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350+ Catchy Tattoo Shop Brand Name ideas

Making different types of tattoos on different body parts are in the latest fashion nowadays. It is very much famous among young people especially among teenagers and even among old persons.

But since it involves a lot of risk of infections people always go to those tattoo shops those are having a trustworthy and proper brand name and fame.

What should we remember while choosing a name for the tattoo shop brand?

  • The name must sound trustworthy and suitable
  • The name should carry with it the fame and reputation of the brand
  • The name must be efficient in describing the details and quality of the products
  • The name must be uncomplicated and short

The importance of name for a tattoo shop brand

The name must be small and simple

Go for names that would be catchy and short and hence, very much uncomplicated and easy for the customers to understand and connect with the brand and its products

The name must be always encouraging

Choose those kinds of names that would always motivate you to work harder and expand your business so that you can create an empire of your own

The name must retain a newness

People love the thought of freshness in anything they buy that’s why select names that would bear originality and innateness in it so that it can win over the hearts of all kinds of customers

Tips to select the correct name for a tattoo shop brand

The name must exhibit the product description

Select those kinds of names that would very clearly be able to reflect the actual details of the products being served by your brand

Example- Inked

The name must bear the grandeur and popularity of the brand

Go for a name that would be able to fetch the actual glory of your business in front of all ranges of customers and make them convince about the fame and heritage of the brand to them

Example- Royal engrave

The name must be enthusiastic and unique

Choose some funny and super energetic names that would be able to add a new level of zeal to the work culture and attract a large number of customers from all categories to your tattoo shop 

Example- Fierry

The right formula to choose a perfect name for a tattoo shop

One must give his utmost effort while choosing a suitable brand name for his tattoo shop brand. Here are some mind-jiggling ideas that would make the hunt for a worthy brand name for a tattoo brand much easier.

Utilize rhyming words

Rhyming words add a different level of fun to the brand names

Example- Ink Ring

Take the help of alliterations

Alliterations make the brand names very much amusing

Example- Fire fiesta

Make use of nouns

Nouns add a clear definition to the brand names

Example- Tattoo love

Take the advantage of humor

Humorous brand names are being loved by all kinds of customers

Example- Inky winky

Utilize personifications

Personifications give a sharp edge to the brand names

Example- nature’s art

Take the help of an exotic animal

Using the name of a spirit animal to name a tattoo shop can be one of the most amazing ideas

Example- Dragon

Utilize the source name

Using the source name as the brand name sounds very authentic 

Example- Los Angeles

Make use of the name of a color

Using colors name makes the brand look gay

Example- Neon Pink

Utilize tautomers

Tautomers make the brand names jocular

Example- Swirl swirl

-Use Hyphens

Hyphenated names add up a different level of magical coolness to the brand names

Example- Ink-ing

Already existing brand names for a Tattoo shop

  • Downtown Tattoo
  • Skin Design Tattoo
  • Las Vegas Tattoo Shop
  • Illuminati Tattoo co.
  • Revolt tattoo
  • Black Spade Tattoo
  • Cleen Rock one’s Golden Skull Tattoo
  • Revolution Tattoo Parlour
  • Chrome Gypsy Tattoo
  • Pricz Tattoo Studio

Tattoo shop Brand Names Ideas list

Curvy Needle



Root & Raskal

Do It Today

BullBerry Tattoos

Exotix Tattoos

Mideast Needle Tattoos

Alphen Tattoos

Giant Marks Tattoos

InkMaster Tattoos

WhiteEtched tattoos

Adorn Moon

LineEdge Tattoos

Tranquil Line Tattoos

Rising Ink

Pure Papon

PureInk Tattoos

Style Factor

Into the Wild Tattoos

Forever Fine Tattoos

Red Rose Tattoos

WildStick Tattoos

Sea Sailor Tattoos

LegacyLife Tattoos

Well Silver Tattoos

Portrait Pie Tattoos

Good Oye Tattoos

Inkredy Tattoos









Tattoo Frooti


Chromo Tattoos

SunFelle Tattoos

AffliQ Tattoos

Style Shaker

FuturiQ Tattoos

Black Blood Tattoos

Second InQ Tattoos

Empowered Tattoos

Spear Season Tattoos

high Caliber Tattoos

Art Attire Tattoos

Spectrum Tattoos

Sea of Ink Tattoos

Zen Zed Tattoos

Graffiny Tattoos

Black Feather Tattoos

StartInk Tattoos

Enigmon Tattoos

LumiFlon Tattoos

DivineDot Tattoos

BlackHorse Tattoos

VibrantWE Tattoos

GreatPix Tattoos

PixPerry Tattoos

WhiteSpike Tattoos

BlackGun Tattoos

Timeless You Tattoos

Inkspire Tattoos

Illusion eye Tattoos

CloudQ Tattoos

InkSpore Tattoos

Spirely Tattoos

Octane Tattoos

ChillFill Tattoos

InkPain Tattoos

Inksmith Tattoos

Red Owl Tattoos

Bad Boris Tattoos

INk Guru Tattoos

Nomad Ink Tattoos

Relivify Tattoos

Mad Camel Tattoos

Inkkey Tattoos

Crafty Grandpa Tattoos

Paco Pac Tattoos

JewerJie Tattoos

NewBuddy Tattoos

Inkerly Tattoos

ProPenner Tattoos

RustyRight Tattoos

Fishbuddy Tattoos

Paramount Tattoos

VibeDestiny Tattoos

EuphoriQ Tattoos

WanderinQ Tattoos

InfiniteStyle Tattoos

WalktheLine Tattoos

SteelFeel Tattoos

Roseberry Tattoos

Tribal Truffle Tattoos

AxelinQ Tattoos

MachoMaster Tattoos

SpiritSpree Tattoos

Jaderly Tattoos

RebelRust Tattoos

Eternox Tattoos

StyleEvolve Tattoos

Snazzy Ink Tattoos

BlackCity Tattoos

inkPhoric Tattoos

Everlasting Eye Tattoos

lassa Lee Tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the name of an insect as the brand name?

Ans- yes, why not? You can try it to add up the coolness

  1. Can I use long statements in my brand name?

Ans- yes, of course, you can use long statements in the brand names to make it more precise.

  1. Can my brand name be copied?

Ans- No, not at all. Copied brand names create negative publicity of the brand in front of customers of all ranges.

  1. Can I use my name as the brand name?

Ans- Surely yes, naming a brand upon the owner’s name has always been very cool and also maintains the transparency of the products offered by the brands.

Final Thoughts

One must not accept failure if he becomes unsuccessful in finding out a perfect and suitable name for his brand in the first few attempts. he must keep on trying following these ideas and a worthy name is sure to knock the door of his mind

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