300+ Unique Tea brand Name Ideas

Tea brands have emerged as one of the largest brands in the world in due time. There are no people who don’t love having tea. But people always try to have quality tea and cannot trust all the brands that have evolved recently.

So to gain the faith of the customers, a tea brand necessarily needs to have a classy brand name.

some useful tips to select a name for your tea brand.

What should we consider while choosing a name for a tea brand?

  • The name must have the efficiency to represent the description of the products
  • The name must be unique and new
  • The name must consider with itself the original motto of the brand
  • The name must be convenient to understand

The importance of name for a tea brand

Must always encourage you

Go for names that will be motivating and inspiring you to do better in the business in every working moment. Those names will never let you give up hope if you face any kind of set back in the business.

Must not be copied from any source

Counterfeiting or plagiarism is highly hated by the customers. Consumers always try to choose things with some unique and new aspects and reject the copied things due to scarcity of enough belief. That is why strictly avoid copied names and always go for names that retain innateness and newness in them.

Must be classy and exotic

Choose names that would consist in it a different type of class and elegance as people love things with a higher level of aristocracy

Tips to choose the correct name for a tea brand

The name must be pronounceable

Select names that can be easily pronounced by all kinds and ranges of customers. Tooth-breaking names become hard to pronounce as well as too much complicated to understand for all. This might repel customers from the brand. So go for easy names

Example- Brew

The names can be synonyms

If brand names are being represented by synonyms, people can understand it much more and can relate to the brand much more.

Example- Pekoe

The names must be relatable with the products

Strictly go for names that can be compared with the description of the products being offered by the brand so that it looks authentic to the customers and they take full interest in buying products from that brand

Example- Refreshment

The right formula to choose a perfect name for your tea brand

During the process of the search for a proper brand name for your tea brand, one must retain a lot of patience and perseverance so that you can get a suitable name. Here are some mind-blowing ideas that would help to choose an appropriate brand name for tea.

  • Use metaphors

Metaphorical brand names are being appreciated by all kinds of customers

Example- cavalry tea

  • Take the help of hyphens

If hyphens are being inserted in the brand names it makes the brand names sound cooler

Example- Peek-a-fresh

  • Add Misspellings

If words are being misspelled intentionally they can make up a very good brand name

Example- Tretea

  • Take the advantage of humor

Humorous brand names have always been among the favorites of the customers

Example- Tweetea

  • Use adjectives

Adjectives serve as one of the most helpful tools in naming brands

Example- Refreshing Tea

  • Use color

Colors as brand names are loved by all

Example- Golden Tea

  • Utilize taste

Taste can be used as a great alternative for brand names

Example- Zesty

  • Use province

Manufacturing province can be an amazing brand name

Example- Mexican tea

  • Take the help of the texture

Texture can add up as an extra in the brand name

Example- Paper tea

  • Take the advantage of nouns

Nouns can give real clarity and definition to the brand names

Example- Tea love

Already existing brand names for tea brand

  • American Tea Room
  • Argo Tea
  • Bigelow Tea Company
  • Honest Tea
  • Harney & Sons
  • Capital Teas
  • Good Earth Tea
  • Celestial Seasonings
  • Twinings
  • Madame Flavor

Unique name ideas for a tea brand


Tea Garden

Fragrance Of Farm

Friends Tea

Feel At Home




Heart of Hills

T Best

Bond Of Love


Helmed At Love

Brew In Himalayas

Freshening Touch


Pollinated Leaves


Tamaro Tea

Hills Of Norway

Mountain Touch

From India

Wake Happy

Perfect Infusion

Flavour Of Herbs


Boiled Spices

Bev 42

Alive And Kicking

Up And Running

Continental Tea

Taste Of Culture

Chinese Medicine

Peet’s Concoction

Concocted Remedies

Nature’s Window

Brilliance Tea

Play Of Aroma

Golden Times

Smooth Era

Taste Of Heaven

Tea Experience

Savor Goodness

Woods Taste

Huts On Heights

Tea Basket

Nature’s Lap

Utopian Tea




The Method

Plethora of Tea

Charlie’s Tea

51 Leaves





Tea Tree


Foothills Of Himalayas

Nurture Nature


Carved Leaves

Brown Leaves

Soothing Aroma

Forest Figs


Jack ‘n’ Jill

Feast Of Teas



Cervice T


Patrick’s Tea

Brew Of London

Flavour Concoction


Farm Fresh

Remedy Basket


Capital Teas


Ghana’s Own

Imagine Tea

Grass Fragrance

Touch Of Health

Morning Tonic

Everest Tea

Black O

4 Ingredients

Morning Dew

Power T


Op-T Mum

S.L Tea



The Royal Tea

Land Of Flavours

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can my brand name be personified?

Ans- Yes, sure. Personifications give a different dimension to the brand names

  1. Can my brand name consist of any address?

Ans- Yes, considering the location in the brand name can make it more precise for the customers.

  1. Can my brand name have alliterations?

Ans- Of course, alliterations if being used as brand names make it sound much more amusing and attractive which is being loved by all.

  1. Can my brand name have tautonyms?

Ans- Surely yes, tautonyms add up a different kind of fun to the brand names which attract a large number of customers from all categories towards the brand.

Final Thoughts

A brand owner must not get tired and give up his aspirations if he fails to find a good name for his brand. You must follow these instructions wisely and in a calculative manner. Only courage and forbearance can make you reach your goal timely

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