15 Creative Techniques to Enhance Brand Visibility ( Images+ Examples)

When you are an owner of a small business, the much-needed thing in order to grow your business and maximize profits is “Brand Awareness”. Increasing Brand Awareness requires top-notch marketing strategies to make your consumers recognize and memorize your business.

The more brand awareness you create, the more exposure you gain to the potential customers of yours, at both local and global levels.

If you take an account of any well -established flagship business, then the prime thing that they emphasize on is the Brand Awareness. The better awareness you spread about your business, brand or company, the more you are recognized by your potential customers by your logo, taglines, products and messages.

The definition of Branding is utterly broad and so is Brand Awareness. To sum up the whole context, Brand awareness is can be referred to how well people are informed about what a particular brand has to offer.

To start with, let’s first take a look how useful brand awareness is for business:

  • Consumers are encouraged to opt for your business more as it helps to build trust.
  • It enables repeated purchase.
  • It enhances people’s decision-making process.
  • Brand awareness also contributes to conversions and market share up to a great extent.

If you want to increase Brand Awareness for your business, you first need to set a benchmark. Gaining the attention of the potential buyers is not easy and achieving a popularity at every corner of the world requires a lot of hard work and research.

Raising up brand awareness is possible when you have a cutting edge and a full proof marketing plan to implement.

Why you need brand awareness?

One of the top most concern of the several business owners out there is the lack of brand awareness. No matter how good your services are and no matter how well your products are, if you do not have enough exposure to the audience, it will all go in vain.

In order to make your business successful and gain enough growth, you need to have the proper marketing strategies for earning brand awareness and turn the faces of your potential customers towards you. All your business plans can be successfully implemented only when you have adequate customers to serve.

There are a number of various smart and wise marketing strategies which you can use for earning brand awareness and global attention.

Various Techniques That May Help You Enhance The Visibility Of Your Brand Are:

Use Of Media Listening:

The most important aspect of raising brand awareness is by figuring out what your customers expect from your business. To promote your brand amongst your customers, the prime thing you require is that you should be able understand the requirements of your clients and provide them the services accordingly.

Knowing your customers by personal interaction or by reading their comments and feedback also helps you build a strong and long-lasting relationship with your clients.

“Chobani” would be a great example in this context. It is doing a phenomenal job in terms of building brand awareness by means of social media listening.

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Maintain The Consistency:

When it comes to marketing and making your brand a word of mouth, maintaining the consistency of the brand is very important. Let’s go a bit deeper! If you are consistent with the ideology of your business, then you might succeed to occupy a greater place in the market.

Innovation and changes in the marketing strategies are needed, but with a constant message. 

Take the example of Coca-Cola. It is a well-known brand and it has always managed to remain on top in terms of consistent marketing. It is there in the market for about 130 years and yet they have been promoting their brand with a same message and with the same mission.

Free Trials And Sample Products:

This works the best when it comes to marketing a particular brand. Also, it is a great way to build trust in the minds of people. This allows your customers relay more on you and your business and also it indicates that you are firm and confident in what you are doing and what you have in offer.

If you offer people some free samples to try, then they will be more likely choose your brand over others.

As you know JIO has become one of the pioneers in the telecom industries. This is because of the free trial period of almost one year provided by this iconic telecom brand.

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Incorporate Infographics And Visual Contents In Your Marketing Strategy:

A psychological study says that people are more likely to read and share colourful contents by 80 percent. Also, incorporating infographics and other visual stuffs hold greater probability to be shared by people out there.

Attractive graphic designs and colourful ads can really be inviting for the customers. They will be more compelled to notice your advertisement and memorize it. A colourful and an interesting logo can be a great thing to start with.

The more it catches eyes, the more brand awareness you gain.

You can take the help of various website designers and graphic designers to create stunning visual contents for making your website and other marketing tools looks as attractive as possible.

Google is a good example which uses great infographics with attractive design and style.

Make The Most Of Multimedia:

When marketing strategies are being talked about, the thing one cannot miss is making the best of multimedia. The term ‘multimedia’ refers to various presentation, videos, webinars and many more. You can make use various social media platforms and create multimedia messages to create a buzz amongst the audience about your brand.

Making a short but illustrative YouTube video can be great way to start with. More than 75 percent of the youths are present there in social media and you are sure to target some of the potential ones.

