100+ Catchy Surfing Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Surfing is a great water sport that is also pretty popular. Since you are here we understand that you have a knack to post about surfing on social media. We are sure that this list of captions will be an asset for you to use with your social media posts on surfing, and will give the latter the extra edge that they need. So go ahead and surf the list and post away all you want on surfing.

Surfing Captions for Instagram

If you don’t love surfing we just cannot become good friends.

Surfing is never a boring experience. #boring

Belief is what will drive you into doing great things like surfing.

I just go surfing to lose control and be free.

Surfing has made me realize how minuscule we really are when compared to nature’s vastness.

My favorite color? Ocean. #ocean

If you haven’t fallen, you haven’t truly gone surfing.

These are the best captions I could give to my posts and pics on surfing.

It’s never too late to begin surfing. What matters is that you went and did it.

Just so long as it has anything to do with riding the waves, it is surfing.

If you wish to really enjoy life, you need to get out of your comfort zone now.

Why should it need to be easy? So long as it is possible, I am in.

The waves are what bring about a feeling of great fun and joy to the heart.

If you think I am crazy you ought to see me when I am surfing. #crazy

The sounds of the seabeach and the waves are what make me feel secure.

I am always happy only when I get to see the ocean and the waves.

I love surfing so much that I even relocated to the beachfront.

I always go with the flow.

Keep trying to perfect it rather than getting it right the first time, and then letting that be the last time.

The closer you are to the curl of the wave, the better you are surfing it.

Surfing isn’t just a mere sport. It is a way of life. It is truly an art of living.

There are so many ways to ride a wave. #wave

There is always a wave if you wish to wait for it. It will come to you.

A day of surfing is a day spent really well.

It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna be forever.

Surfing is one of the best things that has happened to mankind.

Surfing is all about doing it anyway you can, so long as you are surfing, that’s all.

Surfing is the only activity that actually keeps me engaged and calm.

I just cannot lose my love for surfing. It will make me lose my sanity.

Whenever I need to de-stress myself, I simply go surfing in the ocean.

It’s never easy to caption a day well-surfed. #caption

No pain, no gain – but I’ve never felt any pain while I’ve been gaining so much from surfing.

You know you are the best when you are the one enjoying it the most.

Only a surfer knows how much enjoyment surfing can give.

The salty foam is what makes it so much more enjoyable. So go and surf in the foam.

Surfing is a perfect blend of relaxation and fun.

Surfing is where I am happiest of all.

I am very different when I am in water than when I am out of it.

Enjoyment is all about sunshine and surfing. #enjoy

Surfing means so much to me that I have lost all fear of sharks.

Surfing has a really mesmerizing effect on the mind.

No matter what others say, I know that I love surfing, and will just not quit it for the world.

That’s me with my surfboard – the one I won.

Enjoy the falls. Enjoy the grind. Enjoy the pain. Only then will you enjoy the results.

I love taking selfies when I go surfing.

Surfing is therapy for both the body and the mind.

If you are smiling you must be doing it right.

If you aren’t into surfing you are missing the good things of life.

I just cannot seem to get enough of surfing. #neverenough

Please help me caption those photos of me surfing.

Funny Surfing Captions

Those waves are calling. I must go play with them with my surfboard.

Surfing is a dance where the ocean leads you on.

Surfing does help build truly strong character. #character

A day without surfing is a day completely wasted.

Go surfing and come back all charged up with energy and happiness.

Paradise is where you can always find a surfboard.

No matter how many times you fall, get back up one extra time always. That’s the secret.

Wherever there is surfing you can find me.

After a  day of surfing, you will sleep like a baby for sure.

Riding the waves is such an amazing experience. #riding

Each time I ride a wave, the joy of it lingers for a long time.

Surfing is all about doing what you want, living carefree, and having fun in everything that you do.

Surfing is all about determination, enjoyment, and a whole lot of waves to ride.

Innovation is when you learn to surf, rather than try to stop the wave.

No matter how many times I fall, I just love surfing even more.

Surfing has helped me see beyond what is ahead of me.

There is always a wave there waiting for you to ride it.

You can catch at least one wave even on a very bad day.

They say practice makes perfect. So here I am trying to perfect my surfing.

Wish to surf across life? You need to catch the right wave then.

Surfing is the elixir for my soul to survive. Nothing else comes close to it.

Great vibes when surfing. Great tides too.

At first, my life was so boring. Then I went surfing one day. The rest is all history.

Going surfing? I am coming with you. #surfing

Sun, sand, and surf. These are the only three things that attract me.

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