150+ Catchy Star Captions For All Social Media

Stars are symbolic of the festival of Christmas, and everywhere you see, you will find some sort of sign of stars. Here are some captions to make your social media posts appear starrier. 

Star Captions for Instagram

If only I could fly from one star to another.

Every star is attributed to at least one wish.

Stars are the brightest ideas that the universe has had.

Had we sat out every night watching the stars, mankind would have had a different life.

Let evening fall, and space will be lit up.

A pessimist sees the mud. An optimist sees the stars. A rationalist sees the world.

The night sky is so peaceful and is lit up with stars.

Hope is like a star. It shines at all times.

If there was a certificate, I would get the first one as a stargazer.

I walk a world lined by stars.

These stars are stories to be passed down through generations.

The fault is in ourselves, not the stars.

I love getting lost among the stars. #lost

Even if you cannot reach the stars, it doesn’t necessarily make you fall either.

I wish that our story was written in the stars.

Dream and reach for the stars. And if you miss them, catch the clouds instead.

I was at a star-studded evening yesterday.

Why should our destinies be written by stars when we can write them ourselves?

The sky seems to have more stars than a tinsel town.

We have a part of the cosmos within us, just as we are a part of the cosmos too.

Counting the stars in the night sky keeps me happier than ever.

A wise man never stops trying to reach the stars, something that a fool knows cannot be done.

I just can’t seem to have enough of watching the stars.

A molecule of our DNA contains innumerable atoms, just like stars in the universe.

It feels so beautiful when you are with me, watching the stars in the sky.

I love seeing the stars shine in your eyes.

I will be stargazing all weekend.

Time flies with me when I lie under the stars. #time

Be like a star. Shine bright. Don’t be shy. Sine for others.

Stars are an art painted across the sky.

I would love to be under the stars forever.

I see a new star every night.

Use your dreams to strive on the path to reach the stars. Change the world.

How the Pole Star shines for us is a wonder.

My thoughts are like random stars, which you cannot make into constellations.

The Big Dipper is the only star that I know.

Life’s beauty is beyond compare, like the stars in the sky and their reflections in the waters.

Try pointing out the constellations to know your stars better.

I can see myself running with the stars of the night sky.

When you are in the dark, always look for the stars.

May there be a constellation in his image. It will be loved by all.

Twinkle twinkle, little star, how I wonder….. #twinkle

As a child, I also used to love sitting in the yard under a star-speckled sky.

Even the stars will envy your sparkle.

It is in the nature of stars to cross.

Even under a clear sky full of stars, I will keep staring at you.

Moonlight drowns everything except the brightest of stars.

Even if you miss the moon, you will reach a star.

Stars simply seem to enter my soul to light it up.

Aim for the stars but remain rooted to the ground.

A star is what gives the night sky a beautiful sparkle.

My favorite place is always under the stars.

There are simply too many faults in our stars.

Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight.

The night is beautiful. Without it, we would never have seen the stars.

Watch the stars above. They are here to make the night more enjoyable.

Stars are alive and breathing and always watching over us. #watching

It seems we are made of starlight, dancing the night seamlessly away.

Thoughts are like space, and ideas are like stars that flood that space.

Basking in the light of the stars above and the stars here.

The stars always gaze back at the ones who gaze at them.

Under the light of a thousand stars, we will tie the knot.

God made the mighty stars, but he never forgot to make me.

I just love people who are always excited about stars.

Funny Star Captions

The star of Bethlehem is symbolic of giving mankind direction.

Shoot for the stars and reach the pinnacles of success.

You are my star. You are my guiding light. You are all that I love.

Stars just keep shining through thick and thin.

Let’s lie on the grass and start counting the stars.

Stardust is so magical; it brings happiness to every soul.

This selfie is because we are a couple of stars. #stars

Stars are meant to tell stories, not the future.

Tonight we were out of this world.

I wish I owned a starship. I would travel from one star to another all my life.

I am just over the moon for you always.

I leave my body on the earth and my head in the stars.

All I need is a little space.

Even when the Gods are forgotten, the stars will never fade away.

I am a highway star.

Stop counting stars. Give the sky a high five.

The stars in the night sky looked down where He lay.

If there aren’t stars in the night sky, take flight in your imagination.

Those stars shine bright only for you.

If you love gazing at the stars, we can become really good friends.

Let’s keep going in the direction of that star.

Looking at the stars, I realize how minuscule we really are. #miniscule

Always look up to the stars.

Stars never fall from the sky.

Wishing upon a star for really great things.

Let’s go into the stars. That’s where I want to take you.

You can find me where the stars are.

While some things change, others stay the same way in the sky.

Stars are still there when the night is over.

When stars die, we live. When we die, stars are born.

It’s so nice to cuddle and stargaze.

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