Top 12 Proven Tips to Build Your Coffee Brand

Little did anyone imagine that a 15th century discovered dark brown colored hot beverage in Yemen will be one of the most popular drinks of the world centuries later.

There are three main servings of coffee namely caffe latte, French press, and espresso.


Tips to Build Your Coffee Brand

Coffee is a very invigorating drink because of the presence of caffeine in a small amount which, after intake simply energizes the full system of the body. 


Usages of Coffee Drinking

Apart from being a stimulating drink, coffee has got many health benefits such as—-

  • Very fruitful in cases of type 2 diabetes.
  • Coffee reduces mental and physical fatigue
  • Protects the liver against cirrhosis
  • Reduces joint and muscle pains
  • Coffee is presumed to be beneficial in Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer Disease
  • Beneficial in certain heart ailments
  • Beneficial in rheumatic pain


Target Audience of coffee

Nowadays coffee is being taken by young teenagers in middle-level school but normally the preferred age group is young adults and above up to senior citizens who have to maintain strict work deadlines in their working and educational environments.

Coffee intake will immediately reduce the mental and physical stress, therefore this is the right target audience.

  •  Behavioral patterns of coffee users — Demographically if seen, it is found that early morning risers, young urban professionals, go-getters, and jet setters are the core group of people whose coffee intake is the highest. 


Defining the Target Audience 

Once the target audience has been found, which are young adults up to corporate suave upmarket senior citizens; the psychographic profile of the coffee consumers is of prime importance to know.

As coffee is a great stimulant that is perceived to be imparting immediate energy, the coffee marketer must know that a coffee user is ready to fish out that extra premium for his cup of coffee.

Young adults from 20+ years to 45+ years are the biggest segment of coffee users. One has to get the insight of the social habits of the right target audience, 


The Big Formula of Marketing

To make a brand successful in the consumer psyche so that there is a positive rub off in other sister brands, the modus operandi below is pursued globally-

  • First and foremost is the initiative to create the rapt attention of the premium brew and the brand amongst the target audience
  • Secondly is the issue to create interest  in that particular brand, why the customers should be skewed towards that brand,
  • The real challenge starts now to create urge, that desire, craving, and yearning to go for that particular coffee brand.
  • Next, the customer needs to be induced to buy that particular brand


Product Raw Materials Sourcing

Sourcing of coffee beans is a very major input for the success of that particular brand. The better the beans sourced the better the taste of coffee which in turn means better acceptability of the product and better profit margin. 

The following two points are important for coffee sourcing-

Vendor selection – vendor or supplier selection is an important criterion, as more reputed and well organized the vendor is, the chance of better beans and pods are almost certain. 

Purchase price and quality–  the price and quality at which the materials are being procured is also very important. 


The complete brand and marketing communications

The brand communications form the brand personification of the coffee brand which will have the following  important points

Brand logo — Choosing and designing a brand logo in synergy with the product is very important. After all the logo is the first and foremost representation of the brand.

Brand name and tag line – The brand name has to be again in sync with the logo and the tag line in one line or one sentence should be able to explain concisely what this brand is all about.

Colour of the logo and brand name – The colour of the logo and the branding is very important. Usually rich dark brown with a golden tinge will be very apt.

Brand positioning —– the marketer has to decide how will he position his brand in the market, whether as a  very niche brand or as a me-too one, Usually for coffee niche positioning is preferred.

Pricing of the product – Pricing of the product is very important and the strategy involved in this. One can go for market penetration whereby prices are at par or below as it is higher priced in the market than its competitors the pricing of the competitors or niche pricing by which the consumer perception will be that the coffee brand is a premium product.


Brand message

 As coffee is a hot beverage intended to pep up the coffee lover in cases of mental and physical fatigue, the consumer should be immediately able to relate the brand with his preferences, his likes, and dislikes and pursue and inspire to go for that particular brand only.

In the case of coffee, the aroma and the immediate alertness in the system is an instant example of the right brand message. It can also be other attributes like its effect as a  pain reliever, nutrition, and taste coupled with colour.

