213+ Catchy Sweet Potato Pie Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

It is that time of the year when we are thankful for all that happens to us in life, and what better time than thanking everyone over a platter of sweet potato pie? So here are a few sweet potato pie captions for you to use while sharing the choicest pictures on social media.

Sweet Potato Pie Captions for Instagram

You taste as sweet as a potato pie.

The world is a better place with potato pies like you.

Let us bake the world a better place by taking one pie at a time.

Pie love you.

You are my sweetie pie.

If you have a potato pie, just give it to me.

Stop asking me if I want a piece of that potato pie.

You are as desirable as the last piece of a sweet potato pie.

I will eat this sweet potato pie later.

You have one piece of the pie. I have the rest.

Sweet potato pies spread good vibes.

If life gives you a choice, be sweet potato and not just a potato.

I yam a lover of sweet potato pie.

I can spend the entire day staring at this potato pie.

Your handmade sweet potato pie made my Thanksgiving.

You feel like autumn skies and potato pies.

I fall for potato pies always.

Only if a sweet potato pie could speak. #thanksgiving

Do not dare come between me and my sweet potato pie.

Before bedtime, it is sweet potato pie time.

You give me butterflies and sweet potato pies.

I could give you my life but not my sweet potato pie.

I have never eaten a sweet potato pie that I did not like.

You two are my sweetie pies.

No byes, only sweet potato pies.

If they ask me about the last food I would like to have before I die, it would be you.

No matter how you slice this sweet potato pie, I will eat it. #festivalofgratitude

You are all pie need to live and breathe.

The smell of this sweet potato pie makes me weak.

I am all pies for you.

Would you be the apple to my pie?

This potato pie is taking me aback.

They say you look like a potato but you are a sweet potato pie.

Do I get another piece of your sweet potato pie?

I sweet potato pie you.

Among all the other sweet potato pies, you are my favorite.

I can eat a sweet potato pie even if it is rotten.

You are my favorite meal. #grateful

We go one slice at a time. That is the rule.

You will only get sweet potato pies here.

I could buy you an entire sweet potato farm.

Your diet deserves the best and this pie is for you.

My farm produces the best sweet potatoes in the town.

If you can make sweet potato pies, you already have my heart.

Ladies and gentlemen here is the sweetest potato pie of the time.

Choose your friends and sweet potato pies very wisely.

People lie, sweet potato pies do not.

If I give you my recipe to make sweet potato pie, consider yourself fortunate.

Begin your day with this sweet potato pie of mine.

Learn to let go of normal potatoes.

There are no rules to make a sweet potato pie.

This sweet potato pie is as sweet as you.

To enjoy your life, have potato pies every day.

Learn to value your sweet potato pies.

This potato pie is cooked with love.

Sweet potato pies are all about great taste and a healthy body.

Sweet potato pies do never leave you.

Sweet potato pies make your life sweeter.

You have it once; you remember it all your life.

Sweet potato pies over everything else.

I owe my life to these sweet potato pies.

This sweet potato pie is worth dying for.

I have eaten a lot of food but nothing feels like a sweet potato pie.

The healthier the potato, the sweeter the taste.

You supply my heart with love and my stomach with sweet potato pies.

Adding value to my life, eating sweet potato pies.

Sweet potato pies over women.

Funny Sweet Potato Pie Captions

Switch from meat to sweet potato pies.

I love sweet potato pies just a bit more than you.

You resemble a sweet potato pie.

Don’t be a normal potato; be a sweet potato.

I am mad about this sweet potato pie.

I have my eyes only for this sweet potato pie.

I lead a very sweet potato dependant life. #begrateful

Sweet potato pies are better than people sometimes.

We believe in sweet potato pie supremacy.

If this sweet potato pie had been a woman, I would have surely wived it.

I go crazy when I see such irresistible sweet potato pies.

Sweet potato pies and sweet potato pies are all I need.

If you don’t like sweet potato pies, please stay away from me.

If you love sweet potato pies, you already have my heart.

Thanksgiving eves and sweet potato pies make the greatest moments.

You are as amazing as a sweet potato pie.

Eye Yam Stew Peed.

Be a sweet potato to your parents.

With every bite I take of this sweet potato, I fall for you even more.

Let us starch off things.

The world has two kinds of things, either sweet or not so sweet.

Your puns about sweet potato pies are a-peeling.

Just like us, sweet potatoes also have skins.

Create your own sweet things.

Sweet potatoes are only filled with good stuff.

Your family loves my sweet potatoes.

You cannot match the taste of this sweet potato pie.

Apparently, eating sweet potato pies adds to your sweetness.

The first thing in a healthy diet is a sweet potato.

Eat. Sleep. Sweet Potatoes. Repeat.

These are the best yams in the market.

You do not always need Thanksgiving to munch on a sweet potato pie.

Your yams are world-class.

I want to eat sweet potato pies till the end of my life.

Enjoy the pie day.

Sweet potatoes believe in you more than others.

Be thankful to God for the sweet potato pie you had today.

Give them pies to talk about.

Sweet potato pie evening much!

Keep your eyes on the pies.

Love at first bite is what I experienced while eating this pie.

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