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Top 45 Best Stationery Brands of the World

Stationery are an important essential for our day-to-day services or at works. It includes writing materials, printing essentials, institutional supplies, different forms of paper types, and other office assisting equipment which makes our work easier. Today, we are going to check out some top listed stationery brands from around the corner of the world which includes:

Stationery Brands of the World

The Copper Collection

Country: UK

It is made up of copper which is crafted using traditional techniques and performed on modern technologies. The entire parts of this pen is handcrafted beautifully from high quality and pure substances. The pen gets more splendid with age in modern coming days.

Noted in Style

Country: UK

Noted in style was launched in 2010, by Gerald and Laura. They are the main producer and provider of highly attractive superior quality of branded stationery and packaging materials for different corporate and marketing sectors. It is highly aimed at providing good quality of products to meet its customer needs and expectations.


Country: UK

Seawhite has a wide range of sketchbooks which includes cloth bound, stapled and stitched sketchbooks, hardback, softcover and spiral bounding. They also provide an alternative choice for recycled sketchbook. In Seawhite stationery, one can get a good presentational book, gracefully bound using black paper and cases.

Westminster Pens

Country: UK

Westminster pens are created by incorporating the finest materials from past era with materials like ‘Tru-stone’, ‘Syn-Gem’. This makes it free from projections to provide evenness thus, giving it a magnificent look. There is a wide variety of beautifully designed fountain pens with good quality of nibs including for left-handed people to use as gift.

Chroma Stationery

Country: UK

Chroma Stationery provides good quality of notebook supplies of different colors with perfection of simplicity. It gives the opportunity to select your own specific personalization for embossing on it in terms of initials, color, size etc. The products of Chroma give a British feel of authenticity however; it significantly concerns for the environment.

ARK Colour Design

Country: Scotland, UK

ARK Colour Design was established in Scotland, by Jane Richards and Amy Lindsay in 2015, with over 200 retailers aside Liberty’s and the V&A. It is mainly focused in providing good quality of stationery products at cheaper rates. All of its products are carefully handcrafted by using leather foiling on it for embossing design. 



In 1832, Banks, Son & Co. started manufacturing pencils and various stationery items in Cumberland. It was later purchased by Acco UK, and known as Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company. It intends to persuade rising artists by providing them with new techniques of art. Its aesthetic materials like artistic pencils, painting sets, etc. are supplied worldwide.

Leathersmith of London

Country: England, UK

In 1839, Leathersmith started bounding books and other accessories with good quality of leather and paper in England. It is aimed at handcrafting with the best quality of materials using traditional bookbinding methods for its customers. A rich finish touch is given at the end, along with blocking the foil, gilding, and bookmarking.

The Drawing Tool Company

Country: UK

The Drawing Tool Company produces IsoSketch®, which is a 3D drawing tool. It is necessarily an important stationery tool for us. It is the first pencil case-sized isometric drawing tool in the world to provide support for teaching the 3D sketch and also, allows the learners to draw better with it.


Country: UK

This stationery brand was founded in London in 1921, in order to work as an organizer by mail for marketing purpose. “Filofax” stands for “File of Fax”. As Filofax began its journey from a normal loose-leaf notebook to an imperative personal organizer later, it left a significant mark during the 80s.

Strathmore Paper

Country: UK

It was founded in 1892, by Horace Moses in Scotland. Thistle is recognized as its significant symbol depicting the true quality of art and papers. In 1899, it flourished as the highest quality of finest art papers. Strathmore paper is preferred by the topmost artist of the world. Currently, Heather Rooney is advertising for it. 


Country: Germany

It is a manufacturing company produced by J.S Staedler in the year 1835, that produces a huge variety of high quality of writing instruments, drawing tools and many more. Its technical stationery supplies contain technical pens, compass, ruler, drawing boards whereas, its artistic tools include crayons, colored pencils, paints, modeling clay etc.


Country: Germany

Faber-Castell is located in Stein, Germany with over 16 production units in 10 countries around the world. It is among the largest brand in stationery of 2020. It is a manufacturer and provider of rich and high quality of writing tools and implement of leather supplies.

Schwan Stabilo

Country: Germany

This manufacturing company of stationery supplies is originally, based in Germany since, 1855. It produces a great deal of writing instruments including highlighters, cosmetics and other office supplies. It is the biggest producer of highlighters pen in the world and also, ranks as one of the topmost brands among stationery supplies worldwide.


Country: Germany

It is a historic brand originated in the late 1883s. The most popular pen is the Kaweco Classic Sport which was highly appreciated by the military officers during the world war for its portability. The Kaweco Classic Sport signifies history with a unique range of price that cannot be found anywhere.

Diplomat Pen Company

Country: Germany

A well-known stationery brand involved in the production of fountain pens and writing materials in Germany since, 1922. It is supplied by Pen Chalet. German traditions are visible in every Diplomat Pen. It is tested to determine the true nature of the good quality of fountain pens. Designing of the fountain pen is usually crafted by experts. 


Country: Japan

MUJI was established in 1980 in Japan. It produces different types of high-quality stationery products at lower rates including for household activities. It is one of the world’s most popular stationery brand. It mostly deals in notebooks and other stationery supplies required to do any work with ease.

