List of 42+ Best Subway Brand Slogans

Established in 1965 as Pete’s Super Submarines and known by this name up to 1968, Subway is one of the fastest-growing restaurant franchises today selling submarine sandwiches. As of late last year, Subway has 40000 plus chains in around 100 countries. The restaurant offers regional variations in its sandwiches.

Subway Brand Slogans 

Eat fresh

Tastes good, feels good —- this is a sandwich

Train hard eat fresh

Buy two pay half

So much sandwich

The finish line starts here 

Double the feel good

Feed the hungry

Craving for new —- feed the new

Listen to your sub-conscience

6-inch sub or footlong sub

Let’s get spicy

Founded on fresh

#Search for better

Live fresh eat fresh

Get Desi – fied with four new flavours

Family bundle

Bundeals  —- share the sub love

Unbelievable —  crave and save

Better for you choices — easy

Desi Dude


Eat right feel light

Doing our part to help the world eat fresh

Our healthier way – eat fresh

Subway – made from scratch

Perfect for business meetings, parties and special occasions

Best Sub —- refreshing vegetables

Train hard — eat fresh

Subliminal message

Its veggie time

Subway together

Every sandwich tells a story

No pickles in Subway

The feast is back

Everyday value fresh combos

Delicious flavour amazing variety

They’ll love the taste You’ll love the value

I am back

# Catch your season

Two is better than one

Always on the go

Bigger is better

Sub salads and more

Time to tantalize your taste buds

Taste the freedom

Make it Zesty

Fun activities for the family

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