In a nutshell, the consumer should be able to relate himself with the brand. 


Brand Voice

 The brand voice is a very important aspect of effective marketing communications for any brand and more important for a coffee brand which is naturally close to the heart of the coffee connoisseur. 

A brand voice is decided by the psychographic and demographic profiles of the target audience of the coffee brand that is chosen. The brand voice is the tone of the total marketing communications on which the brand will revolve and address the target audience.

For a coffee brand, a suave voice will be more apt than the loud one because the voice must confidently match the ideal temperament of the target audience


Brand Personality

 For a top-end coffee brand choosing the right brand personality is of prime importance.  Being a set of human characteristics connected to the brand, it will either make or break the brand.

The brand personality should be such that it is in perfect sync with the mindset of the chosen target audience. All the three  —- brand personality, brand voice, and brand message should be in tandem with each other.

Any mismatch between any of these three will be disastrous for the brand as the entire marketing communication will go haywire. 


Advertising communications

For a coffee advertising campaign, the copywriting and the body copy of the advertisement matter has to be such that it is eye-catching and attention-grabbing. At the same time, the following must be kept in mind-

Media options – Choosing the right media options is very important as one has to effectively reach the right target audience within the allocated budget. Choosing options becomes necessary as one has to decide whether print medium like dailies and magazines will be better or the audiovisual medium like TV and radio FM, social media, and digital media which is the current trend. Outdoor medium like hoardings and wall wrappings can also be considered as a perfect reminder medium. 

Over the counter options – Over the counter sales promotion options like gifts, scratch coupons, lottery, exchange offers can also be considered. 

Participation in fairs and events – Participation in fairs, events, and cultural programmes also will give mileage as the footfalls in these types of events are the niche type of audience right category for a coffee brand. 


Competitor’s activities

Tracking every minute activity of the competitors is also very important especially in the coffee market segment where brand loyalty is of utmost importance. The following  are the broad activities of the competitors that need to be analyzed 

  • Competitor pricing
  • Competitor’s procurement policy 
  • Competitor packaging
  • Competitor publicity activities
  • Competitor’s marketing strategies to woo the public in general and trade also. 
  • Competitor’s trade schemes that it offers to the channel of distribution.

A regular track of all these above is of important magnitude.


Packaging design

It is quite but natural that for any coffee brand to excel and to reach unassailable height, packaging design and material has to be of brilliant category.

The packaging design has to be so appealing so that it immediately catches the concentration of the prospective consumer. The inner foil of the packaging has to be of good quality so that the coffee inside is preserved properly. 


Channels of distribution

For a coffee brand in this competitive market proper channels of distribution and supply chain management are also very important.

It has to be categorically seen that the retail outlets are always sufficient with stocks and the minimum time is allowed for replenishment of stocks in the retail outlets, It should never happen this way that the loyal customers do not get their favourite coffee brand from any retail outlet as switching brands might cost dearly. 


Sample test marketing

Since coffee is a food and beverage item, consumer preferences will be handy before a grand product launch, Small sample surveys with sample pouches if conducted can give real insight on the tastes preferences and the shortcomings of the coffee brand before or during a product launch so that shortcomings can be overcome. 


Brand Integration

Brand integration is very important as the brand visibility should be there with anything related to the coffee brand. Some of the ideal brand integration ideas are as under-

Office and retail/ trade environment:
  • Display and glow sign boards at   vantage points to attract attention
  • Point of sale displays at important retail counters
  • Office interior decorations
  • Branding of Selected coffee parlours exclusively.
  • Brand displays at important restaurants and coffee lounges
  • In shop displays and in shop / on shop brandings of selected retail counters


Social media:
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp group
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Upload on YouTube.


Website and portal:
  • Website design should integrate the house colour and the coffee colour
  • The website should be user friendly
  • It should be readable in mobile as well as tab
  • The website should have all comprehensive information
  • Should be connected to e-commerce portal
  • Search engine optimization should be the highest.


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