Artline, Sachihata

Country: Japan

It is the foremost company among all stationery brands of Japan. Since 1925, in all over the world, it tries to meet the customer expectations by providing them with the highest quality of writing materials. Artline is currently, researching on creating the finest and user-friendly products by making the best possible use of its availability materials. 


Country: Japan

It is a Japanese brand of stationery, originally based in Osaka since, 1921. Its product includes various stationery items such as the crayons, marker-pens. Alongside developing the first gel-based ink pen it also, started initiating the ever invention of oil pastel as its production. It has over 1200 employees with over ¥90 million revenue to date.


Country: Japan

Since 1950, this Japanese based of stationery brand mainly focuses in producing writing paper and envelopes, meanwhile it has emerged into a stationery supplier dealing with a wide range of stationery products. Subsequently, it started expanding by creating designed products for enhancing customer moods where they can enjoy various functions of writing.

Sticky Note

Country: USA

A tiny piece of colorful paper clings with glue used for fastening notes on any documents. Due to its self-stick adhesive, it can get fixed on any surfaces. Inadvertently, it was created yellow in color by a scientist, Dr. Spencer Silver, in the USA. It can be reused to post or remove from one place to another.


Country: USA

Connor is mostly supplied at Barneys. It is a bright white card having an ornament like the design above of it. It is handcrafted by artisans from Paris using the finest quality of the paper. 

Sugar Paper

Country: USA

 A new age brand of letterpress stationery aimed at ensuring moments of one’s life for later use. Alongside stationery items, it also creates beautiful logos, weddings, and holiday cards. It took a massive growth since, its establishment in 2003, by Grobecker and Chelsea Shukov in Los Angeles.

Crane Currency

Country: Sweden, USA

It originated back in 1775 by Stephen Crane. It aims to publish attractive and long-lasting banknotes throughout the world. It has an extensive way of creating different features with visual effects. To protect privacy, it launched its first-ever micro-optic security products with distinct features. It is developed by high skilled scientists and technicians.

Rifle Paper Co.

Country: USA

It is designed and created by Anna Bond along with her husband since, 2009. It involves designing of a huge collection of paper. No one can resist, especially women from buying its stationery products, due to its high quality in nature available in a wide range of collection including greeting cards. It gives to personalize embossing.

Wild Horse Press

Country: USA

This stationery brand was produced in 2006, by Billy and Ronna Huckaby in Texas, USA. It was launched with the aim of preserving and securing past records of Rodeo and the West. It deals with new titles and also, books that are already out yet, no copies are available in the market.


Country: Australia

This stationery brand ranks Australia as the largest worldwide stationery retailer for its well-known materials and stylish clothing brands. It was established in the year, 1991. Since, 2008, it started flourishing in terms of its stationery products. Typo focuses to create distinct, simple, lower cost-effective of stationery products. 


Country: Australia

This watercolor paper is created in a traditional way of cylindrical shape. It involves distribution of fibers uniformly, to create reliability for preventing stretchiness even when water is used. It is made from pure cotton fibers to absorb water without smudging. It is bound to act as natural gelatin of long durability to avoid scratches.

Karst Stone Paper

Country: Australia

It is based in Sydney, Australia aimed at drastically, changing the traditional concept of using pulp paper. It is made from the recycling of factory waste thus, forming calcium carbonate to make paper.

 It is an alternative method of producing sustainable source of paper without harming natural resources. It inspires people to treat the planet with courtesy. 


Country: France

Maped is registered at Annecy, France ranking as one of the topmost stationery brands of 2020, in the world. It is managed and carried by a French family since, 1947. It manufactures various stationery items that are supplied among 9 countries of the world. Since, the establishment of its subsidiary in China, it rapidly flourished worldwide.


Country: France

This company is the oldest of all stationery brand in the world, originally founded in Annonay, France in 1557. Its production includes good quality of art paper along with other kinds of its supportive products. It is widely distributed among Europe, Asia, Australia, and USA.  

Paper Source

Country: USA

It was founded in Chicago in 1983, by Susan. At first, it was launched to display handcrafted papers in the world. Currently, it is also a supplier of gifts that provides the option of personalizing and customizing of stationery items. It is aimed at ensuring to help others by allowing them to personalize their products.


Country: USA

It is an online stationery brand designed to provide market for people with beautifully crafted stationery items including gifts. It is run by NOVICA since 1999, in collaboration with artists working from different locations.

 With NOVICA’s technology, UNICEF offers various handcrafted products directly to customers in different locations. A certain amount goes to secure children.

Yellow Owl Workshop

Country: USA

This stationery brand is designed by Christine Schmidt, located in the USA. At present, the Yellow workshop stationery is performed in sunny mission district studio by some diligent workers. The real values of ecological awareness and the touch of the U.S can be seen in each of its products. Its products are uniquely handcrafted and creatively designed.

Mohawk Fine Papers

Country: North America, U.S

It is the topmost paper making company of North America, run by a family since, 1801. It produces fine cotton papers that can be recycled. 

It was the first paper-making company to use carbon neutrality in U.S, using 100% renewable sources of energy. Due to its fine quality of paper, it is preferred for commercial purposes.

CP Stationery

Country: Malaysia

For over 20 years, it is the topmost stationery brand in Malaysia. CP stationery has flourished its exportation business worldwide after accomplishing its distribution nationwide. It is the primary supplier of stationery items to the various market place. 

Currently, it is focused on creating an eco-friendly and user-friendly product along with developing high standard trading platform.

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