140+ Catchy Sushi Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Essentially made from various types of fish and crustaceans, sushi is a delicacy the world over. Given the right social media caption, the sushi posts can see high engagement. Appealing captions are important to market sushi across social media.

Here is a list of innovative captions for you to use freely in your ads, posts, and photos of sushi, and gain huge popularity across social media. See the likes and followers grow.

Sushi Captions for Instagram

Have it with our special sushi ginger ale and enjoy the sushi more. #sushi

Have a family night out with nigiri and tako.

Handmade soy sauces and wasabi are our specialties.

Our miso sushi is something you will cherish forever. #sushiforever

The one-stop-shop when it comes to sushi.

We are still looking for the world’s best sushi lover.

We pickle our carrots and cucumbers before putting them in our sushi. #pickle

Come to us once and get addicted to our food for life. #addict

Nori is nori, whether on the inside or outside.

Let the sushi tingle you from the inside.

Our sushi vinegar is handmade carefully #.vinegar

You will simply hunger for our service.

Sushi is good any time of the day. #sushitime

Our platter is a feast for your eyes and mouth.

The best sushi-meshi is used to prepare our sushi. #preparesushi

Have a sushi platter. It’s packed with rolls, balls, wraps, fingers, and lots of condiments and toppings.

We use the best veggies to make our sushi and rolls.

Sushi time is the best time to spend with friends and colleagues. #sushi

Not just sushi, we offer sushi rolls as well. #sushiroll

Come in and let us pamper your taste buds. #pamper

The bento box is the best you could ask for.

Our tempura, norimaki, and nigiri have been our best sellers for 5 years now.

Try our pickled vegetables and fruits as an accompaniment with your sushi.

We will always spoil you for choice. #choice

Why spend years training to be a sushi expert when I can have sushi from the best right now. #expert

Come to us for the Doshi we offer – it’s a doughnut of sushi.

So many bright colors will attract anyone. #attract

No sushi? What is it? A formal meeting?

Hosomaki is so light, and yet so filling.

What better way to celebrate than with sushi. #celebrate

Why not try our inari sushi. You will fall in love with the tofu coating. #tofu

Many ideas have evolved at sushi joints.

Sushi forever. Sushi for life. Sushi for enjoyment. Sushi for taste.

Wasabi is the best sauce to go with your sushi. #wasabi

Fill your tummy and your mind with sushi.

Miso makes the sushi better than ever.

The best of oriental dishes is arguably sushi. #oriental

Maki rolls are great as they have fruits, vegetables, and meat wrapped in rolls of vinegar rice.

So many colors. So many flavors. So many varieties. So many tastes.

Sushi isn’t junk. It is quite healthy actually. #healthyfood

Never say too much when it comes to sushi.

It’s only a sushi joint that provides great cooking and better service.

Sushi can be eaten as a snack or even a main meal. Your choice. #sushichoice

Come in. have a taste of what we offer. Fall in love forever. #fallinlove

Not all sushi is raw meat or fish. It is all mostly cooked stuff. #cooked

Can you finish our sushi platter at one go?

We never fall short of your expectations.

Truly oriental cuisine only when you come to us. #cuisine

Sushi that you just cannot say no to. #sushi

Can’t use chopsticks. Use your fingers instead. You can eat more, too.

The best shrimps are handpicked for the best consistency.

All age groups choose our sushi outlets. #sushioutlet

Did you know that sushi isn’t a Japanese dish? It is Chinese originally.

It’s all about rice and fish in a paste.

Our wasabi is authentic. #authentic

The kitchen that has concocted the most surprising sushi ever.

Our sushi and sake have been voted the best combination.

Get your sushi home delivered within 30 minutes. #homedelivery

You will lust for our sushi at all times.

A bowl of chira will simply tingle your taste buds. #tastebud

Eat the most loved sushi today and satisfy your hunger.

We make all types of sushi. #sushitype

Watch us prepare your sushi and your craving for it will grow. #prepare

Sushi is expensive because of the demand. It isn’t costly at all. #expensive #demand

The sushi that we make is always different from the ones all others make.

Sushi Captions for Instagram

So many colors and so many compositions to choose from. #somany

Our pickled ginger is most popular among our customers.

Love one, love all. Simply taste them and see for yourself. #love

Hamachi and green tea are the perfect combination for a light and healthy meal.

Garnishing your sushi with daikon and mint on ice.

Where innovation and creativity shake hands. #creative

We make ponzu sauce for the meat sushi. #ponzu #sauce

Dream big. Dream sushi. Dream us. And get all dreams fulfilled.

The best sushi is always from us. #best

Relax and refresh yourself at our sushi joint.

Flounder is great to prepare sushi. #flounder

The sushi parlor that the world loves.

We only offer authentic sushi to our discerning connoisseurs. #authentic

Customize your sushi and watch us cook them live for you. #cook

Have a romantic dinner at our sushi bar.

Our kingfish with avocado sushi is one of the most popular dishes in town. #popular

It’s an experience you will cherish forever.

Try our original namasu before our sushi. #namasu #original

Innovative sushi preparations. Now, with beef and honey, too.

The sushi bar that the world loves.

We are famous for the variety of sushi we offer. #famous

We use a combination of ethics and pragmatism to cook up our various sushi dishes.

World-class sushi from world-class chefs, at a world-class restaurant. #world-class

Ikejime is the only method we use to control umami.

For the natural goodness and taste of sushi. #goodness

Sushi served in bamboo plates makes it even more oriental.

First, check to see whether you are eating sushi or sashimi. #sashimi #sushi

Trimmed fish to make those delectably perfect rolls.

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