30+ Best Supplement Brands in the World

Dietary supplements boost health conditions and overall fitness. With so many supplement brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top supplement brands in the world.

Supplement Brands in the World

Sundown Naturals

Country: United States 

This corporation has been manufacturing high-quality supplements and vitamins for more than 40 years. What started in Florida home as a neat mail-order industry, has developed into a corporation capable of providing a broad variety of health-related commodities all over the globe. 


Country: United States

This corporation of dietary supplements was created by a California pharmacist, Barry Pressman in 1971. Otsuka Pharmaceutical owned this company in 1989. Their “Nature Made” vitamin company was created in 1990. 

Nature’s Bounty

Country: United States

Previously recognized as NBTY, this US-based factory of nutritional supplements and vitamins are supplied under several third party trademarks in America and globally. In 1995, the title of this brand was changed to NBTY, Inc. They also retail commodities to line shops such as Target aa and CVS. Nature’s Bounty was created as a mail order, catalog-based corporation by Arthur Rudolph in 1971.


Country: United Kingdom

The main movement of the corporation in the time was that of delivering natural health care commodities to the practitioners and the general public. This household operated, wellness, and mission-driven corporation powered by quality. The nutraceutical business is its customers and home. Their goal is to enable individuals in their communities and around the globe.


Country: United States

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this American corporation trades nutrition and health-related commodities, including energy products, diet products, sports nutrition, herbs, minerals, supplements, and vitamins. David Shakarian created this brand in 1935.

Now Foods

Country: United States 

This brand has been leading the natural commodity industry since 1968. With departments in Bloomingdale, Illinois this corporation of natural health trades and supplies personal care products, sports nutrition, natural foods, and dietary supplements. The corporation was created by Elwood Richard in 1968 and has developed to hire more than 1100 people globally.

Life Extension

Country: United States

This corporation trades vitamins and supplements. Its claimed purposes are to broaden the healthful human lifespan by learning procedures to control eradicate disease and aging. Life Extension has its department in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They also have a call headquarters setting in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Country: United States

It is the biggest drug trading line in the United States. The corporation managed 8,217 shops in all 50 provinces, the District of Puerto Rico and Colombia as of 2014. Walgreens was created in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. 


Country: Canada

This corporation of multivitamins and natural supplements situated in Canada. All the commodities are Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal for the full family.

New Chapter 

Country: United States 

They are a delight in a tradition of respect, enthusiasm, and warmth. That’s why they show their interest in the world not only through their formulation and sourcing principles but also with each effort they give as a corporation. New Chapter is delighted to be an Approved B Company.


Country: United States

This American firm trades and produces bodybuilding supplements, minerals, and vitamins. Boca Raton, Florida-based this corporation now manufactures over 500 different commodities. Twinlab was created in 1968 by Jean and David Blechman and operated by their children- Dean, Steve, Ross, Brian, and Neil.


Country: United States 

This effervescent, ground beverage blend vitamin supplement produced by Alacer Corp. Their chain was created in 1978. Alacer was created in 1972, as a non-governmental corporation, concentrating on vitamin supplements comprising vitamin C. The corporation was amassed by Pfizer in 2012.


Country: United States

It is one of the most profitable and reputable brands. Despite the business-wide reduction, Jarrow Formulas proceeds to develop. The corporation has received a long-standing prominence for providing cutting edge products based on the new scientific study.


Country: United States

This US-based transnational brand of technology and health trades dietary supplements and provides residence health testing. The firm was originated in 1984 and operates all commodity production in Summerville, South Carolina.

Nature’s Plus

Country: United States

This household operated supplement trademark is trusted by generations of devoted customers because their extraordinary fusion of science and nature encourages them to discover the finest life.

Natrol Inc.

Country: United States

The corporation was created from enthusiasm to enhance human health globally. They produce innovative, quality commodities that provide beneficial health impacts to help improve everyone’s condition of existence. Launched as a cosmetics corporation by Elliott Balbert in 1980, the brand developed into one of the largely popular trademark names in the supplement, mineral, and vitamin category over the past several decades.


Country: United States 

This multivitamin brand was created by Pfizer. Centrum vitamins produced with a mint seasoning. Centrum is associated with the Centrum household of vitamins. Like other supplements, it enables energy, metabolism, and immunity. Research claims Centrum multivitamin to be extensively preferred, and most recommend corporations in the United States.

Nordic Pure

Country: United States

It is an enterprise manager in the air conditioning and heating filtration market. Customers throughout North America have faith in their innovative and high-quality air filter commodities to enhance indoor air conditions in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings, and homes. They created their corporation with a core on retail supplier relationships.

Rainbow Light

Country: United States

This corporation was created by a group of people with a shared enthusiasm for giving healthful nutritive multivitamins rooted in the energy of nature in beautiful Santa Cruz in 1981. The brand name came from their introductory commodity- spirulina.


Country: United States 

To offer quality, effective and safe commodities that enhance the value of life for their consumers, using: Quality manufacturing standards, Researched ingredients, and High-quality ingredients to its nationwide development this corporation has attained global development with commodities accessible in numerous nations.

Garden of Life

Country: United States

It is the prominent innovator and leader in science and whole food-based Non-GMO Project verified nutrition and Certified USDA Organic. They are enthusiastic about Providing Extraordinary Health, proudly promoting and launching the healthiest food for more than 10 years. They are proud to be a component of an evolving group of corporations who are committed to transparent methods, dedicated to receptive aspire and conversations.

Mega Food

Country: United States 

Their entire chain of premium multivitamins set minerals and essential vitamins with substantial food from authorized farm collaborators because they think their bodies acknowledge real nutriment. They provide supplements for the entire household.


Country: United States

This US-based athletics nutrition corporation works in energy drinks, bodybuilding supplements, and dietary supplements. The trademark is solely acquired by Nutrabolt, the overseeing independently acquired athletics nutrition corporation in the globe. Presently, they are available in convenience shops and many of the globe’s online retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many more. 

Source Naturals

Country: United States

This corporation produces nutritional products and dietary supplements. The corporation offers weight management products, herbal, digestive support, cardiovascular, enzymes, brain nutrition, antioxidants, and amino acids. They serve healthcare divisions and patients in the United States.

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Country: United States

This multi-level trader and manufacturer work in dietary supplements including personal care products minerals, vitamins, and herbs. Nature’s Sunshine situated in Lehi, Utah, with a production capability in Spanish Fork, Utah. It was created by Kristine and Gene Hughes in 1972. The corporation hires a multi-level trade industry model in which its commodities are mainly retailed to the customer by separated suppliers.

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