100+catchy Tea Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. There are various types of tea to choose from. Uploading posts and pics of your tea across social media is a great way to gain popularity.

Here is a list of beautifully concocted captions for you to use with your posts and pics on tea. They will help you get a lot more likes and followers surely.

tea captions for Instagram

Tea is not just a beverage. It is also a source of inner peace. #tea

We are here to serve you the best. #connoisseur

A necessary beverage that also symbolizes class and style. #beverage

We are known to make the best blends of quality and price. Not just tea. #flavors

Best quality at best prices. Only from us. #aroma

A brand that is a benchmark. #besttea

Spice tea is worth trying. It’s healthy, too. #tealover

Certified as the most-loved tea. #teatime

A cup of tea is all it takes to complete your offering. #cupoflove

Naturally blended. #beverage

Something that will make you a proud consumer – our tea. #connoisseur

We never compete, except with ourselves. #tea

Simple fall in love with the rich aroma and taste. #tealover

A class apart from the rest. #flavors

Don’t take our word for it, try a cup first. #tea

For the casual drinker. #beverage

A company that is synonymous with quality. #connoisseur

The most exported tea worldwide. #besttea

Exclusive blend, long leaves, fantastic flavor. #tea

Give your guests the best. #flavors

The most refreshing drink that will recharge you within minutes. #aroma

Be the talk of the town. Offer tea. #beverage

Tea is so affordable a beverage. #tea

A tea that makes you more respectable. #connoisseur

Relax with a cup of tea after a very long day. #tea

A cup of tea can rejuvenate you at the end of the day. #aroma

Get the most exotic tea in the world at the best price.

A classy beverage for the truly classy ones. #beverage

Brewed to perfection. #tea

A beverage that may be consumed at different times of the day.

You have always been in our minds. #aroma

Quality and affordability are what we bring you always. #beverage

The color and flavor prove it. #connoisseur

Nothing like iced tea after a hard day at work. #tealover

Made for connoisseurs. #flavors

We have been voted the best for the 25th time. #tea

Healthy tasty combo. #beverage

Arguably the best varieties come from us. #besttea

A tea brand desired by all. #connoisseur

Come and let us spoil you for choice.

We manufacture only for you.

Drink our tea and see for yourself what we mean. #tea

A blend to show our love for you. #beverage

We have been serving you the best tea for more than 100 years.

When passion rules the game. #connoisseur

The brand that brings you the best – wherever you are. #flavors

Buy the best quality from us. #tea

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself with that cup of tea. #aroma

Fall in love with our taste. #connoisseur

Begin your day with a refreshing cup of tea. #tea

Funny Tea Captions

Feel the peace within, the beauty outside. #tea

Taste it, then try stopping yourself from buying it. #tealover

To fill a cup, sit and chat with your family and friends doesn’t cost much at all.

Feel the flexibility in tea. #connoisseur

The house that brings you taste and quality. #flavors

An ageless blend. #beverage

A tea that can be had in various ways. #tea

Green tea for a long healthy life. #aroma

The highest selling tea brand in the world.

Every leaf is handpicked. #connoisseur

Bond with the blend. Let your love never end. #tea

The best energy drink around. #beverage

We bring you the most varieties and blends. #flavors

Get the benefits of tea in every cup. #tealover

The most authentic tea from the most authentic company. #besttea

Expect the best from the best. #connoisseur

A tea company that caters to every segment.

Only perfect quality from us. #tea

You are exclusive so we blended the most exclusive tea for you.

A name you can trust forever. #flavors

Make every sip a feeling to cherish. #beverage

Keeping you happy always. #connoisseur

Tea is for the ones who love being elite. #tea

Get that instant energy. #aroma

A fine beginning and end to you a lovely day. #besttea

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