the juice is okay for human consumption.

In the case of Licence, Agencied who gives a nod after seeing the nutrient value also. All these must be appropriately conveyed to the general target audience which will reinforce the brand more. The message has to be conveyed straightforwardly as it will be a very good selling proposition.

Brand Voice

Along with brand messaging, brand voice personalizes or humanifies the brand. The brand voice of the fruit juice will ultimately characterize the brand personality. Being a nutritionally packed food item, the brand voice should harp on the approvals of ISO and the concerned food safety authority together with the percentage of the nutritional value of the fruit.

The target consumer and the audience must relate with oneness regarding the values of the brand and must be able to mentally collate with the brand.

Brand Personality

Fruit juice is such an item that it is consumed by all age groups of slightly upward demographic and psychographic profile, The brand personality to be developed for fruit juice ideally should be confident of oneself, fun-loving, a mix of casual and seriousness with tons of health benefits and immunity-boosting properties. 

Creation of a proper suitable brand personality is of immense importance in the fruit juice sector. Harping on ISO certification and food authorities nod is a sure must. 

Competitor’s activities

Being a strictly fast-moving consumer item, fruit juice brands require extensive promotion. The following are certain aspects of competitor’s activities that require attention –

  • To keep a track on the publicity campaign of the competitors
  • Details of the fruit vendors, their quality of materials served and whether health standards maintained
  • Innovation in packaging design. Excellent packaging design is a very crucial factor in the marketing of fruit juice.
  • Consumer schemes and sweepstakes are also important for consumer pull
  • Flavour and its liking of the competitor fruit juice brand. In this sector liking and disliking of flavours are very important.
  • Pricing strategy of the competitor and their trade schemes being offered. 

Advertising communications of fruit juice brand

Advertising campaign with a fairly good volume of budget is very necessary to make the fruit juice brand a resounding success. The following media mixes have ample opportunities of publicity mix-

  • Bright coloured print advertisement in English and Vernacular dailies with special emphasis on children page.
  • Advertisements in kid’s channel on television
  • Advertisement on radio FM channels
  • Sponsorship of events in schools like painting, sports and other competition   and cultural programmes
  • Signage advertisements in vantage positions of reputed eateries, restaurants and hotels
  • Operating sales promotion programmes like scratch coupon offers and exchange offers amongst the target group.
  • Testimonial advertisements harping on the nutritional value of the brands. 
  • Signage branding at retail counters
  • Maintenance of health and safety standards along with the best quality fruits need to be repeatedly mentioned. 
  • Usages of very colourful point of sale items at the retail counters.

Packaging design

Innovative packaging design is very important for the effective marketing of a fruit juice brand. The shape of the packaging and the colour scheme involved will add a lot more to the brand value. The design must be very bright and colourful with an illustration of a fruit.

Needless to say, the certifications of ISO and the relevant food safety authorities must be mentioned on the label. The inside material of the packaging must be able to preserve the fruit juice for a longer period. Glass bottles must be avoided to ward of breakage. Instead PET bottles or TETRA bottles need to be used.  

Brand integration 

Office retail and trade environment:

  • Innovative coloured posters in the office internal environment.
  • Advertisement in transit media
  • Innovative point of sales designs at retail outlets
  • Glow sign boards and other outdoor market assets
  • Sponsorship of events
  • Branding of retail outlets
  • Sampling in particular locations to boost up sales

Social Media: 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google Plus
  • Email marketing


  • Should be easily navigable
  • The website should have online selling options.  
  • Link should be connected to other reputed  e-commerce sites
  • Website design has to be very colourful and bright
  • All basic product information must be present
  • Nutritional value of the main ingredients need to be highlighted. 
  • ISO logo and the certification of relevant food safety department must be uploaded
  • Upload of video clipping showing the various  manufacturing and bottling  process  will be an added advantage
  •  Posting of Celebrity endorsement and testimonials will be an added advantage 


Fruit juice segment being a beverage is an exciting product to market. The challenge to make the brand as the top recalled one requires a lot of new and innovative ideas. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction and customer reaction is all that counts the most. 

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