51+ Best Tea Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the whole world. On 21st May tea producing countries celebrate tea day and international tea day is celebrated on December 15th every year. Tea producing countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Tanzania, Malaysia, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi started celebrating tea day from the year of 2005

List of Tea Day Captions for Social media

-A cup of tea is similar to a cup of happiness – have a happy tea day.

-If you want to relief your stress drink tea – celebrate tea day happily. #happy

-On this tea day make a cup of tea for yourself and get some more energy to dedicate yourself in work. #energy

-Fill your cup with tea – fill your body with energy – have a happy tea day. 

-Think of a situation – think of tea – wishing you a happy tea day.

-A true tea lover never minds the timing – they only mind the tea – have a happy tea day. #tea

-People also call tea the liquid of wisdom as it helps to boost the functions of brain. #wisdom

-Want to be healthy? – Simply drink tea – wishing you a very happy tea day. 

-Want to have some good idea? – Have some tea first – have a happy world tea day. 

-Tea is the best beverage of the world – not only tastes good but feels good too –celebrate this tea day with a cup of tea. #tea

-Looking classy is not that tough – just put some tea in a beautiful cup – have a happy tea day. #classy

-You enjoy tea every day because they produce tea everyday – don’t forget to thank them on this tea day. 

-No amount of tea is excessive if you are a tea lover – have a happy tea day with a huge cup of tea. 

-If you are looking for an answer – drink tea first and boost your wisdom. #wisdom

-Need energy? – Try tea – the perfect beverage for all ages – have a happy tea day. #energy

-Forget energy drinks and drink tea to boost your energy on this tea day – wishing you a happy tea day. 

-Satisfy your afternoon cravings with some biscuits and a cup of tea – feel refreshed on this tea day. 

-Give yourself a break – have a cup of tea and feel refreshed – have a happy tea day. #refreshed

-Don’t neglect any vitamin, especially vitamin tea and have a happy tea day. #vitamin

-A nicely brewed cup of tea is another name of happiness – celebrate the tea day with a refreshed mind. 

-Forget bout all your worries – drink a cup of tea and find the solution magically – have a happy tea day. 

-The perfect partner of my rainy day is a cup of tea – feel the rain more with tea on this tea day. #rain

-Be a tea addict – be a wisdom addict – have a happy tea day. #addict

-Want to know about the best way to start your day? – have a cup of black tea and feel great. 

-A great beverage like tea can give you a great feeling – have a happy tea day. 

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