51+ World Telecommunication Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

World Telecommunication day is celebrated annually on 17th May when the international telecommunication union was founded in 1965. This day is observed to mark the importance of using internet and other communication technologies to bind the society digitally. This day says that the role of digital advancement and new technologies are how much significant in today’s world.

World Telecommunication Day Captions for Social Media

-The revolution of the world became possible because of telecommunication –it made us benefitted. #revolution

-Now a days we cannot imagine life without telecommunication – the gadgets and internet have taken a great role in our digital life. #digital

-Advanced telecommunication made possible to move world a step ahead – best wishes on world telecommunication day. #move

-Due to rapid evolution of technology, it’s became easier to communicate with world in a short time –the hand written postal letters are almost gone away. #evolution

-Advanced telecommunication brought a vast change in the life of people – It made us smartest. #advanced

-Developed technologies and telecommunication made our life smoother but not necessarily happier. #smoother

-Though the advanced technologies and telecommunication have given relief to us from working hard but it pushed us into a world of showing off.

-Salute to the engineers who had made our life easier through inventing new technologies and evolving it– happy world telecommunication day.

-Advanced telecommunication has saved our time to convey our message to anybody. 

-We can reach at any corner of the world through the technology of telecommunication – thanks for this.

-Within a fraction of second we can be connected with the others whom we wish due to the success of telecommunication. #success

-In this modern era the Internet trapped us in a huge web bound by telecommunication – we cannot escape from here by tearing the threads of web. #web

-The world will stop moving if the internet is removed and telecommunication system gets stooped.

-The world is so dependent on advanced telecommunication system that we became more addicted to it. 

–Best wishes on world telecommunication day tech savvies. #addicted

-Let’s appreciate the role of technology and telecommunication in our daily life.

–Let’s make sure everybody can get benefit from telecommunication. #appreciate

-Though telecommunication has given us comfort but it also snatches the happiness from us to wake up in the morning after listening the chirping of birds.

-Telecommunication made our life chaotic.

 –Let’s understand the limit of using telecommunication and enjoy our life happily – happy world telecommunication day.

-Let’s celebrate the progress of the world with the help of advanced technologies and telecommunication.

-Advanced telecommunication system has brought blessings to us.

 –Let’s celebrate world telecommunication day remarkably. #blessings

-Let’s thank the advanced telecommunication system for making the bond stronger among the people of world.

 –Telecommunication is more like a bridge created by us to get connected to the world.

-We can’t survive long time in a place free of internet – wishing a very happy world telecommunication day to all. #survive

-Today’s modern age can’t imagine a day without modern technologies and advanced telecommunication. #modern

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