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301+ Unique t-shirt brand Name Ideas

T-shirts are the new trendsetters among fashionable clothes. People buy t-shirts at a burning rate nowadays and to cope up with the demand many brands have evolved in the market. But customers are very much choosy about the brands, they only have faith in those brands that have a suitable and worthy brand name for their brand

key ideas to find an appropriate name for your T-shirt brand.

What to have in mind while choosing a brand name for your T-shirt brand?

  • The name must have a different kind of uniqueness
  • The name must not be too much long or too short
  • The name must carry with it the heritage of the brand
  • The name must let people decipher the actual motto of the brand

The importance of name for a T-shirt brand

The name must be easy to find out

Choose names that can be found out by searching it over the internet just once so that all kinds of customers can easily get the details about the products and can track the location of the brand.

The name must be short and precise

Strictly avoid the selection of long and boring names for your T-shirt brand. Go for some small, simple, and quirky brand names so that it can serve as a catchy brand name to all kinds of consumers and become highly successful in grabbing all of their attention

The name must not be duplicate

Never copy the exact brand names of other brands. People often refuse to trust those brands whose names are exact copies of other brands and avoid buying products from that brand. Try out some new and original brand names.

Tips to choose the correct brand name for your T-Shirt Brand

The name must retain the product details

Choose those kinds of names that can very well make the customers understand every detail of the product 

Example- Casual wear

The name must have a simple spelling

Go for names that would be composed of a very simple spelling so that consumers of all categories can easily understand and connect with the brand

Example- Tees

The name must be influencing

select names that would drive you to work harder and impress a lot of customers to buy products from your brand

Example- Provoke

The right formula to choose the perfect name for your T-shirt brand

People must not get tired and have some patience while finding a proper name for his T-Shirt brand. Here are some awe-inspiring tips and tricks to help you choose the brand name for your T-shirt brand

  • Utilize metaphor

Metaphors can act as a stunning brand name for a T-shirt brand

Example- Crack Tees

  • Take the help of alliterations

The brand names having alliterations are the funniest kind of brand names

example- truly tees

  • Make use of hyphens

Hyphenated brand names are the coolest kind of brand names

example- T-blocks

  • Take the advantage of fashion

Fashionable brand names are being loved and appreciated by all

Example- Voguish

  • Take the help of humor

Humorous brand names get a warm welcome in the market

Example- Tweeterly Casuals

  • Utilize meaningless words

Words that do not have a proper meaning can be the quirkiest brand name

Example- Atoodle

  • Make intentional Misspellings

Intentionally misspelled words add up a different level of fun and amusement that are being enjoyed by all

Example-Ti- vi

  • Take the advantage of adjectives

Adjectives add up a different level of dimension to the brand and its products if being used as a brand name

Example- Comfy Tees

  • Make the use of nouns

Nouns are solely responsible for giving the actual clarity and definition to the brands if being used as brand names

Example- Tee love

  • Take the help of an abiotic thing

Abiotic things add up a new level of grandeur to the brand names

Example- Feather

Already existing brand names for a T-Shirt brand

  • American Apparel
  • Los Angeles Apparel
  • Royal Apparel
  • Bella+Canvas
  • Gildan
  • Champion
  • Hanes
  • Everlane
  • Lacoste
  • Lulu Lemon

Unique name ideas for a T-Shirt brand

Cool Zones

Cult Classic



Ranger Tees


X-Factor Tees

Young Verve


Windue T-shirts


Wiles Tees

Twisted Fun

Adventure Spirit


Unity Tees

Gentle Touch

Wild Fervor

Tres Indians

Pointed Beak Tees

Royal Fabric


Youth Forever

Club Life

Subtle Touch

Fidelity Designer T-shirts

Super Kids

Top Wear

AND Designs


Italian Man

Fire Power Kids Tees


Canderisis T-shirts


Cantonese Accent

Dapper Looks

Dream Wave

His Highness

Digi Tales

4 Cube

Lite Feels

Hashtag Tees

Café Peeps


Bridget Life

Bates 171

Elegance Tees

Cinder Make

Light It Up


Zealous Prints

Wenga Cool

Freer You

Kids At Play

Shades 56


Young Guns

Urban Kids

Jingle Days

Moon Light Tees

River Night

Express Yourself

Regal Hunch

US Monarchs

Tees Royale

Game Up

Blue M T-shirts

From The Waist Up

Golden Top

Fun It Up


Arms Length

Bell Buttons


Thunder Tees

Leader Wear

Cyan Party


Metro Men

Modern Fabrics

Time Out

Rise And Shine

Running Stick

Camaraderie T-shirts

Vibrant Hues

Street Style

Friendly Feels

White Willow

Andy’s Den

Checkered And Solids

Tees For The Soul

Bold And Bright

Magenta 7

Out For Heist

Augustus Peers

Hale And Hearty

King’s Attire

Kid Scouts

Style Setters

Dangerous Lives

People Amazed

Trailblazers T-shirts

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can my brand name be on a city’s name?

Ans- Yes, Of course, Naming a brand in a city is very trendy

  1. Can my brand name be on the owner?

Ans- Surely Yes, using the owner’s name as the brand name makes it sound very much authentic

  1. Can my brand name have a reference from other brand names?

Ans- yes, why not? it can be helpful but avoiding copying exact brand names from other brands

  1. Can I use the name of an animal to name my brand?

Ans- Surely, naming the brand on your spirit animal’s name can give you more zeal to give more efforts and dedication towards the brand and its welfare

Final Thoughts

Do not get heavy-hearted if you fail to find an accurate name for your brand initially. Walk in a calculative manner following all the above-mentioned steps and a suitable and perfect brand name is sure to kiss your feet on time

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