15 Kind of Tagline Ideas for your Brand with Examples

When it comes to branding there are certain things that strike your brain when you think of introducing and marketing your brand in front of the world. Some of the most important aspects of branding are choosing a good brand name, choosing an attractive brand logo, and of course, choosing a good tag line for your brand.

A tag line is something that defines your business, brand, products, and services just by a single and short line. The tagline of your brand should depict what your brand and business is all about and what products and services you offer the people.

There are various ways by which you can choose a catchy brand tag line, that is:

  1. First write a small and precise description about your business products in few lines.
  2. Then cut it short to few lines.
  3. Then, bring out a single line out of it that sounds attractive and also makes sense with respect to your product and services.

Here are Kind Of TagLines You Can Choose For Your Brand:

Use A Perfect Copywriter:

There are various importance of hiring a professional copywriter for your brand’s tag line. Basically, a person who is dedicated to writing blog content, press releases put out by your brand is called a copy writer. Hiring a professional copywriter can save your brand’s time.

You can also rely upon these copy writers as they are professional and will give you some catchy and attractive ideas for your brand taglines. You can use some best copy writing technologies and can make a good approach to the customers out there.

Taglines play a vital role in earning your brand good recognition and you can choose the best tag lines by using some impressive technologies.

For example, when copywriting is being talked about, nothing can do it better than Google. The copywriting technologies used by Google is just amazing and this is the reason why it is a pioneering company across the world.

best tagline ideas for your brand

Factual Taglines:

Factual taglines are something that states some facts about your brands. These types of tag lines are the type of tag lines that attracts more and more customers.

Whether these types of tag lines work depends on if the fact that you have stated through the brand slogan constitutes customer benefits.

Many facts of which companies are justifiably proud do not actually translate in to the benefits. By merely hearing your brand’s tag lines your customers are going to get an idea about your brand and they will get to know what kinds of benefits they can reap from your products and services.

For instance, the manic miner is a brand that uses such tag lines and are one of pioneers in the field of today.

Egocentric Taglines:

Egocentric tag lines are something that can allude to a customer benefit. They tend to offer at some level, a promise of value. But during some other times, they are simply corporate chest-beating.

And because of the fact that the best copywriting focuses in the customers, not the business or the company, that is best avoided.

You must want your tag line to include words like “you” and ‘Yours’, etc. These kinds of egocentric tag lines are sure to attract your customers with a different approach. Also these tag lines tend to sound even more promising and affirming.

For example, Avis is a pioneering brand and it has the tag line “we try harder”. These tag line sounds much interesting and attractive to customers of Avis out there.

Benefit Taglines:

These tag lines tend to communicate to the customers and convey a benefit that you offer your customers. In order to write benefit tag lines, you need to isolate the one most important and prominent benefit that the people get when they choose your products or services.

The selling point of your business does not need to be unique and. But it definitely needs to be compelling.

In some cases, the tag lines the benefits are very loosely defined and only alluded to tangentially. But it still exists there. But these tag lines faintly evoke its broad service portfolio. Often the benefit tag lines are written in the imperative form or a direct command to the reader. 

For example, Tesco has a benefit tag line called “every little helps”. This actually wants to say every little savings help.

best tagline ideas for your brand

Abstract Taglines:

Abstract taglines are the tag lines that magnify the mystique and aura of ‘touching’ a major or leading brand. If you are a sole trader or SME, then these may not be so effective for your business. 

You probably would not be able to deliver an experience that lives up to the glitz, or promote the appropriate message in mass-market ‘push’ channels like TV or outdoor advertising medium out there.

A plumber who often sticks to a phrase like ‘For the journey’ on his various promotional pens probably would not gain any new customers as a result. These tag lines are increasingly popular and express almost nothing about the business. Instead, these taglines abstract tangible customers’ benefits or brand values in to an emotional state or abstruse metaphor.

The tag line of Nike is ‘Just do it” which is a great example of abstract tag line.

Question Taglines:

Question taglines are the ones that tread the fine line between intrigue and irritation. Typically, questioning your audience is risky because you are basically asking them to think when they probably cannot be bothered.

It does not actually help if, as with the famous business Microsoft, the question you are asking them is open, abstract and not directly related to your product.

The Alpo or Capital One method is much better – ask a leading as well as a rhetorical question that, when the natural answer is provided to it, clearly implies or leads to a purchase.

These kinds of taglines often pose a question to the reader. The question may be rhetorical, or there might be an implication which the business asking the question can somehow help with the answer.

