209+ Catchy Sweet Potato Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

It is time for the greatest festival on the planet. It is Thanksgiving, and time for the amazing sweet potato recipes So, it is time for all of us to be grateful for whatever life offers. Here are a few sweet potato captions for you to post along with the beautiful pictures on social media. 

Sweet Potato Captions for Instagram 

You are the sweet potato that my heart craves.

Sweet potatoes are sweeter than life.

I could give my life for such a sweet potato.

In sweet potato supremacy, I believe.

Sweet potatoes over pretty women any day.

Humans lie. Sweet potatoes do not.

I am thankful to God for he created sweet potatoes.

No human can be as sweet as a sweet potato. #thanksgiving

I do not attend Thanksgiving parties where they do not serve sweet potatoes.

I came to this party only for those irresistible sweet potatoes.

Why be a normal potato while you can be a sweet potato?

I could buy you an entire sweet potato farm.

I have never been to a farm whose sweet potatoes I did not like.

Sweet potatoes have all of my heart.

I could easily marry a sweet potato and live happily ever after.

I see a sweet potato in your hand, is that for me?

I yam a sweet potato lover.

Sweet potatoes make our lives worth it.

In the next life, I would like to be a sweet potato.

If I was a sweet potato farm, you would be the owner.

You always give me sweet potatoes.

I sweet potato you.

Sweet potatoes always spread positive vibes.

Do not touch my sweet potato. #grateful

I can stare at this sweet potato for hours.

If sweet potatoes could speak, I would go mad.

Treat al the sweet potatoes with respect.

If you do not love sweet potatoes, stay away from me.

I reserved my sweet potatoes only for you.

Can I taste your sweet potato?

You are the human version of a sweet potato.

It is sweet potato time now.

Eat one piece of the sweet potato only.

Sweet potato is the food I would like to have before I die.

Does not matter how you slice this sweet potato; I will have it.

The sweet potato we all craved for is already here.

You resemble a sweet potato in all aspects.

You can make a pie out of my sweet potato-like heart.

This sweet potato pie reminds me of a very special memory.

Sweet potatoes can take over all other vegetables any day.

I guess you are the only person who is sweeter than a sweet potato. #thankyou

You are my favorite among all other sweet potatoes.

Can I get another piece of your sweet potato?

I can even eat rotten sweet potatoes without any hesitation.

I have deserved your sweet potato all my love.

Go slow and have one piece at a time.

You are good but sweet potatoes are better.

Your sweet potatoes taste sweeter because of your touch.

Nothing but sweet potatoes on a Thanksgiving night.

A nice little sweet potato deserves a place in your heart.

I am falling for this sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes are both healthy and tasty.

Add sweet potatoes to your diet chart for sure.

Dear friends here is the sweetest potato pie of the time.

Choose your sweet potatoes very carefully.

Sweet potatoes do not hurt your feelings.

Do not let go of your sweet potatoes.

I always kick-start my day with a sweet potato.

If I give you my sweet potato pie, count yourself lucky.

There are no rules for farming sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes make me feel better than people do.

Sweet potato vibes only.

Live your life and have sweet potatoes.

Value your sweet potatoes more than people.

This sweet potato holds a lot of emotions.

Your sweet potato face mesmerizes me every time.

Do not think of yourself to be a normal potato. You are a sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes and good company make a perfect Thanksgiving eve.

Are you a sweet potato because I am falling for you?

Thank you for being my sweet potato always.

Having sweet potatoes every day surely makes you a better person.

We could farm sweet potatoes for the rest of our lives.

Every day I pray for a better sweet potato.

No meat, only these little sweet potatoes.

I yam mad for this little sweet potato.

Leading a very sweet potato dependant life.

Funny Sweet Potato Captions

I dream of being a sweet potato farmer someday.

The love I have for sweet potato is the purest.

Sweet potato, you make me happy when things go wrong.

You will always have a sweet potato to rely on. #gratitude

All my heart needs are care and sweet potatoes.

I can’t help falling in love with this sweet potato.

I could give all my sweet potato recipes to you.

Sweet potatoes and you are my favorite.

Eating sweet potatoes boosts up your spirit.

If you want to make your life sweeter, go after sweet potatoes.

I cook rarely but when I do, I cook sweet potatoes.

Put a sweet potato on your plate and enjoy the beauty of life.

Sweet potato is my basic need for all my life.

Sweet potatoes can read your thoughts.

I am so lucky to have such a sweet potato in my life.

The sweet potato puns you crack are a-peeling.

I love myself a little more when I have sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes provide me with the escape route from reality.

Have another sweet potato, my love.

I will be a farmer and give you all my sweet potatoes.

These sweet potatoes make me realize how sweet life can be.

Respect your sweet potatoes. #thanksgivingfestivities

People sometimes call me a sweet potato and I take that as an appreciation.

For what you did to me, I will give you all my sweet potatoes.

This evening is all about these sweet little potatoes.

I could spend the rest of my life cooking sweet potatoes.

Your sweet potato means the world to me.

Sweet potatoes are best suited for your lazy days. #thanksgiving

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