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12 Things to offer in the Press kits on Launch Events

The launch event is one of the most significant marketing platforms that can be used by brands to huge extent in order to take their products to a different level. A brand launching a new product needs to ensure that they have the maximum attendees when it comes to their launch event. More people coming to the event will mean that the product has wider outreach.

Busy when is up to the plant with at most attention and must include strategic marketing techniques. The press or media can make or break the entire product launch event and its purpose. This is why extra attention has to be paid on how a brand treats the media and its representatives who visit the launch event.

In this article we discuss the wariest things that you can offer in the press kits of such launch events! Read on to find out-

What are press kits

While organizing a launch event you need to think regarding the materials you will be offering to the media for their reference to your brand. If you choose to go online, you can have a web page on your website named press kit for the reference of media personalities. On the other hand, Offering the people from press with a folder or a kit containing information about your company and the reference to the event that is being held will also do the job.

These press kits sum up the event for them as they are busy and lack much time. Not only the people from media, a press kit can also help your possible partners, influencers and customers to know you better.

5 stunning benefits of press kits! 

  • It offers you the opportunity to let the media know about your brand and product in detail.
  • It saves you the time required in explaining every aspect of the product
  • It gives the media/press a brief about all your contact details 
  • It promotes your product 
  • Gives viable boost to the confidence of the press on your product 


Here are Important things you need to have in the press kits are mentioned below-

Your company Backgrounder 

Press kits are a great package for you to let the media know the reason and aim of your business. Right from your mission, vision and growth of the company, you need to include all of these in your press kits. In addition you need to ensure that the content is short, crisp and also in line with the product or brand launch that is the actual purpose of the event. Remember, journalists are busy which is why you should not exceed 100-150 words in this content so that they can take a look at it and know it all. 

An Example, Microsoft always take takes of the fact that the company backgrounder is appropriately showed in front in front of the public. The launch events of Microsoft are always carried out with the best content.

things to add in launch event


Significant statistics and facts of your company 

If your business has got the numbers to showcase that there is growth and prosperity in the brand that is being promoted, press kits are the best place to showcase these numbers. People from media will value these numbers and will create an effective content in your favour that shall be published in news articles throughout the area or even nation. Some of the relative points you can use in this part are- 

  • Duration of business 
  • Employee strength 
  • Significant profits 
  • Significant investments 
  • Yearly turnover 
  • Product specific sales count 

Infographics are the best way to showcase these numbers! 


Images, logo and branding materials 

For the press to write anything about you, they will need certain information and particulars of the brand. Your press kit, be it online or offline, needs to include each of them. You need to include images of your upcoming product in high resolution for the press so that they can use it across multiple platforms.

The images should be in various formats such as jpg or png, it will make it easier for the press. If you are providing your logo in the online press kit, make sure that the logo is on a transparent background so that it can be used anywhere as a graphical representation of your brand. Note- If you have any brand guidelines on where and how to use each of the material provided, kindly mention them here for the press. 

An Example, Apple takes care of the fact that their events are filled with one of the most attractive images. They also make sure that the images are elaborative and tells a story about their products.

what to offer in launch event


Product information

If your event is targeted for a product launch or multiple product launch, this part is extremely relevant for your press kit. You need to make sure that the kits have some of the,out important information about each of the product such as the price, specs and also the designs.

Such information will help the press to analyze your offerings in a better manner. You can also offer some free samples for the journalists so that they can understand the quality and value of your product and then write great things about it on their respective portals. 

An Example, Mcdonald’s makes sure that the product information is properly highlighted during the launch event. It is very important to provide the proper information about the products.

what to offer in launch event examples

Popular mentions in the media 

Be it your online or offline press kit, if you have been visible in the media due to good things, you should show it off in the press kit. It does boost your brand value and people in the press regard you as a known entity when they see that their fellow colleagues have already written posts on you.

If you are sending an online press kit, make sure you give the proper link to such posts as any misleading link can ruin your reputation for once and all. Your may have had numerous mentions in the media, however, it is the duty of your PR team to ensure that in the press kits, only those that are really huge mentions are offered and nothing else. 

For example, Dominos always make sure that the detailing are there in the product. The most important elements of product should be apparent in a tempting manner.

what to offer in launch event


Contact information 

What if the journalist has really love to your business and the idea behind the brand and ones to follow up and make a story? They will not be searching around for your contact information which is why it is mandatory that you include your detailed contact information in the Press kit be it online or offline. The contact details of your PR manager along with the email ID that deals with media queries needs to be posted.

They should be separate email ID that matches your brand name and exclusively deals with the press. Separate ID for customer enquiries and media enquiries will only make your business look more professional and trustworthy. 


Branded gifts

There is no one on earth who doesn’t like to get free gifts. The people representing press aren’t any different and they will love to receive some gift from your brand or business. You can offer them notepads, pen, table calendars, Mouse pads, paperweight and numerous other such things through your press kit. The benefit would be that all these products shall have your logo and proper branding.

Any time this media people use these gifts in their daily life your brand logo will come into exposure and people may enquire about it. This is an effective way of lead generation through your press kit and it serves both the purpose of keeping the journalists happy as well as promoting your brand to the maximum number of people.

An Example, This is taken care of the lead by the leading brand “Apple’ and thus they are still one of the leading brands in the world


Team bio

Nothing better than your team can represent what your business is actually made up of. It is immensely important to ensure that your press kits have headshots of some of the eminent names of your business.

Be it the CEO, Director or the sales expert, you can include their names and add a one line brief about their career and how they have added to the business. If you are targeting any specific product launch event, you can add the name of the product head in the press kit for the journalists to know the innovator better. 

It also a great way to show gratitude for their support for the making of the product. During the product launch, it is much more effective upload a pic on social media with the entire team of the company, rather than only with the founder. 



Customer is the king and if they are satisfied then there is nothing on earth that can stop your business from growing. Add testimonials to the press kit so that the media can refer to those and come up with their conclusion about the business or the specific product.

If you have got a bunch of positive reviews from eminent personalities in the industry, putting them up in the kit shall do wonders for your business. after all it is the happy customers that matter the most for the brand and media personalities will judge you based on the testimonials they get to see in the press kit.

An Example, Nike is a sports brand that always makes sure to display the testimonials during their launch event. This enables them to gain more trust from the customers all across the world. 


what to offer in launch event best examples



Is there a person in your company who delivers amazing speech and has got quotes that would suit the goal of the press kit? If your CEO has got some great quotes then the press kit is the best place to put them in. The journalists will be using this quote to write the article or post about your product launch and you never know such a quote can inspire many and give your brand a positive image amongst people.



No matter how genuine you make a press kit look, there will be people in the media who will end up trashing the information by calling it “self hail”. For this reason, you can include client names and details in your press kit for the media.

If they wish to expand the story on your business, they can directly get in touch with the clients to hear the other part of the story and then write a trusted post about your business. Many a times, putting up the name of clients name also imbibes a sense of trust with the people who associate with those clans or know the level of expertise required to deal with those certain clients.


Regular update

Just like any other content visible on your business website, the things you put in the Preskett also needs to be updated from time to time. The best practice is to change the materials and the content after every six months so that there is no monotony for the media personalities who may receive your press kit twice a year for product launch or any other event. 

An Example, Amazon, during the launch event of alexa took care of the fact that they regularly update the product information in order to keep the people interested and engaged with the product.


what to offer in launch event best examples

With these considerations taking place to prepare your media Kit, you can be rest assured that such a kit will be a great marketing tool for your business. It is your PR team that is held responsible for the press kit and they have the power to make or break the event you are preparing the media for. We wish you all the luck! 

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