For example, the capital one uses a question tagline called, “what’s in your wallet?”

Be Creative And Add A Punch!

Creativity is something which is always appreciated in all fields no matter what. So, adding a pinch of creativity and a punch to the tag line and definitely turn some heads towards your business and will surely help attracting some potential customers.

Adding a punch can be referred to as an interesting twist to the tag line that sounds spicy to the ready to buy customers out there.

So, the tag line of your brand must make some real sense about your brand, business and products as well as attractive to the people. A plain and blunt line does not create hype in the market.

For example, you can consider the company, Coffee House Press. They have an interesting tag line for their business that says, “good books are brewing”. This sounds absolutely stunning and has a twist as well.

Emotional Taglines:

Emotional tag lines sometimes works great for your company. You can directly target the emotions of the customers out there, and would be definitely able to create a buzz amongst them.

These tag lines are often powerful as emotional slogans tend to encapsulate the mission and compels people to both support and participate the journey. You can pull it off remarkably even when you face a challenge to find a tasteful tag line.  Emotional tag lines tend to approach people and compel them to join their hands with the business.

For example, wounded warrior project has their tag line that says “the greatest casualty is being forgotten”. This is a business that offers a variety of services to injured veterans including health care, economic support and many more.

best tagline ideas for your brand

Make Your Tagline Memorable:

A memorable tag line is a very effective tag line. A memorable tag line refers to a tag line that can be easily memorized by the people out there. The main mission of making a tag line for your brand is to provide your brand a good recognition.

And in order to earn a good brand recognition, you got to make your tag line memorable, so that whenever and wherever the people out there read or hear the tag line of your company, it gets engraved in their mind and brain. So, whenever they would recall the tag line, they will be eventually recalling your brand.

For example, Loreal has recently changed their tag lines from “because I am worth it” to “because you are worth it”. This tag line of Loreal sounds more attractive and is more memorable for the people out there.

Rhyming Taglines:

Another important aspect of tag lines is the rhyming and rhythmic tag lines. These tag lines sound more poem-like. These tag lines sound attractive and interesting to the customers and also these types of tag lines are easy to memorize.

These tag lines has a rhyme and a rhythm. Rhyming tag lines tend to reverberate more in the minds of people.

These tag lines are such that even children remember them and make them a word of mouth. So, making a meaningful tag line, generating a relevant sense with regard to your business, and making it rhyming is a powerful method of making a strong tag line.

For example, Bounty has their tag line that says “The Quicker Picker Upper”. That is an amazing tag line, generating a meaningful and relevant sense and also rhyming. These tag lines are easy to remember and are more likely to be recognized by people.

B2B Taglines:

Creating a B2B tag line is a bit different and little difficult kind of a task. B2B or Business to business tag lines are meant to be focused on concrete benefits.

B2B is all about securing budgetary commitment for a carefully considered commercial project. B2B tag lines do have some emotional overtones, they are much weaker, rarely feature in buying discussions and never constitute an overriding reason to buy.

This B2B tagline could be swapped with those of direct rivals in the market, or even organizations in other industries, with precious little effect. But you can still stand out if your competitors have dissimilar taglines, or no tagline at all. 

The tag line of UPS is “synchronizing the world of commerce” which is a B2b tag line.

best tagline ideas for your brand

Call To Action:

Call to action tag lines are such tag lines that tend to give a direct command to the customers to do something that is resonates well with your business, products and services. Call to action tag lines sometimes can be very catchy and sounds compelling to the customers.

These kinds of tag lines generates an invoking message and the customers tends to get attracted to such tag lines. Apart from that, these tag lines sounds more interactive to the people as it directly approaches them to do something. Anything that is more interactive, tends to catch more attention.

For example, donors choose is a crowd funding platform that lets the people donate to the teachers in need, one class project at a time. This has a tag line that says, “Support a class room. Build a future”.

Add A Mystery To The Tagline:

Mysterious statements are yet another lucrative way to build your tag line interesting. Especially, for the small business out there and for the newly emerging business, these tag lines can work incredibly good.

Mysterious tag lines means that you keep a mystery to the tag lines and not revealing everything.

Leaving a mystery can be utterly beneficial in creating a hype amongst the people out there as they would be compelled to know what the truth is behind these catchy and mysterious tag lines.

One example of a mysterious tagline is the one that is used by the Poltergeist, which says “they’re here” here it is not clear that who they referring to by “they”. 

You can make your own tag lines by referring to the above points and can make your brand name and the tag line a word of mouth.

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