YouTube is a very big platform which is widely used by all age groups of people. The more your ads stream online, the more attention you get and the more awareness you build.

Create A Movement Within People:

For enhancing brand awareness amongst people requires to create a buzz and a kind of movement amongst them. In order to do that, you need to present your products and services to your customers in an aesthetic, sophisticated and a presentable manner.

Appealing services can create a buzz amongst the people and make them talk about your brand.

You can consider the Marketing strategy of Apple. Their advertisement does not really contain much content. Instead, they are just clear, to the point, and presentable. This gives a push the people peep deeper inside the brand to know it more.

You can see that there is nothing fancy about Apple’s advertisement but and each time they come up with ultra- innovative and modern gadgets.

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Make The Most Of Social Media:

Almost every individual out there irrespective of the age group are present in some or the other social media platform. As a matter of fact, social media platforms are the most lucrative place where you can get a global exposure for your brand.

Social media platforms are great when it comes to marketing a brand. Social media platforms help to gain brand identity and let your consumer know you at a more intimate level.

Starbucks would be a Great Example of a business which is crushing it in terms of social media marketing. They run a successful Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account and incorporate everything their fans want. They make the cleverest use of videos and images on the social media.

Create Interactive Content: 

When it comes to marketing, content plays a very important role. When website designing is talked about, people generally tend to emphasize more on the graphics and animations, and often forget about qualitative content.

Interactive contents are necessary to let your consumers know about your business and have a detailed idea about what you provide.

The content that you provide in your website should be in a clear language and informative. You should make sure that the visitors do not need to scroll much down the page in order to find details regarding your business.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the content are short and apt. Lengthy contents are often boring and monotonous.

The Wise Use Of Hashtags:

With the smart use of hashtags, it is possible to reach a number of strangers on various platforms. You can add smart hashtags on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

By incorporating various hashtags in yours posts, the users out there can reach out to your business.

You can use the most popular hashtags out there in order to make your business earn more exposure and to have a greater probability to be searched.

For an Example, #throwbackthursday or #tbt is a very famous hashtag that you can use to increase brand awareness. At the rate or @ is also an useful element in term of earning recognition and popularity.

Build Local Partnerships:

Building local partnerships is a lucrative way to make brand visible. Also, this aspect is also very beneficial for that business which are local-oriented. This strategy can also be incorporated in other businesses as well.

You can opt for joining your partners who are fellow local business owners and participate in a number of seminars and festivals.

Another great idea can be plastering around various events and festivals, which can do the rest part of increasing brand visibility for your brand.

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Announce Various Contest And Giveaways:

It can be quite interesting to take part in a contest and win some goodies. There are manybusinesses out there who regularly calls for an event or contest and offers them some giveaways. This can enhance the interest of the people in your business.

There can be a buzz about the contest you are calling for, and more and more consumers may tend to take part in the contest.

In this whole process, you can earn a significant exposure and your clients will be able to know about your business from closure.

Suppose you run a YouTube channel. You can announce that if the count of your subscribers reaches to 1 million, you can give them some free goodies. This can gain you a hike in the number of subscribers you have. And also, people would like to know more about your business.

Exclusive Offers Can Act Smart:

Exclusive offers refers to those offers which comes along with a condition. It could also be a limited period offer. By arranging such exclusive offers, you are actually setting a limit to the offer you are providing your customers.

Your customers will keep in head that they have several constraints regarding availing of this offer. Thus they will try more to avail the offer and will try to reach out to you within the period you have mentioned.

Also, in several shopping malls and complexes, you might have seen that there offers like Buy 2 and get 1 free. This offer is actually a tricky one. This is basically to compel the consumers to buy at least two of the items in order to get one free.

Be Creative And Innovative:

It goes without saying that creativity and innovation has no end. There is basically no limit to the number of new ideas that an individual can come up with. Incorporating this in your marketing strategy would be a very good technique in order to earn awareness.

People are always in search of something new and creative, and they also tend to get attracted to some extra ordinary stuffs.

That is why, try to think out of the box and try to bring out some creativity from within you to attract people’s attention.

You can introduce some additional services along with your niche business in order to ease the way out for your customers to use your services and products. Additional and complimentary services are loved all and they will be more likely to choose you over others.

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