204+ Catchy Spooky Pumpkin Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is just not complete without a carved spooky pumpkin. It is a festival that calls for you to post, across all social media, how you celebrate it. Also, the autumn season is when a number of delicacies are cooked – all with pumpkin. So here, we have listed some captions for you to use with your social media posts on the spooky pumpkin.

Spooky Pumpkin Captions for Instagram

My pumpkin has eyes on you.

The gourd of all things big and small.

I am as hollow ween-side as is your pumpkin. #halloween

Smashing pumpkins has never felt so great.

Georgie-porgie …. Loves to have a carved pumpkin as a Halloween gift.

A little lipstick and some mascara to make my cutie pumpkin look boo-tiful.

Those are beautiful gourd snaps there. #pumpkin

Jack-o-lanterns all around make this night so eerily memorable.

I wait 364 days for my pumpkin to show her li face.

That’s our patch. Enter to know the mystery.

She’s the pumpkin to my jack-o-lantern. #jackolantern

Let’s carve miles and miles of pumpkins with smiles. 

Pumpkin or pun-king? It’s a patch of carves.

And we have the smashing pumpkins back on stage!

That’s my boo-tiful pumpkin there.

A patch of pun-kin can be fun.

Let’s give them some pumpkin to talk about.

Drink pumpkin juice and make that pumpkin smile an eerie smile.

I just think that you are carved out gourdgeously.

My pumpkin’s face is lit finally. #face

Hehehehe! Time to carve you my pumpkin.

Oh, my gourd! Someone help!

Hey, pumpkin! Shake your bag of Boo-ties.

We are way ahead of the carve. And it’s come alive!

Witches the right way to the pumpkin patch? #witch

Tonight the pumpkins are up for pumps.

Did you get a pumpkin? Haunt it right.

I just wanted to give them pumpkins to talk about on Halloween.

Those pumpkins are really spooktacularly well-carved.

Pumpkinhead is the leader of Halloween.

I just love your smashing gourd looks. #smash

The last day of October makes me scared of pumpkins.

Your pumpkin has real guts. You must have loved carving it out.

Dress like a pumpkin, or simply dress one.

Now let’s patch the patch. We need a new batch.

Enlighten me by lighting up your jack-o-lantern.

Your pumpkin and I have a lot of guts. #spooky

Squash is what you get from dropping pumpkins.

That’s my pumpkin shaking the BOO-ty in the bag.

Just adding some makeup to my spooktacular pumpkin.

Stop being a jerk-of-a-lantern there. 

The glowing pumpkins under the moonlight are bewitching.

My gourdness, it’s Halloween!

Your pumpkin is ghostier, but mine is ghoulier. #ghostandghouls

Do you love pumpkin treats? Great, let’s carve some more.

You’ve gourd some guts to come to carve all that orange stuff.

Bewitched by the gourdgeous pumpkin.

You caught me off my gourd there.

Hollow-weenies! Have some spooky pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin spice and the night’s cold like ice.

Why do you want to gourd breaking their hearts? #heart

I told you I have a howl-oween pumpkin.

I can’t keep my eyes off you – you are simply so gourd-looking.

Hey, pumpkin! No, no, I meant her, not you pumpkin-head.

A pumpkin this night keeps the goblins and fright.

Just light it up. And then watch it smile back uncannily at you. #uncanny

It is the night when orange is my favorite color.

Your pumpkin is absolutely spook-tacular.

We are here to have a really gourd time.

I am creeping that pumpkin. Let the spiders crawl in. #

My Gourd! What a carving.

Eating a pumpkin pie in front of a spooky pumpkin is scary.

Gourd big, or gourd home! But never carve out a pumpkin gnome.

It’s just too gourd to be true. #scary

You must be the pick of the patch.

He is the gourd of all things.

My pumpkin is simply too boo-tiful.

Funny Spooky Pumpkin Captions

Flash gourd-on is my favorite hero on Halloween night.

Hold your fears, and you can gourd places.

I’m only a country pumpkin. #pumpkin

Wanna spice it up? Go for pumpkin spice.

Wearing the pumpkin on my head makes it ever so BOOtiful.

That’s the cutest pumpkin ever.

What a mischievous pumpkin you have. #halloween

These are the gourd of the rings. And that’s the one gourd-ing them all.

LG – Life’s Gourd! And so are you, my pumpkin.

Peter, Peter. He put her in that pumpkin shell.

On Halloween, my blood type is pumpkin spice.

Ice and spice, and everything nice before my pumpkin dies. #nice

Click some pics of me and my gourd.

This is one big pumpkin adventure.

Orange, you glad to be here in this spooky place?

Gourd! The carving’s so much fun. #pumpkin

Drop that pumpkin, and you will get a squash.

That pumpkin says that it’s always Halloween inside its head.

It was the night when you struck a gourd with me.

That’s one really big pumpkin botty in your sack.

That’s us carving out some fun. #fun

My relatives are all carved pumpkins.

Welcome to my pun-kin patch.

That’s my special blood orange margarita.

What a gourdgeous spooky pumpkin we have here.

Pumpkin Jack Flash is who I love to sing about.

Caption those posts of my carved pumpkins.

Carving some fall fun is so nice. #carving

Just waiting to squash it all after tonight. It’s so scary.

And you call her ‘pumpkin’? See how spooky she looks?

It’s autumn already? Time to work on my jack-o-lanterns now.

If orange is the new black, pumpkin is the new ghoul.

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