100+ Catchy Tamale Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media has made it possible for our posts to get a large audience. And to boost these posts the use of captions has become quite necessary. We have created this list of captions to go with your posts on tamale. Have your posts be accompanied by these captions and see how soon your posts get the popularity they deserve.

Here are catchy tamale captions for social media.

Tamale Captions for Facebook

Can you think of anything better than tamale? Because I can’t.

Truly a global favorite, the tamale is also so lovely. #global

This holiday season I couldn’t think of anything better than treating you all to tamales.

Tamale can be your best friend too. When you are alone.

A tamale lover will have his fill of tamales before he does anything else at all.

Gifts and tamales are meant to be unwrapped.

Just keep it coming mate. We won’t stop till we drop.

Tamale is the magic that my life lacked. #magic

I gave up dieting after I tasted tamales.

Without love, in your cooking, you shouldn’t even try making any tamale.

A gastronomic delight is a tamale made in a corn husk. #gastronomic

Tamale is just another wrap with a more sophisticated look.

I just want tamales for Christmas. Nothing else will do.

Wine goes so well with my tamales. #wine

Tamale is a unique experience for those having them for the first time.

Tamale can help you in balancing your diet. 

We have a common interest only in our love for a tamale.

Tamale is best appreciated when eaten. #appreciated

Hashtags remind me of the banana leaves that wrap my tamales in.

I love you more than anything. Except for tamale of course.

So many types of tamales – salty, spicy, sweet, steamy.

Tamale made me what I am today. #tamale

A tamale freak. That’s what they call me.

How many tamales? All that you can feed us.

Everything you see about me is all because of my love for a tamale.

Tamales are the original hot pockets for sure. #hotpockets

I can do anything to get my hands on those beautiful tamales.

Just go ahead and unwrap them. #unwrap

Tamales always seem to beckon me to them. They are so flirtatious.

Each tamale is different from the other.

Tamale Captions for Instagram

Get your tamale platter here. They make it so unique.

I cannot deprive myself of good tamale. #deprive

Brace yourselves for the flavor to unfold.

Brace yourselves. Tamale is here.

Tamales are just too exciting for me to hold onto.

The culinary delight of tamale is just so mesmerizing.

The sexiest Mesoamerican dish I could think of. #mesoamerican

What I like better than talking? Eating.

You must be gutsy to ask me to share my tamales.

If it’s wrapped in banana leaves, it has to be good.

If there are tamales there, I will opt to be in hell. #

I am so into tamale right now. #tamale

My love for tamale is true and sincere.

The sweetness of banana leaves makes it so good.

Use enough spices and garnishing for your tamales.

The best combo ever. #best

I just cannot seem to have enough of 2 things. Love and tamale.

A plate of tamale and you to share it with. What could be better than this?

So many tamales, so little time. Can I pack whatever I cannot eat?

Tamale has the most important place in my life. #importance

I love you too much. That’s why I let you eat a bite from me.

I cannot think of anything more romantic than tamale.

Treat me to tamales and I will do anything for you. #treat

They say tamale is easy to cook. But the main ingredient is also the most important. That’s love.

Double tap if you love tamales.

The best medicine in such cases may be tamale.

My hands itch to unwrap them. My mouth waters to bite on them.

Tamales can be the best healer at times. #healer

Eat more, weigh more, and never fear being kidnapped.

Tamale can be the reason for us to get back together.

Here are the twelve tamales of Christmas. #christmas

Tamale Captions for Twitter

Any recipe will do. So long as it is tamale, anything is good for me.

Tamale can be the cure to heartbreak. #cure

Tamale seems like a better option over turkey this year.

I got interested in cooking immediately after I had my first tamale.

My hands are itching to touch those beautifully big tamales.

Tamale and me. It’s a love affair worth knowing. #affair

We can’t be friends if you don’t like tamales.

You are bound to fall in love with them after the very first bite.

If you haven’t tasted tamales, you have been missing the good things in life.

Eat tamale and get good vibes only. #vibe

Fill your belly with tamales and you will undoubtedly have a wholesome life.

This restaurant serves the best and most unique tamales you can imagine.

Seems like these were discovered for me alone.

We just love our day out and having tamales of all kinds.

I seem to be an avid lover of tamale. #tamale

These tamales are the most cherished in our family.

With such a savory why count the calorie?

Never expect a ‘we’ when eating tamales with me.

Eat those tamales, exercise, and live longer. #longlife

My weekends are all about tamales of all sorts.

 You are so beautiful. You smell so alluring. I just need to unwrap you. – Me and my tamale.

There is so much happiness in these tamales. #happiness

If stealing tamales is a crime, I am game. Count me in your gang.

For me tamales are good anytime – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The only guilty pleasure I have is in eating all the tamale at home.

I just cannot wait to get my hands on those tamales. #hands

Tamale for me is like an addiction. I just cannot quit. And it feels so good.

During this pandemic, stay home and enjoy your tamales.

I just can’t understand why I am so excited by tamales.

Tamale season is here. Let’s celebrate every day. #tamale

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